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Jungle Games Slot

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Jungle Games is a 20 payline video slot that runs on the well-known NetEnt software platform. This sport-themed game comes with rich graphics and sound effects. There are 5 transparent reels featuring the legendary jungle animals who play different sports. Players are welcome to try the game for free on this page or choose any of the NetEnt Casinos found in our listings to play for real money.

To enter the world of jungle animals, players should select their bets first. There are up to 20 paylines that can be selected by pressing the “Lines” arrow keys. The bet amount is controlled by using the “Coin value” button, ranging from 0.02 to 0.5. The game “Level” can be set from 1 to 4. The “Max Bet” option shows the value equal to the number of paylines selected multiplied by the bet per line value. “Au­top­lay­” enables reels to turn without interruption, while “Spin” starts the game.

The Wild is the Trophy which substitutes all symbols except the Scatter. It helps to land a winning combination and, what’s more, all Wild wins are doubled.


The Scatter is the Medal symbol. Players need to land at least 3 random Scatters in order to activate the Pick Win feature. During this round, you are asked by Jeff the crocodile to choose between Free Spins and an instant win. This bonus feature gives players the opportunity to win massive coin jackpots, of up to 400 coins. Free Spins carry a random multiplier from 1 to 5 times which is displayed in the game.

Game Play

Coin Value: Set the coin value.
Lines: Set the number of paylines.
Level: Set the number of coins per line to bet.
Max Bet: Set the maximum bet that the slot allows.
Autoplay: Set the number of times you wish for reels to turn without interruption.
Spin: Set the reels in motion.

Jungle Games Slot Reviews by Players


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Jungle games is interesting game made by NetEnt. I playing this game regularly, but there is some strange thing. Min bet in this game should be 0.20, but in all casinos I tried this game(at guts casino for example), min bet is 0.40 because coin value set to 0.02 and it is impossible to lower it. It is strange and i do not know reasons of this.

I like how this game looks. Animals sportsmans is quite funny, and generally interesting theme. Sounds and music also perfect here, not sure how others will agree with it or no, but I like it.

I like payouts in this game. If you look at paytable first time you unlikely will be impressed with amount of coins which can be paid, but even top combinations land often here, and also wilds in this game which appears on all reels multipliy winniings by 2. And of course there is huge payout for 5 wilds.

I like feature here, because it is great one. When 3 or more scatters appear you could choose your feature - get instantly some coins, or get freespins. I chose coins only once, get 20 bets, and after this I never picked this feature. When you pick scatter you got random amount of spins and multiplier. Usually multiplier is x 2 or x 3, and once I got x 5. Also it is possible to retrigger freespins, i did it once. Freespins can pay good, once I earn more than 300 bets with 2 retriggers, but usually of course payouts much lower.

I like this game, but I could say that probably it is not good idea to pick coins prize when feature is triggered. Or probably I am mistaken, I am judging only on one pick. I rate this game with 9 stars.
I took one star because of strange min bet 0.40. I am very curious why this forced to be played with 0.40, I would be happy to have some spins with 0.20.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Jungle Games is a 20 payline, 5 reel slot coming from NetEnt. The game has descent graphic and animations. I like the way it looks. For a theme it has some Olympics which are held in the jungle and all the animals take part in it in various sports. Generally a fun theme. The background music and sounds could be better. They get annoying after some time so you will have to mute them.

The slot has a poor paytable. The highest paying symbol is the lion who is a boxer with a max payout of 1000 coins for 5 of them on a winning payline. The game also has wild and scatter symbols. The wild symbol in the game is the trophy and he has a doubling function which is good. It also has a great payout and 5 of them on a winning payline award 10 000 coins. The scatter symbol in the game is the medal, 2 of them on the reels have the standard 2 x bet win and 5 of them have a solid 400 x bet payout.

3 or more scatter symbols in the game trigger the free spins bonus. What’s interesting here is that the number and multiplier of the free spins is random so you never really know what to expect. The multiplier can go up to x 5 and the free spins I think go up to 30. Usually the higher the number of free spins is the smaller the multiplier is. For example you can get 30 free spins x 1, 15 free spins x 2, 12 free spins x 3 etc.
The bonus game can be profitable on a high multiplier and a few wilds on the reels. Still base play wins are small and you drop in balance. The bonus rounds are quite disappointing and usually award 20 x bet wins. My biggest win in this game was only 50 x bet which is too low for my taste.
I started to find interesting slots that I didn’t play so far, this is one of them, I don’t think that I played so far a slot with a bunch of safari animals, lions, rhinos and other animals. This slot attracts me because it has eyes catching graphics, interesting symbols that are well designed and obviously, nice features. I am playing very often this slot from NetEnt, I usually play with 20 euro in my account, it is enough in my opinion because of the 0.40 euro minimum bet. It has only free spins feature and a wild symbol, no bonus game and also I want to say it doesn’t pay so well in the main game but when you trigger the free spins feature you could expect to big wins. I managed to see a big win while I was playing this slot but it was on 0.80 euro bet, I triggered the free spins, I wasn’t expecting because only 10-15 spins passed since I changed the bet from 0.40 euro to 0.80 euro.

Because isn’t such a popular game, my brother saw me playing this slot and asked me if it is a new one, I told him that it isn’t and that it has a big potential and obviously he laughed at me. When I triggered the free spins, I called him to show him the payout. It was the perfect moment because the win from these free spins was 67 euro, he was impressed and told me that I have to play it more often.

Overall it is a nice slot, I am having fun every time I am playing it, I will give a 9 for the graphics and sounds, the features will receive an 8 because there is no bonus game!
Maybe a bad thing is the minimum bet that is 0.40 euro although it has 20 paylines!
paquito76 867 reviews
Last time when I searched for something new at a NetEnt platform the name of this slot caught my attention and I was really excited to play with a great jungle, animal themed game. Well, then the slot surprised me because I didn’t got what I imagined and I can’t say Jungle Games impresses me in positive way. Somehow, I don’t like its interface at all. I don’t sympathize with the transparent background and it seems to me the arrangement and the overall design is not worked out very well, and I find them poor. It’s OK for me the symbols illustrate funny animal figures that also sport athlete at the same time (and this is the part of the interface what I find great, the humorous idea as the different kind of sports assigned to a specific animal. I mean Lion is a boxer, Giraffe is a basketball player and Hippo represents a swimmer, so they’re really cool) and fortunately these pictograms have great graphics quality but they don’t seem to fit well to each other and that’s why the comprehensive look of the appearance is not too good, as I see it.

Luckily, I had no such caliber of issues with the game segment as they partly bring to the table what I want to see from a NetEnt slot, namely, the good paying line wins but it seems it was true for the beginning of the session because the more time I spent with the game the winnings just started to fade away and at the end I wasn’t satisfied with the win occurring tendency. The other thing that I think can be improved is the feature division. In some way it seems as this game wasn’t a NetEnt product as it doesn’t have the well-known and appreciated NetEnt feature qualities. For example, the game absolutely no bonus side game which is a big hiatus at this product and the free spins show up way less frequently than I am used to at other games from this developer.

To be fair, I have to mention that theoretically good paying qualities and first we can look at the 10.000 coins what 5 Wild can provide to us and also has the ability to doubles all the wins value if it’s a part of any winning combination. Scatter wins also very fair as it can pay up to 400 times of total bet and as secondary function this figure activate the game’s only feature that can be instant cash prize or free spins. During free spins the completed wins can be calculated by up to x5 multiplier and that really can be a nice profit if proper symbols form a good line.

Personally, I disappointed in this game and found some things that I didn’t like. It’s one thing that I’m not a fan of this visual work but also can’t find the game segment excellent and this both combined is enough to think that this product won’t be my favourite NetEnt game. As I said there’s no real big problem with game function just simply I expected more from this slot in every aspect so it’s really an individual aspect why I won’t be a supporter of this game but it absolutely doesn’t mean it would be a bad game or anything like this, it just hasn’t the ability to impress or entertain me, that’s all.
Jungle games is a Netent powered slot whose theme revolves in and around the jungle. It is a 20 liner and 5 reel slot with animals from jungles like hippopotamus, Lion and few others spread over the reels playing different games like Table tennis. The graphics are smooth and the sound is based on the noises made by different animals with each spin starting with the roar of an Elephant.

The base game has average paying symbols and the maximum paying symbol is the wild, five of which pays 10,000 coins. I have found the returns on the base game are very low. I have often end up loosing all my money without having enough of playtime. I have not played much of the slot because of terrible results on the base game. Never got a five of a kind on this slot or even four of high paying symbols. Though the wild when substitutes for a symbol, multiplies your winnings by 2 giving you few good wins to enjoy between bad runs. I don't even remember if I have had any good winnings on the slot but yes I had won $25 once, I don't remember the casino but yeah that came of a four of a kind combination with wild in it and a few other combinations on a bet of $2 per spin.

Free spin round gets activated getting 3 scatters giving you random spins with a multiplier and the number of spin decreases with increased multiplier. I have only hit it once which gave me 30 spins on 1 X multiplier adding just $12 to my balance. Free spins are difficult to trigger and even two scatters occurs scarcely. You wait for the free spin round to trigger and even if it triggers, it pays you just 30 X to 50 X your bet, that is not something you expect from a Netent slot.

Overall I would rate this slot a 5 on 10 for good graphics and sound and decent paying free spin round..
yapro 790 reviews
Jungle games it is not new game from net entertainment, and in my opinion this game is one of the best from net entertainment, i am on 100% support and like theme and sounds on this game, and every symbol here looks really great.

This game has 20 paylines, so min bet is just 0.20 per spin, and i think it is great since every player can enjoy this great. Not only nice looking of this game allow me to say that it is great game, here we have nice payouts for best symbols, for example, wilds pay x 500 total bet, 5 scatters pay x 400 total bet, and best another symbol 5 of a kind with wild will pay x 100 total bet, i think it is nice and well calculated paytable, i like it. Also very big + for this is game is that there is no any stupid bonus game which pay low amount of money, just base game and free spins feature. In free spins feature player awarded after pick by a random number of free spins and random multiplier, up to x 5. Once i had 15 free spins with x 4 multiplier, this help me to have best free spins feature during this games, it pay me x 200 total bet, i know this is not the best and biggest win, but i like such wins , because i think about one of two my features on this game pay me good amount of money in a range of 75-150 x total bet. Everything is great with this game, and like i said already it is one of the most great net entertainment game for me, i almost did not play it anymore, but still rate it high.

Medium variance game which can pay some medium wins on average amount of features, bad streaks most likely not possible, i never see bad streaks. Great thing.
Like I mentioned before in my reviews for Diamond Dogs and the Great Griffin, some slots are just made to annoy you! At least that's the vibe I had when I started to play these games. Jungle Games is another one which produces an annoying background sound when pressing that spin button. A loud elephant trumpet sound starts going into yours ears after every spin.

Like really Net Entertainment? I mean you can't be seriously thinking that some players won't find that quite annoying. Sure, I can mute the sound but what happened to great games like Immortal Romance? Where I just love to keep the sound on.

Unfortunately that doesn't go for Jungle Games, a NetEnt slot which is based on animals from the wild who each compete in different sports. Basically the theme is like the Olympics, except this time the participants come from the African Savannah. The slot has 5 reels and 20 paylines to create winning combinations in.

You'd expect the lowest bet size to only be 20 cents, but that isn't the case with Jungle Games though. The lowest coin value is 0.02 so that automatically brings the min. bet size to 40 cents per spin. The last time I've played this game was a while ago, and my results were horrendous at 1.20 euro per spin.

The slot also has wilds (trophy symbol) and scatters (medallion symbol). Wild wins guarantee your winnings multiplied by 2x. While 3 or more scatters trigger the Pick Me bonus. Here you can either choose for a cash prize or free spins. When you choose free spins you have to choose one of 3 options.

I got awarded 30 free spins and a 1x multiplier, while the other ones were less free spins but a higher multiplier. Apparently the multiplier can be as high as 5x. I was surprised by the high number of free spins though. I had won nothing during base game, well almost nothing - since I never came further than winning 5x bet size. It cost me quite a lot of my bankroll to trigger free spins after 200+ spins.

During free spins I managed to win like 25% back with a 60x bet size win. I haven't tried this game again since then. Bottom line is, nice theme, annoying background sound, disappointing base game but lots of potential in free spins.

Final rating for Jungle Games is 6/10.

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