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Immortal Romance Slot

Experience a haunting love story in Immortal Romance slot, one of the most successful five-reel video slots on the Microgaming platform. As you spin, you’ll learn more about the game’s characters, and hopefully uncover some big wins with each person’s special feature. You can play Immortal Romance slot for free on this page, or for real money at any of the Microgaming casinos listed in the index below.

Immortal Romance Slot Review

Before you begin your Immortal Romance experience, start by selecting your bet size. Use the - and + buttons under the coin icon to change your bet denomination. Because Immortal Romance slot uses all 243 possible left-to-right combinations, paylines are not a consideration. Just click “Coins” to adjust the number of coins wagered, and then “Spin” to begin playing. Or, use “Bet Max” to spin with a 300-coin bet.

As the reels tumble, various symbols including the game’s main characters will tumble down the reels randomly. Get matching symbols from left to right and win amounts shown in the paytable. The Immortal Romance symbol acts as a wild and will substitute for any of the non-scatter symbols and double the winning combination value.

The Wild Desire feature can be activated at any time and result in some huge wins. When it is triggered, reels will be turned wild randomly. It’s even possible to turn all 5 reels wild, resulting in a massive payout!

The Bonus round is triggered by getting 3 or more scattered Golden Lions in any position. At first, you will only be able to trigger Amber’s feature, which gives you 10 free spins at a 5x multiplier. As you become more experienced with the game, you will unlock additional free spins features from Troy, Michael, and Sarah, each with their own special twists. Get to know these intriguing characters and find out which feature you like best!

Game Play

-/+: Change the base coin denomination.
Coins: Choose the amount of your total wager.
Spin: Play the game at your chosen bet.
Bet Max: Spin at the highest possible wager of 300 coins.

Immortal Romance Slot Reviews by Players


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brianlfc 5 reviews
United Kingdom
Love the fact you can have absolutely huge wins off low stakes, twice I've hit £700+ wins off the "wild desire" feature off 30p spins.
It can chew your bank up in no times and has long phases of losing spins.

PS - Has anyone noticed the "newer" version of this that seems to be on certain casinos? Mega casino and Casino of Dreams are two examples. In this newer version the "Wild Desire" feature simply doesn't happen... I have played literally thousands of spins on different casinos, on different accounts, etc and not hit it once on this version.
Robscaff88 9 reviews
United Kingdom
I have just spent 4 hours playing this game, playing small stakes (60p) and have just been awarded my 1st feature after losing in excess of £500, I finally won the freespins feature and although I was not expecting anywhere near what I has already lost I was expecting a lot more than the £12 I won. This slots game is a total waste of time and money and is by far the worst I have played when it comes to likeliness of winning a feature and likeliness of any win over 20x your stake during the main game.......Both of these scenarios are way in to the reals of thousands to one
LeoDubbed 148 reviews
I have a secret to tell you, vampire scares the hell of me. Whenever I see a vampire in a movie, I always try to hide my neck. Have you ever wonder how it would be like, to be bitten by a vampire? I did many times and that's why I try to hide my neck.

One of Microgaming's jewels : Immortal Romance. This game is played a lot, I mean really a lot. A few of my friends played them more than I did. This one time, me and a couple of my friends hanging out in my huge basement. We had 2 crates of beer and a bag of chips. Keep in mind though, I am a lightheaded person because I'm not very tall and I don't drink often. So after 5 bottle of beer I got drunk a little bit and I feel like to play online casino. I logged in and made a deposit of €500 instead of €50, at that moment I didn't noticed it. I opened Immortal Romance and start playing at €0,60 per spin. Oh boy, I love the score of the game, especially the soundtrack of the girl with the green jacket when her bonus feature is triggered. After an hour playing I only won a few euros above my initial deposit and decided to request a withdrawal.

Immortal Romance has 4 types of free spins features and I love the first feature the most because it has a multiplier of 5x, unfortunately it only contains 10 free spins. Compared with other features, this one has the least free spins. This game has similar features as Thunderstruck II, also from Microgaming but less popular. It occurred to me that the bonus feature doesn't come often. A few months ago I made a deposit of €100 and played the game at minimum bet, that's more than 600 spins including the winnings. In those 600 spins I only managed to trigger the bonus feature maybe 6 times and one of them was a big win of over 100 times bet. I also didn't get the random wild feature, not once. It was pure bad luck, I know that for sure because I've seen screenshots from players who had a massive win playing this game.

To me, Immortal Romance is a great game but you need a lot of luck to hit the jackpot and apparently I'm not a jackpot winner, at least not to Microgaming games. To be honest, I'm kinda jealous of those big winners because also I want hit that 4 expanded wild reels. Who knows, maybe in the future I can share the same experience, fingers crossed.
noite2 60 reviews
I think Immortal romance is a game that will never get old. The theme of vampire's and love is just subject that attract's us women, but I think also men even though they won't admit it. ;) There is great potential of winning huge even when playing minimum 0,30cent bet. I think this game is amazing with it theme and feature's. Great game.
stars_cream 160 reviews
Immortal Romance is a masterpiece slot from Microgaming , I believe it is the best slot from this provider and the most played. Although I am not a big fan of vampire themed slot I enjoy playing Immortal Romance very much.

First of all it is very well designed with excellent graphics and awesome music. Especially the songs of the free spins are great. My favorite bonus selection is Ambers feature only for the great music theme and song.

In order to have a good playing session on this slot you have to play it with a good balance as it does not produce big wins on the base game, probably up to 100xbet if you are very lucky. Also many times you can play many spins without a single bonus round.

When you get 3 bonus symbols you win free spins and you enter the Chamber of Spins where you can unlock 4 different bonus features by playing a lot and winning free spins. I think every 5 bonus round you win unlocks the next feature. You start with the Amber feature where there are 10 free spins with multiplier x5 and you progress to the other features where there are different amount of free pins and different features.

But I believe the feature that has made this slot so popular and I have seen so many screenshots and videos of huge wins is the Wild desire feature. It is great from the heart beating when it triggers, the blood transforming the wild reels, just epic, and with huge winnings potentials. I have seen up to 5 wild reels during this random feature. The most I have ever had was 4 wild reels which paid huge but it happened only once. Most of the times I get crappy wins, maybe one or two bad connected wild reels which pay low.
Immortal romance is slot game made by Microgaming. Most biggest wins with Microgaming software I saw from this game, I mean screenshots from other players. This slot always playing with my nerves, because it can be money stealer, absolutely brutal, or can be very kind vampire which give you immortality and money.

I like how this game look. From animations, to characters. To graphics, to everything. And did I am only one who sing this song during freespins? :) Probably yes, or other players specially girls doing same? Fantastic soundtrack, I wonder if this possible to download this song.

I like payouts. There is no big payouts during normal play from regular wins, because it is 243 lines game with wilds which double wins, but wilds not stacked. It is still possible to get very solid win, if many wilds with Sarah(best paying symbol) will land. Had it once, won more than 100 my bets.

I like very special feature here. It is called wild desire, and trigger by random, any time, during any spin except freespins of course. Feature will make from one wild reel to five. Five wild reels I never even saw screenshot anywhere, but once I had 3 wild reels. Paid 400 bets, because there was good paying symbols. I dreaming to get 4 wild reels or 5. Recently user in screenshots topic here on forum posted win in casino-x, 4 wild reels. Same day I played casino-x immortal romance, with even same bet. So I think I was close to get it.

I like freespins feature. There is 4 different freespins feature, but to unlock 2 3 4 you need to win bonus rounds 15 times. My favorite feature is first and last. I will not describe each, no sense, because unlikely someone do not know. And if you do not know - you have a lot to see and learn, I will not kill intrigue.

There is 10 stars. Or 20. Or 50, or million stars. Max possible rating. No weak things in this game.
It will be a joke to post something bad about this game. Awesome and one of the best slots.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Reading the other reviews on this page, it would seem I am not the only one who got a very strange sense of Déjà vu when playing this game! There is no doubt in my mind that they borrowed heavily in terms of inspiration from the “Twilight” series of movies when putting together the theme, graphics and sound for this slot game, and whilst that’s not necessarily a bad thing, I do wonder why they didn’t just go all the way and get an official license? I reckon this game could have been even MORE huge if it actually had Twilight's name attached to it… not that I’m a fan of those movies. Honest :)

I really enjoy this type of game though as I have said on other 243 ways reviews, some of the lower wins can be really disheartening winning like 1/3 of your stake so often whilst playing the games. I do like the fact that in this game the “Wild Vine” is on the 25 free spins feature rather than 15 in Thunderstruck2’s “Wild Magic” mode, although this does seem to result in the Wild Vine giving less big wins as the vine seems to extend only to the right much more often.

The base game reels are much nicer than in Thunderstruck2 in my opinion though and I seem to have much better wins, about on a par with Playboy but not as good as The Finer Reels of Life – although that game does have the most outrageously low wins on its paytable to compensate for the higher symbol values as well, so I think Immortal Romance is quite a good balance.
I’m not a big fan of the music like a lot of other people seem to be, and it is essentially just a carbon clone of Thunderstruck2 with a few changes here and there - It seems to me that when Microgaming were releasing games like this and Thunderstruck2 they were really at the height of their innovation and they have been on something of a downward slope since then. Hopefully they’ll hit on another big idea soon though, and please…not 4096 ways or something!!! 1024 is more than enough!
zerooo 742 reviews
Immortal Romance is slot with 243 paylines. It was created in Microgaming company. For me it was one of the first games I tried when I started to play at online casinos.

I started to play it after I saw many, many screenshots of winnings on it. I decided to join some casinos and tried my luck on it.

The game offer free spins feature. It's called The Chamber of Spins, into this feature you can chose various types of free spins. This of course depends on how many times you triggered free spins feature. After 20 triggered features you could chose which free spins features you want, it has 4 different features, I like all of them.

Beside that the game offer the wild desire feature, which is awarded randomly while you playing the game. When you will be awarded, it will turn up to 5 reels wild. To be honest, I think this is very rare to get all 5 reels wild and till now I didn't saw any win like that. I managed to get 3 reels wild, which paid me over 25€ with 0,30€ bet.
I like music in the game, especially in Amber feature. I played this game regularly, sometimes I win and sometimes I lose. I could say that this is the game which I played the most at Microgaming casinos. I really like it, it has nice story.

If the game would not offer wild desire feature I think that will be boring. The wild desire features puts it into higher level. I like playing it just because the feeling when you know that every spin you made could turn into unforgettable win with wilds all over the reels!

I played this game with minimum bets all stakes bellow 1€, but I believe I will try it sometimes on higher stakes to see if I will be lucky on it.
This game, in addition to NetEnt slot machines Blood Suckers is my favorite "vampire" slot machines, was launched on the internet platforms in 2011 and I can tell you that one of the biggest brands when it comes to Microgaming slots. As I said slot is inspired by the vampire themes and inevitable love which is immortal in life but in this game. I like the excellent animation Scatter symbols, where lions outstanding, and the experience is complete, especially if you have won a sufficient number of them and open the bonus game.

After ten minutes I got five symbols of the castle, so my balance at the time was increased by € 60 in the role of € 3 per spin. Animation Immortal Romance is in accordance with the mystery of the game and follows the powerful sound that is very much to me that I may have chronic romantic, who knows. Otherwise, this embodiment of the Microgaming platform brings to five reel slot standard environment with a whopping 243 ways to win and an unforgettable experience.

Slot is rich with rewards and very often is generous in terms of wild symbols, in support of its great features is the fact that his jackpot 60,000 coins, and win it with collected five symbols "Lion Door", so that the maximum payout on this "immortal "slot machine reaches 3,645,000 coins. I was not even close to winning this huge prize but after five castles quickly got the four symbols of vampires so I enlarge the state of my account for € 180. I traded bet per spin at intervals of 1-6 € but somehow I always got more money on higher stakes.

My favorite part of this game is The Chamber of Spins game, which you activate by the drum receiving at least three Lion Door Knocker symbols. I've invested over € 50 before I opened a new bonus game and I chose Amber symbol because I always choose a higher multiplier with a smaller number of free spins. In the role of € 3 free spins after the game I won around € 73 which is pretty good after I profited in the normal game with over € 150, with the game coming out very satisfied himself before the start of the account was € 60 and now I have € 264, great game recommendations to everyone to try.
Immortal Romance slot made by Microgaming, and it is one of the best online slot. It is very popular, and I saw many players who play this game almost daily.

Game has 243 lines, and typically for Microgaming games with such lines min bet size is 0.30. How this game looks? Well, it is just awesome looking game. Music, sounds, animations, symbols - everything here is perfect, nothing bad to say, and I can't imagine that someone will say that it is bad here.

Game is interesting and very dynamic. Interesting thing that you need unlock more options for freespins rounds with keep hitting freespins. First option which open by default - 10 freespins with x 5 multiplier. This feature I played most times, because when playing in new casino - I have no any other options. At casinos where I unlocked all bonus options - I am always pick Sarah bonus rounds, 25 freespins, and if on third reel come special wild - it can replicate itself up to 14 times, so in theory it is possible to get all wilds. And do not forget about wild vine feature which triggered only during base game, and can made up to 5 wild reels. My best was 3 reels, I get it two times. First time won about 100$ on 0.30 bet, was very nice result. But second one was terrible, reel 1, reel 2, reel 5 was wilds, and I get only couple of 3 of a kinds, and won very low amount of money.

Overall this is very strong slot, which very interesting, and I can't find or can't remember anything bad to say about it. Of course like other slots it can be sucky and destroy all deposits and all money, can not give freespins feature for a long time and give only low wins, but this is how video slots working.
Everything is perfect.
blondie 1094 reviews
I think Immortal Romance is a very popular game and almost every gambler falls for it, and I am definitely one of them. I've been playing this game for about 8 months and in the last few months I've been playing it more than ever. At first I tried to play this game with 0.60€ or 0.90€ bets per spin and get busted after 20 empty spins or so. But now I only play it as a low-roller, with 0.30€ bets per spin.

Immortal Romance is provided by Microgaming software and I am quite sure it is one of their most played and most favorite games, because you can play this game in almost every Microgaming casino. It has 5 reels and 243 paylines, so the minimum bet is 0.30€ bets. This game has a unique design, the name Immortal Romance is because this game is vampire themed. It has free spins bonus game. If you get at least 3 scatters, you'll get to the free spins chambers.First you'll play the Amber feature- 10 free spins with 5x multiplier. It is the one I've played the most, because the feature needs to be unlocked. You have to get 3 scatters multiple times to unlock the next free spin level. Altogether there are 4 of them, but as I've never unlocked all of them, I won't talk about that.

Besides the wilds that can give nice winnings on regular spins, the most anticipated feature from Immortal Romance is the Wild Desire. It is a wild expanding wheel that appears on a random spin. It can be on every reel, for me it is mostly on the 4th and 5th reel and if you're combination on the spin is good, the wild desire can increase the win nicely, however, as this game pays all combinations left to right, many players, including me, have experienced that Wild Desire feature can bring 0 wins, if the spin itself hasn't any winning.

The good thing about this game is that 2 scatters pay your bet size. It is a good thing because 2 scatters appear very regularly and as Immortal Romance can eat your balance very fast, it is nice to have some small winnings just to keep going till some feature. One of my favorite combinations is 5 of a kind win. Many times it can bring from 7€ to 11€ win. The last time I played this game I had many 5 of a kinds that mostly paid me 7€ win. I played around 800 spins in my session and caught the free spins only once, but within the feature, I re-triggered them again. But anyways, Immortal Romance ate my balance again.

Immortal Romance still is my favorite Microgaming game, although I have so hard time with it. I love the design and the music (I mostly play slots with mute but this one I really enjoy!) I will keep chasing the features from this game and I recommend it and it's definitely worth trying.
valentin68 535 reviews
This is probably the only Microgaming slot that has here at AskGamblers 20 reviews. What other unsaid things could bring another review, almost with certainly no novelty. Yet I wrote this because I played here so many times and just as many times I quit writing these words, because every time I told myself that enough has been written for this slot and so many times it was praised.

Today after I played many other games slots better than Microgaming slots I tried once again to play here. And perhaps what I will say below will be just the exception that proves the rule that this slot is very good. As far as I am concerned still Tomb Raider II (Secret of the Sword) is for me the number 1 slot of Microgaming. This is the slot that I prefer, a slot where when you play if you play enough you will win those thousands of Euros. But here at Immortal Romance the game is something else.

Yes this is a good Microgaming slot, much better than many games and about the same as Avalon II and a few others, but today (January 2015) there are yet certainly many slots that outweigh this one. Yes, again, here with only 10 Euro you can play hundreds of spins and win nicely other 10-30 Euros quite frequently, but also there are other slots better today, both in terms of the value of wins and of the quality of the game play (suspense). There was a time when this slot was very good (about 1 year ago) but today ... Yet one thing remains for sure on the first place here: the story of love described by the game and the music that accompanies it that fits very well to this story.

I will not describe the game play, nor the games statistics because almost certainly this was done in the earlier reviews here. I will say only this: here it is a slot that although it was surpassed by many others it continues to be in the first line (for example almost all Yggdrasil slots that are present in the same MG casinos are better than this). Nicely done for the “Immortal Romance”!
Here when I played I never had great wins. It is true some wins are big, but hundreds of Euros or even more (for the minimum bet) I never won.
wscalley 47 reviews
United Kingdom
I already wrote about “Thunderstruck2” and “The Finer Reels of Life”, two games that are similar to this one, “Immortal Romance”, although I think this is probably the one that is most well known, and perhaps the most loved out there in the on-line casino world. I think a major reason for this is the games soundtrack, each of the four bonus rounds has its own dedicated audio track and these were so popular that I believe Microgaming released them for download on iTunes! Really quite remarkable for a slot game release.

If you’re not familiar with the game, I’ll tell you the basics – standard five reel slot machine, using Microgamings much loved 243 ways format, whereby any three or more matching symbols anywhere on the reels from left to right results in a win. Three or more scatter symbols on the reels triggers the free spins feature, with an additional win for the scatters themselves up to 200x your stake if you are lucky enough to get all five at once.

As well as the free spins round, there is a randomly activated “Wild Desire” bonus round too, when this activates the reels will spin a little differently and the scatters and wild symbols are removed from the reels before one or more columns are converted into a stack of wilds. If you have seen a screenshot of the jackpot being won on this game where the huge red “WILD” text is wrote vertically on all the reels, you will know that it really is very pretty – as pretty as you would expect for a combination that will pay you over 12,000 times your wager!

Back to that free spins feature, like the other similar games (Thunderstruck2 and the like which I mentioned earlier) there are four options which you must unlock by triggering the feature multiple times – every five triggers you will unlock an additional feature, and after 25 triggers the bonus feature will turn gold and there are no further features to unlock. You can also get a gold paytable as well by collecting every possible winning combination, though you’ll need to put some serious time, effort and above all, MONEY into the game if you wish to see this on your own computer!

A really fantastic game, it looks great, sounds fantastic and the bonus features are exciting with massive win potential. The concept is not exactly unique now, there are many very similar games both from Microgaming and copycats by other slot developers, but that doesn’t take away from its appeal in my opinion – Immortal Romance is a timeless classic.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
This game is powered by my favorite software which is Microgaming. The game has 5 reels and 243 ways to win or paylines. The whole game is kind a dark which I don’t mind, thumps up for the graphic and the background melody is really nice and suiting but then again it can kind off resemble sadness I don’t know just my opinion.

This is one of the popular video slots offered by Microgaming and I had the chance to play it couple of times. In both times I didn't manage to hit any big wins even though I saw that this slot has a great potential and can offer a great payout. In this game we have Immortal Romance sign that can substitute for any symbol that appears on the reel except for the scatter or double a win. Also this wild is excluded when the wild desire feature is on. Then there is wild desire feature that I mentioned which is triggered randomly and can turn up to 5 reels into wild, also free spins cannot be triggered during this feature. Then we have the Chamber of spins feature which can be activated by 3, 4 or 5 scatters. In this chamber we have Amber that offers 10FS, Troy with 15FS, Michael with 20FS and Sarah with 25FS and each of them offer a special feature with these bonuses kind a like the Playboy slot. So reentering this chamber multiple times will just further unlock greater bonuses. Also all the wins in this game are paid from left to right, with the exception of scatter. All of these features weren't so easy to trigger when I was playing it.

So all that being said I definitely think this is an awesome slot to try out and I would recommend it that you try it out. For the rating I would give it a strong 9.
catapultaudio 52 reviews
United Kingdom
I simply cannot overemphasize the popularity of this Microgaming slot game, which has been one of the most wildly cherished online slot games ever since its release several years ago - forums are still filled with people discussing this game, its features, and sharing screenshots of their wins from this game today - its truly a classic of the online casino world.

So why is that? It wasn't the first game to feature the 243-payways mechanic, but it was certainly one of the first to really get it right. Whilst a large portion of the games tRTP is tied up in the various free spin features, it is still possible to hit a monster of several hundred times your bet in the base game as well - the variance is much higher than its cousin Thunderstruck2.

The "Wild Desire" feature can activate randomly upon any spin, and will convert between 1 to 5 reels into stacked wilds. Should you hit the jackpot and receive all five, you will get this games maximum payoff of over 12,500x your bet - that's about £3500 on minimum bet £0.30, and I'm sure you can work out just how tasty it works out if your going for the more meaty £3 stake.

Then there's the features - where you'll be earning the bulk of your winnings no question - after catching the feature 25 times you can choose your favourite each time you receive 3 or more scatter symbols, the choices include 10 free spins at 5 x multiplier, a "spreading wilds" feature - interestingly this is the 25 free spins mode on this game as opposed to it being the 15 on TS2, though note that this game does tend to be VERY frustrating with where it places these "Wild Vine" extra wild symbols... more often than not pushing a tonne of them down on spaces that are completely useless to you. There's also a "Vampire Bats" feature where bats will add multipliers randomly onto existing wins, and a "Rolling Reels" mode, which your probably familiar with from other MG games.

Of particular note in IR is the soundtrack - Microgamings musicians are often applauded for the high quality soundtracks they create for their slot games, but they really went out of their way this time, creating full length vocal tracks for each of the free spin features, and the soundtrack was even released separately as a downloadable album! It isn't my kind of music, but I can sure appreciate the quality of it - it's excellent.
My only negative comment with regards this game, and in fact all of these similar 243 ways games, is that on a bad day, they will bleed you dry so quickly you won't know what the hell happened - Yes, that is just how it goes sometimes with slots, and its not a reason not to play the game. But just be aware, the variance is enormous - in order for somebody to win 12,000 x their bet, 12,000 spins have to lose. Just keep that in mind.
Immortal romance is inspired by all time famous television series vampire diaries. The slot has incredible animation and visual appearance. Even the soundtrack accompanying the slot is remarkable.

The icons are of 2 men and 2 girls are beautifully characterized as in the real time show. These characters are also the highest paying symbols in the slot. It is a 5 reel and 243 ways to win the slot. The chamber of bonus feature is triggered when three or more scatter icon appear on the reels. There are four choices first being of 10 free spins and 5 x multiplier awarded by Amber. The second being 15 free spins awarded by Troy. The third is awarded Michael and last one being 25 free spin awarded by Sarah. These features are unlocked as you enter the chamber of secrets.

I started the slot with very basic bet of 30 coins per spin ($0.30 per spin). I could not trigger any bonus round though I was neither even losing. It was a sort of break even. Then I don’t know what made me to increase the bet to 300 coins per spin. Then in first 20 spins I made I could earn maximum of 1600 coins but then came the break through when I triggered the wild desire feature. This was one of the biggest win I could ever imagine. The wild appears on whole of the reels. It started as wild first appearing on the 5th reel then the first and the second. In third and fourth reel there was the symbol of ‘K’.

I could manage a whooping win of 68130 coins. This was the time when the slot shows best of the animations and graphics it comprises. After that I made only 4 or 5 spins more and then I made the withdrawal.

I am a satisfied player in terms of return of the game while the graphics and effects are just remarkable. Thus, I would grade it 9/10.
Immortal Romance is a slot game with 243 paylines which comes from Microgaming. I have to tell you that I haven't played this game a lot in the beginning. When I played it I would mostly loose a lot of money. On the other hand I was amazed by the graphic and sound of this game.

The theme of Immortal Romance is a bit dark for my taste but generally like this game. A few days ago I saw some winner screenshots here at AskGamblers and I realized that this game could give some really big wins. The last time I played this game I had some very big wins at the very start. It encouraged me and I kept playing with minimum bet of 0.30 per spin. Soon I got the free spins bonus and cashed in about 50 euros from those free spins. In the next half an hour I had a few more big wins. During the short time I played this game I was 100 euros in plus. That's when I decided to stop and come back to this game some other time. After an hour or so I decided to come back again but I didn't have some big expectations. I knew there was no slot game that would give you wins over the whole day. But again I got 3 scatter symbols and free spins. This time I cashed in over 60 euros from those free spins. Than I got the wild desire bonus and I was 80 euros in plus again. I kept playing this game and after 10-15 minutes without any big wins I started thinking of changing the game. At that moment I got free spins again and cashed in over 200 euros.

That was really an incredible experience. I think I won something on every spin. For the end I have to say that now Immortal Romance is one of my favorite games coming from Microgaming.
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
Was it Playboy first or Immortal Romance first, or both came at the same time? I’m no great follower of Microgaming, so I’m not sure, but they certainly are identical in features and in base game platform. Graphics are excellent, with beautifully rendered icons, and the music is soft and nice, yet very melodramatic and haunting! It sinks into you in just a short time. 1 star up.

Yep, almost identical to Playboy’s paytable. Low for the all the symbols, including for the ladies icons, a low 1500 coins for 5 of that Immortal Romance Wild symbols, but a superb 6000x total bet win for 5 scatters. If only the scatters could come much more frequently and in greater numbers. Even getting 3 of them is already a big headache and a long wait most of the time. A borderline case still, so 1 star down.

Two features really stand out in this game – the free spins with 4 choices of special features, and the randomly triggered Wild Desire feature which would drive any player go wild. Once triggered, 2, 3, 4 or even 5 reels can be turned into fully expanded Wild Desire reels, for really astonishing payouts. Not available in Playboy but available in Immortal Romance, this is the kind of desire that could bring in that unbelievable jaw-dropping 3,645,000 coins, or $72,900! As for the free spins, no matter which option you choose, any one of the 4 free spins feature can bring in very nice huge wins. 1 star up.

In play, the game can go both ways, either paying out well, or eating up well, but that’s only to be expected in any game. Honestly speaking, I haven’t played much of Immortal Romance as yet, but the few times that I have played it, the game play was not too bad, was enjoyable and entertaining, but also exasperating in waiting for 3 or more scatters to appear.

If getting 3 was hard enough, getting 4 scatters was even so far out of sight most of the time, not to mention getting 5 scatters. The Wild Desire feature game has a random waiting time, sometimes not even appearing at all from the start of a game till its end. Small wins may look quite plentiful visually, but they are in fact usually less than my bet amount, making them actual losses instead! 1 star down.

In fun play, I’ve had several 5-of-a-kinds, yes, including Sarah and Amber, and also 4 scatters and 2 reels of Wild Desire too, but in real play, I’ve probably got a long way to go before achieving anything big with Immortal Romance. I’m not rushing for the Romance though – I’ve got enough of other problems to handle! Still, a very good promising game for which I’ve yet to win on. 1 star down.
yapro 790 reviews
Immortal romance this is the most favorite microgaming game for many players, i think it is hard to find a player who didn't know about this game. I am also one of this guys who usually spent some money on this game in try to achieve some nice win, but this never happens to me. You can't imagine how hard i would like to stop playing this game, but i can't because it is really amazing and nice.

Amazing characters , music in features, achievements system, oh god, and this wild desire feature, it is hard to not open this game and give it few spins. But 99% times i give it not few spins, i play till i lost my deposit, or win something nice. Of course like for every high variance game, most times i lost without any chances, but sometimes i had great wins, and my personal best is around 600x total bet on first feature - amber. I am usually pick it, because it fast and with nice x 5 multiplier. Sarah feature also nice, but it is long, and almost all the time wild vine did not do anything decent, making wilds instead of wilds , or placing wilds on last reel without any win before it. My best number of wild reels on wild desire is 3, and it pay me around x 300 total best, and now i can only dream about 4 or even 5 wild reels. I found interesting thing, that for me it is never boring to open this game and start playing, i am always get entertainment. And this means only one thing - microgaming did amazing job.

Conclusion: Super interesting slot, with high variance, and which usually eat players money, nothing else i want to say. 10 stars, such great game can be rated only with best mark, and i will continue play this game.
Irine 232 reviews
Another good and excellent slot for Microgaming software presenting "Immortal Romance" my experience here was really cool! Okay, before i start i'd like to tell you something do you know that this slot is my favorite because they're like TST2 slot? It's also a microgaming made slot but based on my opinion TST2 slot is more favorable and great for me. There are several times that i regret to this slot because of my consecutively losing but that's not my point playing this game and it's not the disadvantage of this slot. I will reveal the "reasons" why this slot is a worth playing slot and one of the greatest microgaming slot that ever existed.

First the slot graphics, we all want especially experience players a nice, presentable, easy to handle and also many features to a slot right? Of course we want! The Immortal Romance gave that characteristics to us and we're so lucky to have this slot! I remember my biggest winning is when i bet the maximum bet and after that i won almost $193.6 credits! So, how does this happen? Let's go back at that time i struck the 3 knob of chamber with 10x free spins and 5x multipliers that's awesome because at that time i struck the wild that gave huge credits! So, i got that decent winnings!

There are many feature that this slot has to be offer like the free spin features, wilds, and also the bonuses that's pretty amazing i tried it once but it's elusive for me now a days. Did i mention the wild feature? Where the one reel turns into wilds? Well, that's also amazing feature of this slot it will give huge winnings but at that time i was betting a small amount $.50 so i only got small winnings it's okay at least i experienced it on how it works! Over all this slot is nice and deserves a B+!
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