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Ghost Pirates is a revolutionary video slot from NetEnt. With compelling graphics and a dark, m­yst­erious atmosphere, this free version of Ghost Pirates gives players a truly immersive gaming­ ­exp­eri­ence. In addition, players won't have to worry about near hits. The slot allows players to win 243 ways, rather than using set paylines. As long as symbols are in succession from left to right at any position on the reel, the payline wins. Ghost Pirates simply gives slot lovers something different to try.

To set your bet, first choose your coin value in the bottom-left. Players may select any value from just €0.01 up to €0.50 per reel. Since Ghost Pirates does not use a conventional payline system, players are able to get a massive amount of ways for significantly less. Once you've selected your coin amount, choose how many full reels to play (the Bet Level). The paytable illustrates how many ways each Bet Level offers players to win.

Spin either by using the green circle button with arrows, or by using the Max Bet button to spin all five reels at the selected coin amount. As anchors, legendary pirates, and mystical treasures fill the reels, you can expect to see a massive number of wins compared to most other slots. Ghost Pirate­s's­ ­adv­ent­urous theme and unique set-up make it a slot worth trying out.

Game Play

Coin Value: Choose your bet denomination.
Bet Level: Choose how many full reels to play.
Green arrow button: Spin the reels at the selected bet.
Max Bet: Spin all five reels fully at the selected coin denomination. 

Ghost Pirates Slot Reviews by Players


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raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
The attention to detail this game is fantastic and makes the graphics look beautifully sharp and crisp - on my tablet the effect is truly stunning. I like the eery background sounds too which definitely add to the ghostly feel. The games logo does look attractive though I get the feeling it might possibly have been "inspired" by a certain popular pirate themed movie series!

It's good that the presentation is so slick because Ghost Pirates doesn't have a great many surprises during play. Three to five scatters starts a typical free spins round, with extra spins for four or five scatters (the exact number varies depending on the number of ways activated) and all wins during free spins receive a 3x multiplier. Most of the paytable wins remain the same regardless of the number of ways played but there are some small differences at the very bottom end of the table.
Payouts are fairly typical for a 243 ways game but may seem a little low if you are new to this type of slot. I would have liked to have seen a win on the paytable for five scatters or five wilds but NetEnt often don't bother with such things. I don't know why! Microgaming almost always make these two highly unlikely combinations return a prize befitting of their rarity and I can't see any good reason for a game not to offer this. Also, I always feel that 243 ways games work best with stacked wild symbols, afterall that is the only way to win on a large number of ways simultaneously, but those are not offered here.

The spin sound effect doesn't quite fit with the game which might sound like a minor thing but whilst the effects are enabled you will be hearing it every couple of seconds so I do think it worthy of a mention.

Pretty much every 243 ways game I can ever remember having played has a fixed minimum bet size, usually between 0.25 and 0.50 per spin, so I was both intrigued and confused to see the option in Ghost Pirates allowing selection of various numbers of active ways. My guess is that in the early days of ways-to-win games some players found the concept difficult to understand or didn't like being restricted as to how many lines they wished to play so NetEnt tried to come up with a compromise. It's a nice idea but does make the game quite difficult to understand and I recommend just playing the full 243 ways - you may well get a dramatically reduced RTP if you do not.

I've said quite a few negative things about Ghost Pirates which is a shame because I do feel positive about the game overall - it's just that there is so little original or unique here, it really is a very standard slot game. It looks great and is enjoyable to play, plus I've had reasonable luck playing the game with a couple of hugely profitable sessions. I guess what all the negative points say is that it really could have been a lot better with a few simple tweaks and I really wish NetEnt would pay more attention to what is great about their competitors games and implement those features themselves, they definitely have the potential to be the best.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Who would like to meet 'pirates' ? I say: 'I do'! I am not saying these pirates are attractive to me but there is so much going on around these 'guys' that person like me would be happy to spend 24 hours and see if they are really so 'serious' as I heard and are they really wild spirits.I can't tell if NetEnt developers were inspired by 'The Ghost Pirates' novel by W.H.Hodgson, first published in 1909. But pirates theme and idea is very interesting in my opinion or according 'my books and papers'.  There is no violence nor robbery at sea in this 5-reels, 243- paylines video slot.

I have played this slot occasional, last year after seeing screenshots on the AskGamblers forum and like it happens, I was curious and wanted to check it out. This slot comes with superb graphics and very nice symbols. Theme, background and soundtrack are too beautiful. Wild symbol substitute for all symbols and nothing more to be said about wild symbol. Wining combinations with scatter are doubled and pay x2 the total bet.Free Spins bonus round is triggered when you collect 3 scatters and all wins during free spins are x3 multiplier (tripled). 3-scatter – 15 FreeSpins; 4 – 20 FreeSpins and 5 – 25 FreeSpins. Peggy Rotten is most valuable symbol and pay 1500 coins for collecting 5 of them. One-eyed Ed pays 1000 coins; Mad Monkey 500 coins and last one is Polly with 400 coins award for collecting 5 of a kind.

Sadly to say, but this paytable looks poor. I don't know neither what and how to win 'something' in this game. Not in the base game.. maybe FreeSpins bonus round .. and re-triggering FreeSpins. No features in this game that would make this game truly tasty and following fantastic theme . I am not interested in future sessions but you never know. I expected 'generous' paytable and I am a bit disappointed.
Afi4wins 1239 reviews
Ghosts-themed games can be fun to play. Pirates-themed games are also always fun to play. Combine the two and you get Ghost Pirates to play. Does it gives double the fun to play? Gees, maybe, maybe not, but if you haven't played it, there's no way of finding out, is there? You can take my word for it, or you can take other players word for it, but nothing beats your own experience on the game! For me, I found Ghost Pirates fun to play, entertaining, keeps you going for quite a while, until or unless you hit those inevitable dry runs. You can't escape them, you can't avoid them, but you can certainly run away from them! Hahaha.

Ghost Pirates was one of those rare beautifully created games from NetEnt in those days. The icons are all beautifully presented with rich details and colour. The scenarios and background scenes are no less well treated and presented too. A really cool game to look at, to admire, and best of all, a cool game to play, if you don't expect too much out of it! All games have predesignated aspects put into them. Some can pay really huge, but can eat you monstrously too. Some can give you lots of yo-yo fun, without tearing a big hole in your wallet, but there are also some games which can never take off the ground - these are the unsuccessful games which every games provider do faced at one time or another. But Ghost Pirates certainly isn't one of this!

Even though the Wild symbol, the Pirate, doesn't pay for itself, doesn't double any wins, doesn't come stacked or expanded, doesn't move about or appear anywhere randomly, it does substitute for ALL other symbols, which is at least one good thing going for it. So it makes getting 5-of-a-kinds and 5 scatters so much easier! In fact, Ghost Pirates is one of the rare games that I have actually won 5 scatters, but, sadly enough, those 5 scatters did not pay as good as in other games. What a blardy waste of a 5 scatters win!

The free spins game, activated by the usual 3 or more scatter symbols, can come slightly more easily than other games, simply because of the Wild's substitution capability. This was how I won that 5 scatters anyway, with 2 Wilds substituting for the scatter. In spite of that, the free spins game that followed, including getting one retrigger of 15 more free spins, paid out a miserably low amount of 147x my total bet, that's including the 5-scatters win amount! That was a big disappointment for me, because I could have won at least 500x my total bet on any other game! So, in this sense, Ghost Pirates cannot pay out really huge amounts, but it does provide you with lots of playing fun and playing time.
Without being too repetitive, the Wild symbol doesn't do anything more other than to substitute for all symbols, there's a lack of huge win possibilities in the game, and the low paytable makes everything else no better. Ghost Pirates could certainly be a big hit with a better paytable, but that's just how some things are. Some made it, some didn't. For me, Ghost Pirates fell short of it!
zerooo 742 reviews
This game reminds me on film about the pirates. I liked all movies Pirates of the Caribbean and the theme about this game is the same, about pirates. The design and sounds are good.

The game offers you to choose on how many paylines you would like to play it. I think this is great idea that you can select how many paylines would you like to have in this game. I almost always select 243 pay lines, I tried some other numbers of different pay lines but I had no luck.

This game has good paytable, I saw some nice videos and also photos from this game. When I played it, I played at minimum bet stakes and I made a couple of hundred spins. I tried to get those boxes for trigger free games, but it was so hard to get them all 3 together on the reels. Main game pays well, but I hate it because it didn't give me any free spins.

I think this game is good only if you receive free spins. Those wins will be at x3 multiplier. I hate to wait long time for free spins and this will happen at this game. I don't like the fact that the scatters must be in position from left to right on the first 3 reel to trigger feature. Maybe it was only once that I had 2 scatters at first 3 reels. Otherwise they showed up on reel 4 or 5 all the time. I don't know why they make it in this way if they could not help me on those last reels.

Maybe I will play this game sometimes, but this is not very popular game for me. I prefer to play some other game from NetEnt software with the same numbers of paylines. But sure I recommend it to all to try it out.
Ghost Pirates it is video slot made by Netent. This game is very similar to victorious, and I could play this game much more times if only it could be available in mobile. But no, so I am play this game not so often.

I like game theme. Pirates is great and very interesting sounds here. But of course if you think that game look modern it is not right because it is old game, I do not judge game look by modern animations and things like that.

I like that there is possibly to play even with 1 penny stake. You should choose which amount lines you could play - 3, 9, 27, 81 or 243. I am always playing full 243 ways, and it is cost 25 penny. Not so high for amount of lines like this.

I do like that there is good payouts for 243 lines game. No stacked wilds, but 5 of a kind of best symbols could pay very decent.

I like freespins feature in this slot. It is same as in victorious slot. For 3 or more scatters from left to right you got freespins. For 3 scatters it is 15 freespins, and also multiplier for all freespins always x 3. Wilds which appear only on middle reels can substitute for scatters so it is sometimes very easy to retrigger freespins feature.

I had many features in this slot and win more than 100 bets. And strange but there is good hint like with victorious. For example you got freespins feature, it paid you less than 10 bets or so. Keep playing and soon feature will trigger again and pay much better, at least 50 bets. Worked for me many times, so use it if you want. My best win was almost 200 bets, around 180, and it was in freespins with two retriggers.

I rate this game with nine stars.
I took one star because there is no quick spin option, too slow play.
blondie 1081 reviews
Ghost Pirates is a cool Netent software provided slot. I don't have much memory of playing this game before. I had seen some winning screenshots from this game and this month when I received a couple of free spins on this slot, my interest in this game grow rapidly. I really liked the design of this slot, it has ghost pirates, maps, parrot guns, anchor etc. There's nothing redundant, everything is on its right place.

This slot has 5 reels and 243 ways and I believe this is one of the rare games from Netent that has 243 ways. Usually I have association that 243 way slots are money eaters, but here a great thing is that you can adjust your bets and bet as little as 1 coin on 3 ways which would make the bet 0.10€. I would definitely stick with the minimum bet on all 243 ways which is only 0.25€ per spin.

This game has a wild symbol that substitutes for any symbol. As a bonus feature, Ghost Pirates only have free spins round. They are triggered if 3 or more scatters appear in succession from leftmost to right. I believe that is the little catch here, as it is harder to get free spins round that way, comparing to slots where you need at least 3 scatters anywhere. If you bet on 243 ways, you can get from 15-25 free spins, but if you bet on less ways, you can get from 10-20 free spins, all of them are 3 x multiplied.
To try this game a little more I played it with minimum bets at Casumo casino for 1000 spins. Unfortunately my session was quite tight, I got only 2 free spins rounds and they paid around 20 x bet.

Overall I think this slot is a decent Netent game with mediocre payouts, at least so far. Definitely not my favorite game from all this software slots because so far I am not sure about it's winning potential, but at the same time, looking at fellow AskGamblers screenshot here, maybe it's worth trying it more. I think it is great that paylines can be changed, it is a good variety and it means you can play this game with low fund too. I would rate it with 7/10.
stars_cream 160 reviews
Ghost Pirates is a nice slot from NetEnt which I like to play because it gives me good wins from time to time. It is a slot similar to one of my favorites Victorious with very few differences but the basic idea of the two slots, how much you can win and even the paytable are the same. Ghost Pirates slot has a pirate theme, but I do not like its graphics at all and that’s one of the reason I like Victorious better. I find the graphics unattractive and ugly and many times confusing.

One big difference from Victorious is that it can be played with many ways, you can use the option to play it with 3, 9, 27, 81 and 243 ways. In order to see how this works you better see the paytable to have a better view of how this option works. I play it with 243 ways and the minimum bet is 0,25.

Ghost Pirates has for symbols pirates and other pirates stuff. The best paying symbols are the pirates Peggy Rotten, One-Eyed Ed and the lowest is the anchor. Also there is the wild which substitute all symbols but it comes only on reel 2 and 4 and also the scatter. If you get the scatter in the first 3 reels or more you trigger the free spins feature which gives you 15 free spins for 3 scatters, 20 free spins for 4 and 25 for 5 scatters. Also the wins at the free spins are multiplied 3 times. If you play with less of 243 ways you get 5 free spins less and also there are small differences at the paytable.

As I said I enjoy playing this game only for the wins it gives me as you can win big if you get free spins and get many retriggers during them.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Ghost Pirates is another addition to the 243 payline slots coming from NetEnt. I can’t say that I’m a big fan of these games because usually all of them pay little. At first look the slot game has a very interesting design. It looks a bit dark and I like the animations with the fire burning around the slot. The music is OK and reminds me of some pirate movie but still it does get a bit boring after some time.

Depending on your bet you can choose to play this slot from 3 ways up to 243 ways. When I played the game I chose 243 ways because you have bigger chances in winning something. The minimum bet to play this game is 25 cents which is great for a 243 way slot game. The paytable is descent compared to some other slots from this provider and the two highest paying symbols award a win of 1500 and 1000 coins for 5 of them on the reels. What’s interesting here is that the paytable is the same no matter how many ways you choose to play. The wild symbol can come on all reels. He doesn’t have a multiplier attached but substitutes for all symbols including the scatter. This way the free spins bonus should be easier to trigger. The scatter symbol has a relatively low payout of 50 x bet for 5 of them on the reels.

If you manage to get 3 scatters from left to right or a mixed number including the wild symbol you trigger the free spins bonus. You can get 15 free spins up to 25 free spins for 5 scatters on the reels. In the free spins all wins have a x 3 multiplier attached.

I played this game a few times and overall the wins during base play are small to medium and you get some occasional big wins to boost the balance. My biggest win in the free spins was a little over 100 x bet. Maybe I will try it again in the future hoping for bigger wins.
Ghost Pirates - game from NetEntertainment. This game can be nice, but I do hate it for one simple reasons - there is no quick spin option, I hate when reels spin slow, it is make me angry and I hate to play slow, and I have no idea why here there is no such option.

Game looks ok, but nothing special here, I can't say that there is great and special animations, or sounds are perfect.

There is 243 lines, and min bet is 0.25. I can't say that this game has interesting base game, everything here like at victorious, that I like much more. Wilds here substitute for scatters, but wilds appear only on reels 2, 3 and 4. So you anyway need scatter at least on reel 1 to trigger free spins feature. During free spins there is x 3 multiplier, and there is nothing else. But to compensate my not very good words about this slot I should say that during free spins it is not hard to get good win, because any 5 of a kind already means good win here. It is a bit strange, because usually slots with 243 lines pay not so much for usual 5 of a kinds, but here is payouts good and it is of course positive thing about this slot.

Overall it is same slot like victorious, but I did not like it, no option of quick spin is really bad thing for me, also looks like victorious is much more lucky game for me. Taking all this in to one and I could say that i do not play this game often, not interesting to click all the time stop or wait so long till spin will be done.
No quick spin is my only negative thing about this slot, but it is really very important for me, my game play is almost ruined if slot is slow, so I did not rate this game high.
About this slot I want to say that isn’t very popular like other Netent slots, but I like it because of the nice theme and also because of the interesting features and payout rate!

It is a 5-reel slot with 243 ways to win, an interesting slot that has a minimum bet of 0.25$ if you choose to play with 243 ways to win! Also, you have the possibility to choose to play with 3, 9, 27, 81 or 243 bet ways, but I think that is recommend to play with the last one!

Regarding the graphics I have to say that I was impressed because I like slots with pirates, treasures and ghosts! The symbols have a perfect shape, are very well designed and with nice colors that keeps you in touch with the theme of the game!
I played a couple of times this slot and I was happy with the payout rate even if I didn’t won lot of money!

I like very much the free spins feature because if you catch 3 scatters you are awarded with 15 free spins, for 4 scatters you receive 20 free spins and for 5 scatters you will get 25 free spins! My biggest win from the free spins feature was 51$, not so much money but I was playing with 0.25$ bet! Like almost all slots, this slot has a wild symbol and no other special features like bonus game or special wilds!

Overall it is a nice game in my opinion with good graphics, nice and interesting theme and a decent payout rate! Because of the nice theme about pirates and the good graphics, I will give a 9! Also I like the way that this slot paid me and awarded me free spins so I will give another 9 for the payout rate and only 8 for the features because it has only wild symbols and free spins!
oneLoVegg 55 reviews
Ghost pirates slot is very interesting and nice slot game by NetEnt. I like pirates theme, and at one of Eurovision song contest our country has awesome song about pirates, I still listen to it sometimes.

Slot has 243 lines, and it is same as Victorious slot, there is same 0.25 lowest possible bet per spin. Also there is an option to play less lines, but I have never played it in other mode, only with enabled 243 lines. As it is same as Victorious, you can wait good wins in feature which is freespins with x 3 multiplier, but in main game it is a bit hard to get decent win, only 5 good paying symbols with few wilds can produce monster, or 5 of a kind of good symbols can give moderate win. I usually playing this slot with 0.25 bets, but sometimes when my balance is very good I can try this slot with 0.5 bets, but not too often.

I had best main game win with 0.5 bet, it was 41 euro, not so big how someone probably think, but it is very good money and decent result. In freespins at 0.25 euros once I won more than 100 euros, about 120 I think. It was with 4 times feature add me more freespins, no 5 scatters, but I played many freespins with x 3 multiplier, and good wins come to me often, and such way I win so much money with so low bet amount.

As conclusion I can say that it is good and interesting slot game, sometimes it is of course trying to eat all money and does not give freespins, but I have a cure for it - just left it and play something other, this usually helps me to just lost my deposit. Of course I had some bad game times at this slot, but not so much like at many other slots. Do not fear it but usual advice not bet too high.
Ghost Pirates a slot by Net Ent production house. The slot has good graphics and the use of different colours is excellent. The symbols of different pirates are beautifully characterized such as mad monkey, polly, peggy rotten.The slot is very versatile because the players can chose the number of bet ways they want to go for which are 3, 9, 27, 81, 243. When I put the coin value at $0.01 the bet was of $0.01 for 3 bet ways and $0.25 for 243 bet ways.

The slot has wild symbol which could replace any symbol. Yes even the scatter could be replaced by the wild. I really like animation of the wild symbol when it becomes the part of any wining combination. The free spin feature is triggered when 3+ scatter symbols appear on the reels in succession from left to right. The scatter symbol used in the slot is of box which is full of gold coins. I triggered the free spin feature I guess after 50 spins or so. 3 scatter symbols awarded me 15 free spins and 3 x multiplier. I was betting at $o.25 per spin then and I made whooping 4672 coins from the free spins that is $46.72. I made withdrawal at around $35 win and I made approximately 150-200 spins.

Conclusion is that the slot is excellent in graphics. The symbols used are just perfect and truly justify the theme.In returns I would say it is bit on a mediocre side. The slot is good to play on lower bets. I did experience it gives better returns then. Because from this slot big win is only possible in free spins feature. It is an addictive slot and I would recommend every slot lover to do try this slot. I would rate the slot 8/10.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
Pirates have always enjoyed great popularity in almost all audiences. Since kids we are always looking for toys, video games, posters, movies, books and whatever exists around the issue, well, this time we find the slot "Ghost Pirates" created by the renowned company Net Entertainment- NetEnt and it is considered one of slot machines about pirates best rated on a lot of web sites devoted to casinos’ subject. This 3 x 5 reels, seems to be highly influenced by the blockbuster "Pirates of the Caribbean," most for the inclusion of ghosts, where graphics and sounds are intended to cultivate an atmosphere of suspense and mystery.

Here, the player is free to choose betting 3, 9, 27, 81, or 243 Ways (3 * 3 = 9 * 3 = 27 * 3 = 81 * 3 = 243). The value of each spin for each Way, using coins of $ 0.01, it would be $ 0.01, $ 0.03, $ 0.08, $ 0.15 and $ 0.25. Comparing, the most economical choice, it would be 243 Ways: $ 0.01 * 3 = $ 0.03 * 3 = $ 0.09 * 3 = $ 0.27 * 3 = $ 0.81 vs. $ 0.25. There are available 5 bet levels in this game. Also the player can choose from the following coin denominations: $ 0.01, $ 0.02, $ 0.05, $ 0.10, $ 0.20, and $ 0.50.

Main characters are: Peggy Rotten, One Eyed Ed, Mad Monkey, and Polly the parrot. The other symbols are: two crossed pistols, compass on a map, canyon, medallion, vessel and an anchor. The wild symbol, represented with a pirate skull, serves as a substitute for other symbols including the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol is represented with a chest full of gold and used to trigger a round of free spins. This requires that 3 or more scatters appear on any active payline successively from left to right, the more chests more spins, and scatter may be replaced by a wild.

Although the game does not present characteristics that make it a completely genuine slot, it is one hundred percent enjoyable and addictive, and as expected, the most exciting moments for player occur during round of free spins, where all wins are multiplied x 3. The Return to Player (RTP) released for "Ghost Pirates" is 96.9%, so that, with any luck, you might think about getting some profits with it.
paquito76 867 reviews
When I first opened this slot to play at EUCasino I promptly knew it can’t be a SkillOnNet game because there’s nothing similarities that would be comparable to SON products (strangely, it rather reminded me of BetSoft slots with its 3D pictures and animations and wax dummy like characters). Anyway, it looks quite attractive and I like very much its interface. The graphics are cool and it has a very good and detailed design and the symbols are perfectly illustrates that little adventurous and funny mood. As much as I was surprised because of this slot’s view at first sight that much now I love the symbols and the entire exterior of this product. It’s always good to play with a fresh-looking game that different than the other slots and it’s especially true in this case when it also means an overall better product.

This 20-payline slot offers 10.000 coins as top prize if 5 Diamond Treasure emblems form a line and if it occurs with the help of Wild, well, it doesn’t make any difference because this symbol that appears only on the middle reel can’t multiply any wins, true, it becomes expanding Wild when lands on the reel. When 3 or more Scatters are visible on the screen 5, 10 or 20 free spins awarded which are played with the same conditions as the triggering spin. These common features seem to me just necessary components and all of the real tricks are held for the lot of bonuses the game has.

When 3 Barrels appear anywhere on the reels the little side game with great animations starts where we have to guide our pirate buddy in a knife throwing competition and every successful attempts reveal cash prizes but if he drank too much rum at the night and misses the targets on every tries the game can reward with 2-4 times of total bet as a consolidation prize. 3 Coin symbols trigger Heads or Tails Bonus and the name tells everything as we predict which will be the next attempt. Maybe this side game is the less exciting but surely the less paying.

My favourite when 3 Ghost Mode figures land anywhere then this ghost mode is activated and every appearing character is a skull and all wins with X2 symbol are counted at doubled prize. I like this game because I noticed as if the winning combinations more frequently would occur here and maybe they also would be more profitable. This extra lasts until 3 Pirate Mode symbols turned it back into normal game mode. The last feature is when the player successes to collect 5 Golden Key (every appearing such symbol on the screen is added until five is reached) then have to choose doors where the key fit in and every good tries mean additional cash prizes.

Unfortunately, these features are poor very paying and because of this despite they very often triggered but can’t cause too much excitement (on the other hand at least they have fantastic, funny animations). This not too well rewarding attribute sadly spread to almost every other game functions and that’s a real problem at this game. Honestly, I was a little bit disappointed in this game because I’ve waited much more from this game in that area and however much I love its animations and pictorial solutions but this weak payout quality really ruins the overall experience for me.
valentin68 535 reviews
I will do a nice review for this slot “Ghost Pirates”, though in one or two respects it resembles many other NetEnt slots. The slot is good, viewed from several perspectives. First this is one of the few NetEnt slots where you can select and play 243 ways to win. The second good thing about it is that unlike most of the NetEnt slots, here the winnings are somewhat bigger. The minimum bet is only 25 cents (for 243 ways to win) and all major symbols here pay more than the total bet (for 3 of them). Even some of the minor symbols pay only for 2 aligned. It is true, sometimes wins are rare (you may have a single win even once in 5 spins) but because of the 243 ways of slot, you will almost always have more than one winning combination. This mean the total payouts will be large enough, of some 50-200 cents (for a bet of 25 cents).

The theme of the slot (that reminds of the sea pirates) is successful and is accompanied by a nice graphic look. However the music is missing and surely if it was present, this would have added to the general beauty of the game.

Still, the slot suffers in two respects. First (and this is classic in NetEnt casinos), although wins are great, here you have to play much (minimum 500 spins) to reach the announced return of 96 % of the slot. In the first 100-200 spins you will lose enough money to ask yourself whether or not to continue playing. The second negative aspect is that the Free Spins round is very difficult to trigger. It is necessary for the 3 Scatter symbols to fall on adjacent reels (playing with 243 ways to win) and this happens very, very rarely.

As I said, the theme, the graphics and the bigger than usual wins make this NetEnt slot better than the average. There are a few slots in NetEnt even better than this (e.g. “Aliens” or “Elements”) but it is worth playing here.
As mentioned above there are 2 problems:
1 . The Free spins round is very, very difficult to access.
2. Sometimes you can lose big before returning afloat.
Ghost Pirates video slot is another slot which presented to us from net entertainment, and i think this is old slot, but even so it has graphics which i like, and it has sounds which i am also like to listen.

Ghost pirates video slot has 243 lines on a board, and this is a clone of another 243 lines video slot from netent - victorious. I am love to play this slot, because apart from many others famous 243 line slots, it have no any stacked or expanding wilds, and this is means that payout for 5 of a kinds will be much more better than on many others 243 liners. Moreover, 5 of a kind best symbol will pay more than 100 x total bet, and for 243 liner this is very good, and always keep you interested to play this slot. Wilds also presented on this slot, but only on 2 3 4 reels, and can substitute for any symbol, including scatters, so get free spins or 5 scatters it is not the hardest job on this slot, 5 scatters pay you 50 x total bet and this is nice , because as i told, it is not so hard to get them. Free spins on this slot triggered by scatters, but you need to get them in accordance, i mean that to trigger free spins you need at least scatters or wilds on 1 2 3 reels, if you get scatters on 1 2 4 5 reels you will get nothing, take it in your mind. 15 free spins triggering by 3 scatters, 20 by 4 scatters, and finally 25 free spins for 5 scatters. Also all free spins has a nice 3 x multiplier, which of course gives you good chances to hit on free spins.

I think ghost pirates is amazing medium variance slot, and for me it is always a pleasure to play on it. I get 5 scatters both in free spins and on base game, and payouts on this slot is really great. You definitely should try this video slot.
Icymod 758 reviews
Ghost Pirates ehh! Sounds like NetEnt brought out the big cannons for this game. Fire at the ship hehe! Ghost Pirates is a slot full of options but holds the same with bets as with Hall of Gods or MG's Mega Moolah (bless those slots, yeah chips o plenty).

Whenever I play Ghost Pirates I always expect to make good wins out of them especially when it comes to putting the slot on 243 ways instead of the other 4 options of 3, 9, 27 or 81 ways. The betting is really small, for 243 ways the minimum is just a small $0.25 but with my nature to go big I like putting on 4 coins. You must be wondering why I put my bets on $1 instead of max bet for $1.25,'s because most wins are agreeable on this bet. Max betting on Ghost Pirates doesn't give me would be betting high for example, $25 a spin or something and expect to get almost nothing out of them. $1 is enough to win most of the time and when it comes to free spins they are much more. Below 243 ways like 3, 9, 27 or 81 ways the free spins are only worth 10 Free spins but for 243 ways (or way wins) 15 free spins are better! All of us can agree that all paylines are the best for when winning combinations and 5 more free spins for the feature on Ghost Pirates. To tell you the truth it is difficult sometimes to land these chest scatters because they need to be started on the left side making them as what we call "left to right" scatters. In my spins I kind of press the spin button then I stop it immediately then I repeat the process. That's how I get my free spins, usually, but not all the time it happens. I do it to maintain some timing for a spin to hopefully get good results or free spins that I've been wanted.

Expect a windfall of gratitude when the free spins hit, especially on 243 ways! Everything is 3x inside the free spins and payouts are much appreciated. I won $43.80 in one feature but got really lucky for $76 on another trigger! If you can be patient in this slot it can be very rewarding! A 9 out of 10 for Ghost Pirates! They should make up a slot called Ghost Dogs - The Howls of Night :D
After the success of all the Pirates of the Caribbean blockbusters, I'm sure the developers at Net Entertainment have been inspired by this to create a slot with a similar type of theme. They probably haven't been able to secure any license deals with Walt Disney. I believe they were behind those movies, and since they don't want to jeopardize their "family friendly" image they don't deal with casino developers.

That doesn't take away though that Net Entertainment doesn't have what it takes to produce a great pirates themed slot based without their permission or help. Not sure what it's based on, but perhaps it's the novel? Anyway enough about that, Ghost Pirates is a great slot which offers more betting options than any other slot I've dealt with in the past. You can manually select the number of paylines you want to play with. The following options are possible : 3, 9, 27, 81 and all the way up to 243 ways to win.

The size of your bet increases along the way when you up your number of paylines. The lowest bet size only €0.01 for each bet you place. If you play the 243 ways to win format then the lowest bet size is €0.25. My usual bet was €1 just like many other slots I've played.

Ghost Pirates is a slot that also looks very professional if we strictly speak about the design of the slot. Very slick with lots of innovative designed symbols you would expect in animated type of Pirates movie. The best paid symbols are that of Peggy Rotten and One Eyed Ed. The treasure chest is the scatter symbol, but you need to get 3 or more in succession to activate the free spins feature. This slot also has wild symbols on every reel.

I found myself winning a bit easily on this game with 20x, 30x bet size wins on a regular basis. I think I was probably just a bit too lucky. It took me lots of time to trigger the free spins bonus though since it seems more difficult to trigger.

However, once I managed to win 15 free spins with 3x multiplier right after the first spin I had 3 scatters again. That meant I had 29 free spins now, and I just knew I had to win big during that session or else it would have been a huge disappointment. I kept playing and thanks a lot of five of a kinds, albeit not the best paying symbols, I managed to win 280x bet size.

I'm surprised I haven't played this slot as much as I liked too. Probably because I just realized that I got very lucky and the potential isn't all that.

My final rating for Ghost Pirates is 8/10.

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