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Frankenstein Slot

Face your fears in Frankenstein, a video slot bound to invoke fear into the hearts of many a gambler. Inspired by the Mary Shelley novel, Frankenstein offers the bravest of players the chance to win big. See how it works by playing for free on our website. If you wish to play for real money, just sign up at any of the listed NetEnt casinos.

Use the left and right arrows by Coin Value to select the appropriate coin denomination. Press the left and right arrows by Lines if you wish to adjust the number of active paylines. Use the buttons by Level to adjust the number of coins wagered per line. Click the circular arrow button to spin, or use Max Bet to play with 10 coins on all 20 lines. Press Autoplay if you wish to play without any interruption between spins.

In Frankenstein, your primary goal is to enter the feature and milk all the cash you can out of it. All you need to do to enter the feature is get three or more scattered windmills. Get additional spins with just two windmills during the spins. During the spins, a multiplier icon may appear on the fifth reel and boost your subsequent wins. The game helps you even more by giving you linked wilds, which appear as lightning in the main game and fire in the free spins, and transform nearby symbols into wilds, as well.

Game Play

Coin Value: Change the coin denomination.
Lines: Select the number of active paylines.
Level: Pick the number of coins wagered on each line.
Circular arrow button: Spin at the chosen bet.
Max Bet: Spin at a bet of 10 coins on all 20 lines.
Autoplay: Spin without interruption.

Frankenstein Slot Reviews by Players


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LeoDubbed 148 reviews
If you ask a random person about Frankenstein, 90% chance they will refer it to the monster and not the doctor. This is a common issue that the people only remember the monster but not the creator of the monster. Dracula is another example, when people hear the word Dracula they will think of a person with fangs and bats while that's actually vampires.

Frankenstein is one of my favorite NetEnt game, I've been playing this game for a long time. I love the electric thingy feature that causing of wild symbols appearing on other reels.
There were some dead game sessions, yes that is possible because I had a few in the past. I lost a few hundreds of euros playing this game, simply because I was convinced that the game would evetually pay my losses back but unfortunately that was not the case. After that big loss I took a break of playing this game because it was kinda frustrating when something didn't went as I expected but I think you know what I'm talking about.

Weeks has passed and I've played several games and won just a few tenners and suddenly I had the urge to play Frankenstein again, probably that was Lady Luck who whispered me in the ear to play the game and so I did.
In the end I managed to cash out €500 and the big part of it was by playing Frankenstein but I couldn't recall how much.
The windmill symbols or scatters are the hardest symbols to get but when you win those symbols, the chance of winning big is almost presence.
3 or more scatters triggers the free spins feature and 2 or more in the free spins feature adds more free spins. There's not much games has this kinda feature and this is what I most like about the game.

I do remember that some casinos have removed the game from their list, I do not know what the reason was but I wasn't very happy about it but there's nothing you can do.
Despite my losses from my earlier sessions I still love this game till today.
At some casinos this game is no longer avaliable, dead game sessions possibility.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
In association with Universal Studios, NetEnt launched this Frankenstein slot. Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus, is a novel written by M. Shelley that tells a story of a young science student, Viktor Frankenstein, who created a creature in experiment. The first edition of this story was published anonymously in London in 1818. I did watched this horror movie, got a little horrified by it, and certainly not on my list of watchable movies. I don't watch such horror movies anymore either. This slot was released in cooperation with Universal Studios back in 2011. I would say it's an old story a long time ago, but this game is rather popular with players.

It's a 5-reels, 20-paylines slot. You can also find similar Frankenstein slots from different game providers, but for me, this one is the best one you can come across, with a decent paytable and a maximum win of 1500 coins for its highest paying symbol. The symbols include The Monster, Fritz, Dr.Frankenstein, and The Brain. The monster is the most valuable symbol which could bring you that maximum win. This slot has some really and exciting features, of which are Linked Wilds, which would spread across the reels turning two or more nearby symbols into Wild symbols, and a Lightning Wild, which truly rocks when appearing on reels 2, 3 and 4 in the base game, substituting for all symbols except for the Scatter symbol. It looks like a 'big bang' when it appears on the reels. Another feature is a Fire Wild, which is guaranteed to appear with each free spin in the Free Spins games, and appears only on reel 2, 3 or 4, substituting for all symbols except for the Scatter and the Multiplier symbols.

3 or more Scatter symbols activate 10 free Spins, more free spins can be retriggered whenever 2 Scatters appear on the reels, awarding additional 5 free spins. 3 Scatters would award additional 10 free Spins. A Multiplier symbol can appear on reel 5, and once the 5x multiplier is reached, it disappears. The last time I played this game, I didn't manage to trigger any Free Spins game, which was very disappointing for me. No matter, even though I really don't like horror themed games, I will play this game again in the future.
Frankenstein it is universal Netent game, which means that it is made by movie. Slot is very addictive due to interesting freespins feature, but it is really required to know when to say stop, because it can show you it secret ability to steal all money you have on balance.

I like how this game looks. It looks really good. Even that it is not new game, I am still like animations and sounds. And of course wilds animations, it is great one.

I like payouts in this game. It is not so huge to be excited, but still, best 5 of a kind could pay more than 100 bets I guess, and with wilds you can get double or probably even triple line.

I like wilds feature in normal play. It called lightning wilds. Wilds appear only on middle reels 2 3 4. When wild appear, it start to make new wilds, not sure about how much one wild could produce extra wilds, once I saw it make 3 wilds. But usually it make only 2 extra wilds. But in theory it is possible to get 3 middle reels full of wilds.

I like freespins feature. It is start when 3 or more scatters land on reels. I did not like that there is no difference between 3 or 5 scatters, no payouts for it, and no more freespins. Initial award is 10 freespins. On reel 5 placed special symbol which increase multiplier each time it land, up to 5x. Also there is another wilds - fire wilds. It works a bit different, but for me it is same wilds. They land only on middle reels, and most times add two more wilds. And very sweet thing - two scatters add 5 freespins more, and 3 scatters add 10 freespins more. Not so hard to retrigger.

I never had huge wins in this game. And never go in feature far to see x4 or x5 multiplier. I had plenty of 50 bets or so wins in normal game, and couple more than 100 bets feature. But I played this slot a lot, and it is not so often that feature pay me good. I rate this game with 9 stars.
I took one star from this game because of hard way to trigger feature. 3 scatters seems to appear very rare.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Frankenstein is a slot game from NetEnt which for a theme has the same named movie. There are a lot of slots around the industry with the same name but I think this is one of the best there is. The graphic is good and it has some really good animations. The symbols are a bit simple but overall this slot is really fun to play and you can have some big wins here.

The paytable is descent and Frankenstein has the biggest payout with 1500 coins followed by the doctor with 1200 coins. This isn’t something much but base play wins are often and you can sometimes get nice 30 - 50 x bet wins. The main feature which makes the game interesting to play is the lightning wild. Whenever it lands on a reel it can turn several positions wild. Sometimes you get 2 wilds and considering that they land only on reels 2, 3 and 4 you can have the central reels full of wilds and a great payout. I had a win of over 100 x bet only once in this game with maybe 6-7 wilds and Frankenstein and the doctor on the first and last reels.

This game also has a free spins bonus and it is triggered when you get 3 scatters on the reels. You get 10 free spins and in the free spins 2 scatters give you 5 spins plus and 3 scatters another 10 free spins. This happens often in the bonus so you can have a big number of free spins. The main feature in the game is the multiplier which can go up to x 5 and the fire wild which comes in each spin on reels 2, 3 or 4.

I played this game a lot in Mr.Green on the tournaments and had some big wins here. My biggest win was almost 300 x bet on a 1 euro bet when I got extra 10 free spins and got the x 4 multiplier very fast. I played 13 or 14 free spins on a x 4 multiplier and it really paid great.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
NetEnt have made a lot of dodgy games in recent times, and I’m on something of a mission to come on here to AskGamblers and tell all my fellow gamers just how terrible they are and why they shouldn’t waste their time and energy pouring hard earned money into these scandalous money grabbing pieces of filth. This wasn’t always the case though – at one point NetEnt were creating games that were really fun and enjoyable, and whilst its unlikely to be the one to make you rich, Frankenstein is just such a title.

The game has a very high RTP, so you might find some casinos won’t let you play this one with bonus funds. If it’s not on the excluded list though this is a great choice for “grinding” your winnings if you’ve had a massive hit and want to retain as much of your winnings as possible whilst making your way through a remaining wagering requirement.

There are some ok-ish wins in the base game, with the picture symbols being much, much higher rated than the card (AKQJ etc) symbols. Of course the real exciting thing are the “electrifying” wilds, sadly they only appear on the middle three reels but whenever one lands it will randomly expand on toup to three other adjacent reel positions, and this can result in some truly fantastic wins, even in the base game, if you are lucky enough to land one on reels 2, 3 and 4 simultaneously.

As ever the real action is in the bonus game, sadly I do find this to be really very hard to hit in this game… I’d say it has a lower than average trigger frequency and there is no payout for getting two scatter symbols (in the base game), so they can be a real nuisance if you end up hitting two very often with the scatter symbol blocking other possible winning lines.

Once you do get into the bonus game though, you are guaranteed a wild symbol on at least one reel 2, 3 or 4, on every single spin. Retriggers are also possible – you get an extra five spins for two scatters whilst in the feature, or ten extra spins for three or more. Better yet, there is a multiplier symbol added to the reels during the feature as well that can appear repeatedly until you reach the maximum of 5x.

I’ve only ever had one “mega” feature round on this, where I’ve had multiple retriggers plus reached the maximum 5x multiplier combined with a whole bunch of the expanding wilds and all the rest of it, and I have to say I was a little disappointed with the final out come which was in the region of around 700x my bet – I know people will say that’s a GREAT win for this game, but you know it just looked completely amazing at the time with all this big combinations dropping and I must have had a total of around 30 or so free spins as well. I hope to see something even better one day.
The only good thing about this game is the wilds. Whenever you get a wild it fires out a couple of more wilds which may give you a good win. May is the most important word in that sentence, because most of the times you win less than a euro.
What can I say about the Frankenstein slot powered by NetEnt, except that it is a monster. They have combined parts of other games to create this one, and my god did they fail. Instead of a cool game, they got this monster with its horrible looks and tiny pays. There are ridiculous amount of Frankenstein movies, cartoon and games out there, and they had to pick this pictures? C'mon guys. I actually get pissed off when I see some of the pictures that is why I only play it for a short while and then move on. These days I actually avoid it and am pretty happy that I do that.

The feature in this game is triggered when you get 3 or more windmills. I never, ever got the free spins and by now to me they are like an ancient legend or a myth that does not really exist. I must have got two bonus symbols a thousand times by now, but the third one never comes out. I have tried playing on bigger bets and that did not help either. Double tapping did not help either and I ran out of options of what to do next.

On some occasions I got three wilds on the reels which fired out tones more. On a bet of €0.20 I won around €6, which is basically nothing. It is crazy the way the pays are so small and my only thought is that the free spins could have a bigger multiplier. I any case I might be wrong but the game is still horrible. I would never recommend it and my rating is 1 out of 10.
paquito76 867 reviews
I know am in the minority here with my opinion but I don’t really like how this slot looks like. Knowing well what NetEnt capable of creating fantastic looking slots, in my opinion this product is not one of them. The graphics are just OK and even if these comics like presentations are not my preferred style but I think NetEnt could have done a better job to make the appearance of the game more attractive and impressive. I don’t really like the wrongly chosen used colors and even the symbols should be more seductive regardless what they illustrate. I also miss a great background music which I think would fit the game very well and it’s a surprise for me the NetEnt didn’t take attention of it at all. Personally, this is not that visual product what I expected previously so it became a massive disappointment for me.

Fortunately, the slot has got other parts that have the ability to compensate me and it all starts with the great Wild symbols.This Lightning Wild icon appears only on the three middle reels but when it appears there it may turn into Wild two or more other icons on the table close to it and if we consider to get 2 Wilds on the reels and they transform other 5 or 6 symbols into Wilds, so with that many substituting emblems on the screen we’ve got a pretty good chance for a nice win and it just getting better during free games where it not just more frequently appears but we guaranteed get at least one Wild on the reels for every spin but if it wasn’t enough the 10 free games are played with a possible additional multiplier which may come along replacing one of the symbols on the last reels and giving x2-x5 multiplier to wins.

I guess we can safely say that this Wild symbol is the heart and soul of the game and all success we can get here is mainly depends on the appearing frequency of this symbol. Perhaps it’s not surprise that the slot doesn’t offer other side games or the Wild and Scatter haven’t got own paying ability or the best paying 5 of a kind win pays just 1500 coins but generally the base game still can be effective in money wise aspect because of the potential lot of Wilds on the reels at the end of a spin.

Maybe this slot is not that feature rich slot than others in this platform but with right settings this slot also can be profitable at times but for me the relative poor appearance quality really ruins the game and sometimes after just some spins the interface becomes boring and I feel I have to switch to a more captivating game so for me this slot can’t be added to the category where the real top games are even if the game segment deserves and is very close to be mentioned in one sentence among the best.
Frankenstein is a good slot game developed by Net Entertainment. The slot is themed on the famous monster created by the Dr. Frankenstein. The good color combination of blue and black is used and the thrill of the monster is retained in the slot. It is a 5 reel and 20 play lines slot. The slot does not have any bonus feature which biggest drawback for such a good slot.

The slot begins with displaying the line in association with universal. As I mentioned there are no special features in the slot. The innovation can be seen in the wilds of the slot. In total three types of wilds are used in the slot that is lightning wild, fire wild and linked wild. The lightning wild and the linked wild are the part of main game while the fire wild occurs only during free spins. In linked wild it spreads across the reels turning two or more symbols into wild. Lightning wild occurs on 2, 3, 4 reel which is a regular wild as in other slots. The fire wild only happens in the free spins and it guaranteed occurs on every free spin. The linked wild feature I had seen for the first time and it turns non wining spins to wining ones. Now comes the free spin bonus round which is very hard to trigger. It activates when 3+ scatter symbols occur on the reels and 10 free spins can be rewarded. The feature can also be retriggered but the beat part is that it can be retriggered when only two scatter symbol appear on the reels and 5 extra free spins are awarded then.

The slot is a bit boring to play. I even did not manage any good win because I could not trigger the free spin feature somewhat that I earned was due lightning wild. I would rate the slot as 7/10.
yapro 790 reviews
Frankenstein video slot was made by net entertainment, net entertainment buy license from Universal studios to do slot with this character, because all right for this characters belong to Universal, so i think net entertainment was not able to do bad slot, because they already spent some money for this license, and this is make no sense, to buy license and make bad slots, so you can wait original characters here and some cool stuff playing this game.

Frankenstein has 20 paylines. The game well made and i like how it look, a lot of dark colors just add to game some charm and atmosphere of movie. In base game slot have electric wilds, which can add more wilds when appear, in theory almost all places on reels can be in wilds, but best i ever see was something like 6 wilds on reel, and my win was x 120 in base game, this is my biggest win. Free spins can be awarded for 3+ scatters, pity information - scatters have no payout on this game, i did not like such things. Free spins are rare on this game, in my experience you need 150-200 spins to hit it, or probably i was just unlucky. In free spins is possible to increase multiplier, up to x5. Multiplier grow every time on 5 reel appear multiplier symbol, but in 30+ features that i had i never achieve x5, best i had was x3, so did not think that it is easy to get it. Also free spins can be retriggered by two scatters only, which add +5 free spins, but they almost not appear during free spins, so not so easy here too.

Game has medium variance, and can pay good, in freespins with fire wilds. Base game is hard to win big, if only a lot of wilds appear, but i never see many wilds like i already said. Good game and i will play again.
This video slot from NetEnt is very very good in my opinion and I will try to explain why I am saying this! First of all,it has a very nice and interesting theme,good graphics and characters that makes me very happy when I am playing this slot!

Also this slot game introduces a new feature called Linked Wilds that its very awesome in my opinion!This feature appear in both main game and also in free spins feature and spread to more adjacent symbols giving more chances to additional big wins!

This is a 5 reels slot with 3 rows and 20 paylines with wild symbols and free spins feature that its triggered when you catch 3 or more windmill symbols.

I tried this slot at unibet casino and I was very happy with this slot even if I made a deposit of 15 euro and I didn’t managed to withdraw some money from this slot!
I catch the free spins 3 or 4 times and the biggest win was 18 euro with a bet of only 0.20 euro because this is the bet that I am usually playing with! The Linked Wilds feature bring me 8 euro and I think its pretty good because on other slots you wont take this money on the free spins feature!

I would like to rate this NetEnt slot and I will give a 9 for the graphics,theme and sounds!Also the nice features like Linked Wilds and the free spins deserve another 9!About the payout rate I cant say many things because I played only with 15 euro and on the minimum bet but I think it could be played if you have a bonus to wager!
Overall it was a nice experience and I will play again this slot game to have fun and maybe this time to win something.
Frankenstein slot is another one good slot which created by famous, cool, amazing company which have name net entertainment. For those who does not read my others review, of who does not know, net entertainment is Swedish company who create software for casino, and meanwhile this is very popular software, and a lot of gamblers love to play their slots.

Frankenstein video slot was created long time ago, so you can not wait nice graphic or sounds , but i am found them not so bad, and i have no feeling that this is outdated slot when i play it. I like this machine, and definitely playing this from time to time, it is still interesting slot. This slot has 20 lines to deal with, and minimum bet on it is 20 penny. On this game we can see wilds, but this is very special wilds, because when they land, they can make some more wilds, i can not describe on English how this is correctly work, but believe me it is always interesting to play slot when every spin there is a chance to see many wilds. Unfortunately payouts not so big, so i think in this slot wins over 1000 x total bet is not possible, or chances is the same that you hit big jackpot. But this is still nice medium variance game, which also have free spins feature with increased multiplier, i am really sorry but i can not remember how exactly free spins work, but i am remember that i never had good free spins round on this slot...

As for total, this is good medium variance game, which can entertain you, but if you looking for adrenaline rush and very big wins, this slot is not your type.
Icymod 758 reviews
Frankenstein is a spookster of a slot. It wields 20 paylines and on my way here I am already content about what this slot can do. The things that catch my attention already are the linking wilds. Those are sexy! When a lightning rod, possibly galvanic, lands anywhere on Reels 2, 3 or 4 on any position it will spread on other symbols turning them wild as well. That thought is ridiculously good! Sometimes I hate it when this wild lands on the 4th or 5th reel turning only it's own reel wild or it doesn't spread enough to actually give me a collected win.

What I like to use for my plays on Frankenstein is $1.20 bets a spin. It's a bit high but worth it once I hit them free spins! It's notably worth most of my spins giving me usually over 3x my bets to less and sometimes the slot drives me to a point that the normal win is worth more with the assistance of linking wilds and high symbols. When that happens I would have $8+ wins. It is really vital to know where the linked wilds will spread because that is where the money lies, in the hands of it! It's crazy, wild and I have been entertained for so long because of these wilds! And on a more "bigger fish to fry" situation is that of the feature. It's big and really neat!

For 3 scattered Windmills, eerily with a red background (it looks dark and scary) it offers 10 Free spins with good chances to hit more free spins for just 2 more scattered Windmills for 5 free spins or 3 scatters for 10 more inside AND on the last reel the multiplier increases per step up all the way to 5x being the maximum when a yellow multiplier symbol lands there! Let the burning begin! Each free spin always has a burning wild that spreads just like the lightning wilds in the main game, only it's always guaranteed to appear in each spin! The windmill scatters gave out two more of 2 scatters to give me 10 more free spins and I collected a vast 4x multiplier before my 4 free spins ended dead. It was epic the way each multiplier that lands scattered more flames on the slot, more multipliers gets more flames spread across to totally make the entire slot look like it's on fire! The heat was intense! This blazing hot slot gave up $134.66 on my 20 Free spins!

I can't say this better myself this slot gets a 9.5 out of 10, mainly because of the free spins! It has been too good and I nearly caught myself on fire lol!
When I started to play Frankenstein video slot on the instant play casinos the net ent was a good opportunity to play without any downloading and they have really good slots. One of my favorite is the Frankenstein game.

When I started it first time I wasn’t know much information from it but I saw a lot winner screenshot from the other players’ game play so I wanted to try it. I had some money on my sporting bet account and I decided to try the video slot with the minimum bet which was 0.20 euro because the Frankenstein has 20 lines. This video slot has a good environment and the bonus features are amazing. I started with the minimum bet but later I played higher amounts. This game has a free spins feature, it don’t have bonus game but the wilds are worth more of any kind of bonus feature. When I get the wilds first I was shocked, I get one on the second reel and one on the fourth reel, those wilds are expanding wilds, it means them expanding in different ways on the reel with 1, or 2 sometimes more reel cell. So my first met with the Frankenstein wilds are brought me a big win because those wilds are expanded and fills out almost all the middle 3 reels and one wild was went on the last reel. With my small bet I won huge money above 25 euro.

The free spins are came out when 3 red mill appears on anywhere on the reels. It gives 10 free spins without multiplier but in the free games you can trigger bonus multipliers if you lucky enough to collect it, in the free spins the wilds are great but I didn’t get many times that feature and my maximum multiplier was 3 times but it was on my last spin.
The scary themed slot Frankenstein is a game I used to play very often at Redbet. Although the graphics are nothing spectacular, the title alone had enough attraction on me to try this game out more than a handful of times. Thanks to the license deals NetEnt has with a major film studios like Universal Studios, it's possible for us to play these type of branded games.

I do however think they could have done a better job in translating Frankenstein into a slot. The game itself has 20 paylines, 5 reels and the minimum bet is only €0.20. It does offer the option to quickspin in the base game. The symbols consist of the characters you would find in the comics and cartoons, such as the monster, Dr. Frankenstein, Fritz, the brain and several card symbols.

During the base game there are also expanding wilds available. If they land on a reel they could pick 2 extra symbols on the left or right to turn into a wild. This increases the chance to have a decent hit in base game. My biggest win in the base game was made possible by this, and was around 70x my bet size I believe.

The best part is, like at most slots, the free spins mode - which can be activated when you get 3 or more scatters. 2 scatters don't award anything though. Once you enter free spin mode, it's easy to add extra spins when 2 or more scatters land on the reels. 5 or 10 free spins get added depending on the number of scatters.

During free spins the multiplier can increase up to 5x, while random symbols turn into a wild before each spin takes place. It's definitely one of the more exciting bonus games, and I had a few fruitful sessions. My biggest wins on Frankenstein during free spins is 200x my bet size, thanks to the wilds and hitting one of the best symbols.

My final rating for Frankenstein is a 7.8/10

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