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Step into the unknown with Fortune Teller, a mesmerising video slot from NetEnt. With 30 paylines of action and unique features waiting to be won, who knows what the fates have in store for you? You can give this exciting video slot a try on our website for free. If you want to play for real money, sign up at any NetEnt casino to get started.

Begin by selecting your bet. Press Coin Value to adjust how much each coin is worth. Available denominations range from 0.01 to 0.50. Next, press Bet Level to change how many coins you wager on every line. Click Bet Lines if you want to play fewer than the maximum 30 lines. Hit the circular arrow button to begin playing, or use the Max Bet button to spin with a bet of 4 coins on every line.

Fortune Teller gives you plenty of opportunities to walk out of this experience as a winner. Wild seeing hands make getting line wins easy, and five of them on a single line awards you with a massive 7,500x your line bet. Get 3 or more scattered crystal balls to win free spins and reap the rewards of your future. Finally, if you get 3 Bonus fortune tellers on any payline's first three reels, prepare to see what this mysterious woman has in store for you. With its intriguing atmosphere and great chances to score, Fortune Teller is a winner.

Game Play

Coin Value: Change your coin denomination.
Bet Level: Adjust the bet per line.
Bet Lines: Choose how many paylines to activate.
Circular arrow button: Spin with the chosen bet.
Max Bet: Spin with a bet of 4 coins on all 30 lines.

Fortune Teller Slot Reviews by Players


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Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
There are many slots with 'fortune tellers' and I just saw that you can play a game with exactly the same name from at least 5 different software providers. This is a 5-reels 30-paylines video slot, playable from 0.30 cents bet per spin. If you wanna play, bear in mind that you don't need a fortune teller to tell you how to spin it, or the final outcome. Many of us wish we could know what the future would bring, but that wouldn't be fun at all if we could know everything. Slots are unpredictable and are fun to play. I had a few winning combinations on minimum bets. There was one time I made a 4 Euros win on minimum bet. There was also a time when 3 times 3 Bonus symbols had appeared on the reels, but they weren't on any winning payline, so I couldn't get any of the Bonus game experience.

The graphics and animations are extremely poor, and so is the paytable. I was very disappointed when I looked at the paytable. The most valuable symbol pay only 500 coins for collecting 5 of them, but 5 Wilds on any active payline would pay a nice 7500 coins win. The Wild substitute for all except for the Bonus and the Scatter symbols.

If 2 Scatter symbols appear on any active payline, they will award you with a 2x bet win, while 5 of them will pay you 100x bet win. 3 Scatters trigger a Free Spins game and you can get 12 free spins with all wins tripled. It's possible to win additional free spins. There's a Bonus Round too, which seems hard to trigger. You need to collect 3 Bonus symbols on the first 3 reels in order to trigger this feature. In the bonus game, you need to pick cards to win cash rewards, but pick a 'death' card and the picking ends. This slot was fun to play but the paytable looks so terrible, so I will not play it again in the future.
blondie 1074 reviews
Fortune Teller is one of my latest discoveries from Netent software. This game isn't new, but for some reason I hadn't tried it before until recently. I didn't now anything about this game, but from the name I was expecting there to be some magical themed symbols and I was right. This slot is based on fortune teller theme and you can see black cats, crystal balls, cards and other things that will remind you of magic. I am a fan of these things but I have to say the design was too much for my taste. All symbols are bright and colorful and it's hard to differ them.

First thing I noticed that this game was technically similar to Bloodsuckers slot- it has both free spins and a bonus round and the bonus round also is a pick bonus. I had a bankroll of 40€ and I played this game with minimum bets, which are 0.30€ since it is a 5 reel 30 payline game. It took me about 100 spins to trigger first bonus round, which was free spins. For 3 scatters placed anywhere I got 12 free spins with 3x multiplier. I won around 6€ and that was kind of upsetting amount for such bets.

Then I got the bonus round as well, and I liked the way it was made. There you have to choose cards, there are 3 levels of them. In first level all cards hold coin winnings, on second 2 give coin winnings and 2 end your bonus and on the last level one card ends your game and the other awards with coins. In my first bonus round I won only 0.40€ and it was really low. In my session I managed to get 1 more free spins round, which paid 30x bet, and 3 bonus rounds. The thing that irritates me is when it comes to the bonus round, you may never know how much you'll win. Sometimes the cards hold higher coin wins, so once I won 10€, but sometimes it gives really peanut winnings, my lowest win was 0.20€.

Overall I don't really like this game to be honest. The design seems little forced, in base game I couldn't get any higher win than 30x bet and overall I didn't get winnings over 40x bet. Bonus rounds weren't too hard to trigger yet they had low payouts. I managed to lose almost all my balance and got a little dizzy after playing this game so I won't be playing it more.
katemak 1162 reviews
Fortune Teller is one of the oldest slots from Netent software, which I tried it by accident, I click that game button instead other game, so that was my first play. I played it few times more, but as for the winnings can’t say I got something spectacular, because seeing it payouts it doesn't pay that much, maybe nice game for wagering bonuses but don't expect too much from it.

Fortune Teller is a 5 reel with 30 pay lines video slot with minimum bet from 0.30 cents, which is another cheaper game can be played, but honestly the graphic is a bit out dated so I doubt that many players try or play this game. There is a bonus game in this slot, which is another thumb down for it, just because there is absolutely nothing you can win on it.

There are three row cards which you need to pick and every prize there are cash ones, so picking the death card, the bonus game will finish, so yes basically you can’t win something from it, because the prizes are really tiny. Maybe the good thing is that every reel has wild and there is a free spins round, so triggering 2 scatter symbols anywhere on the reels the bet will be doubled, but when triggered 3 of them will award you with 12 free spins, the free spins can be re triggered and the winnings from it are multiplied X 3.

I tried this game, with minimum bet of only 0.30 euros played around 70 spins and it only eat my balance, giving me also free spins feature, winning only 2.50 euros, yeah what a wonderful win I would say. So trying this game, but only few times I must say this is definitely not my kind of slot I would play and spend my money on it, I still preferred the newer ones from this software, which much better graphics and better payout.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Fortune Teller is an older 30 payline, 5 reel slot coming from NetEnt. These slots were one of the main reasons why I didn’t play NetEnt slots before. It is almost impossible to win here. The graphic and animations are poor and the game doesn’t offer anything interesting to keep you occupied.

The paytable is incredibly poor with the highest paying symbol awarding a win of only 500 coins. Usually when I see a paytable like that I expect a superb bonus game or wild symbol multipliers but that’s not the case here. 5 wilds have a payout of 7500 coins on a winning payline which is not too big and no multiplier or expanding function. The scatters have a payout attached with 2 of them awarding a 2 x bet win and 5 of them awarding 100 x bet win.

At least 3 scatters trigger the free spins bonus game and you get 12 free spins with all prizes tripled. The number of free spins is the same for 4 and 5 scatter symbols and the free spins can be retriggered. This game also has a cash bonus which awards very low payouts. It is triggered when you get at least 3 bonus symbols on the first 3 reel on a winning payline. Here you have 3 rows of cards and you get one pick in one row. The bonus ends when you pick the death card which is in the second or third row which is ridiculous because sometimes you win only 10 coins. Hardly worth the time for playing the bonus round.

I have no idea why anyone would play this game when it is impossible to win here. Base play wins are small to medium because you get a descent number of wilds but most of the time you drop in balance. The bonus rounds are terrible with average wins of only 20-30 x bet.
Fortune teller slot has real interesting symbols. The symbols in the slot justifies the theme truly. As it is an old slot game it lack in graphics and animation and even the sound effect are too ordinary.

I found that slot gives good returns at higher bets thus I kept the bet mostly at $0.90. Amazingly I triggered the free spin feature right in the second spin I made. It was triggered when three scatter symbols appeared on the reels and I was awarded with 12 free spins. I made 521 coins from the free spin feature.

There is also a bonus game in the slot which is triggered when 3 or more bonus symbols appear on the reels. In the bonus game you have to pick a card from the 5 cards presented in the first line of cards. Then a card from the second line of cards which contain four cards and then finally from the third line of cards which contain just two cards. I triggered this feature twice. But I made only 60 coins in the first time and 300 coins in the second time. The wild can substitute any symbol except the bonus symbol and the scatter. It also the highest payout symbol which returns 7500 coins when you hit the 5 symbols on an activate play line. The bonus game can be triggered in the free spins also.I triggered the free spin feature twice. The second time I made whooping 2346 coins.

he slot has good returns and it is recommended for any classic slot lover. But I am a bit concerned about animation and graphics. So I did compromise in that aspect of the slot. But overall if any slot has good returns I do like it. I would rate the slot 9 on 10.
yapro 790 reviews
Fortune teller it is another one old net entertainment game, which have nothing different from other their old games except few things, and like all this game reels spin quite slow, and i just need option to enable quick spin, because it is boring to wait few seconds till all reels stop to spin.

This game has 30 paylines, and so minimum bet at this game a bit high - 0.30$ per spin. Like at most older games from net entertainment, here only wilds and scatters can pay some decent money, and of course i never hit any decent money on this game, or other old games. 5 wilds here pay something like x 250 total bet, and i think you agree with me that it is not that payout about which you dream all life. 5 scatters pay 200 x total bet and 12 free spins with tripled prizes, so it is hard to make free spins feature with win more than 1000 x total bet, and for me it is boring, i like when at least there is very little, but a chance that i score really big, but here i did not have even this little chance. bonus game that triggered by 3+ symbols on active payline is also very boring, typical pick bonus, i never won more than 10 x total bet at this bonus round, so i can say that it is of course useless, 10 x total bet is boring thing, and i hate to trigger bonus game here, since it is not possible to win decent money on it. My best result in base game and free spins is less than 50x total bet, and this is just not interesting for me.

Low variance game, which in 99% cases will not pay anything decent, from other side it is also did not take all money fast, so probably if you need to clear bonus, this game can suit good in this goal.
Icymod 758 reviews
Fortune Teller is a very satisfying 30 paylines video slot provided by NetEnt that I like to play occasionally. It is the theme of gypsies predicting the future and how often Wild palms with eyes on them would come forward frequently! There is also one other reason why I like Fortune Teller, it is due to the fact that I too are a superstitious individual! It calls me towards this slot to take up my chance for winnings.

When paying out in the main game, Fortune Teller can produce amounts just above the $3 range, it is because wilds are just often appearing as in the MG slot Moonshine. They give out the best advantage when making some earnings. But the one thing however I displease of about Fortune Teller is the Tarot Card bonus. There will be three rows and each time I would pick a card there will be a low to high amount before proceeding to the next row. I find myself always ending the bonus on the second row, I rarely make it to the third.

The lowest on my $1.20 triggering bet is $0.40 in one card and I can't believe at times an opportunity like winning $20 or $16 in the first or second row were passed up. Now if I had to narrow out something better in terms of bonuses there is one bonus that would kill this Tarot card bonus and that will be the bonus inside the MG slot Gypsy Queen! How can I argue with cards that have "Pick again" with a very good payout? Now to compensate the lack of winnings on a frequent basis in the bonus on Fortune Teller they offer also free spins of 12 at 3x! It can be great as I made $94 in winnings from finding 5 black cats under a 3x during free spins. The 5 cats gave me $20.....tripled while the other medium wins fell into place as the remaining free spins played out.

I definitely would play this again and recommend this to anyone that appreciates the scene of fortune tellers and card predictions. On another note Fortune Teller kicks gambling @s* so take that Blood suckers slot! My rating on Fortune Teller gives a 7.8 out of 10!
Fortune Teller is one of the older Net Entertainment slots which is still played a lot by many people. I've had the pleasure to try this slot for real money a couple of times. The game is based on gypsies and the symbols resemble everything you would find at a fortune teller.

This includes a lot of cards, bowls, black cats, ponies and the one-eyed hand. This game is suited for high rollers as well, since they can bet up to 60 euros each spin. I'm by no means a high budget player though, and when I tried this game I kept it limited to €0.90 bets.

Fortune Teller has 30 paylines, 5 reels and two exciting second-level features to look forward to. The bonus symbol is that of a female fortune teller holding cards in her hand. If these appear on a payline at the first 3 reels, then the bonus game is activated.

This bonus game has disappointed me most of the time though. The cards are positioned in a pyramid form, and from 3 rows you have to pick cards starting from the bottom row. Each card reveals a prize, but if you pick the wrong card then the game stops.

I had way too many bonus games winning only a fraction of my bet size, which is not only annoying but also a bit shameful.

Luckily I had better experiences with the base game, where I won 60x or 80x my bet size several times. Each reel has wild symbols as well, which helped me achieve these wins. The best thing that happened to me was in free spins mode though. 3 or more scatters award 12 free spins on this game with a 3x multiplier.

During free spins I managed to have four of kind many times, helped by the wild symbols. During one session I won like 425x my bet size. So I do have fond memories of this game, but most of the time the free spins only reward like 20x bet size on average.

My final rating for Fortune Teller is 6.5/10.

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