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Evolution Slot

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Go back into prehistory in Evolution, a captivating five-reel video slot from NetEnt. As ancient organisms transform, you can rake in the cash. See all that Evolution has to offer by playing for free on this page, or play for your chance to win real money at any of the NetEnt casinos we have listed below.

When you first load Evolution, decide how much you want to bet. You can do this with the “Coin Level” meter on the bottom-left. Each increase boosts your total bet by 25 coins. If you want to adjust your base coin denomination, use the arrows beside “Coin Value” on the bottom-right. Start by pushing the circular arrow button in the middle, or push “Max Bet” to spin with a coin level of 10. If you want to spin several times in a row, use the “Au­top­lay­” function.

In the main game, your goal is to get matching symbols from the leftmost reel to the right along any of the game's 25 paylines. Wild symbols increase your odds of getting winning hits. To enter the game's generous free spins feature, get three or more scattered Free Spin symbols anywhere on the reels. During this feature, winning combinations will evolve to the next highest-paying symbol. Even the lowest of symbol hits can turn into big wins.

Game Play

Coin Level: Change the number of coins wagered per line.
Coin Value: Adjust the base coin denomination.
Circular arrow button: Spin at the selected bet.
Max Bet: Play at the maximum coin level of 10.
Autoplay: Spin several times in a row without pauses.

Evolution Slot Reviews by Players


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Evolution slot by NetEnt looks awesome in it's appeareance. When it was released I was eager to give it a try and so far I remember I wasn't the only one, many fellow forum members followed by an example that whenever an active member posting screenshots of the game that is newest addition to the AskGamblers website, we also want to share a piece of cake and see what is it all about. Unfortunatelly, Evolution turned out to be a big big disapponintment. This game luck on massive payouts and it can pay peanuts. Awesome in it's appearance but sadly there is nothing up to grab or hunt here. It was true refreshment seeing evolution themed slot but aside it's appearance it a disappointment big time.

The highest paying symbol ( looks like a fox to me ) has payout of only 500 coins if you collect fove of it's kind . Wild symbol appears on the reels, 2, 3,4 and 5 and it substitute for all except for the Free Spin symbol. 3 or more free spin symbols appearing anywhere on the reels will start Free Spin game. You can trigger between 10 and 20 free spins. In free spins round symbols will transform each time they are part of winning combination. As I haven't even came close to this slot for a long time I can't remember my biggest win. I haven't played it much but I certainly deposited some money in order to enjoy this awesome game. Luckily winning combination with scatter will make you some descent wins . My hope goes out for the free spins feature and as you evolve trough game play highest paying symbols appears on your screen and they can make you some money. This game is worth your attention and considering as the video slot to try out.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
I give NetEnt slots a lot of negative press sometimes, especially on the forums and when writing reviews here at AskGambler, mainly because so many of them lack the massive payout potential that attracts me to playing on-line slots in the first place - these games often seem to be targetted more towards clearing a wagering requirement with minimum profit rather than actually delivering a decent win. Evolution isn't massively different, but is certainly capable of a few decent wins sometimes! Just playing a hundred spins to remind myself of the games features I hit two bonus rounds both paying over 100x stake, which isn't too bad but requires you to be risking a relatively big bet size in order to return a large win in money terms.

The games best asset has to be the evolution themed free spins round, where the games symbols will transform (or "evolve", if you will) each time they form part of a winning combination. After a couple of winning combinations the higher value symbols become more and more common on the reels and towards the end of the feature it's not uncommon to get at least a couple of big paying lines on every single spin.

The graphics in the game are very fitting with the Evolution theme with the reel symbols bobbing around as if they are floating in water, and the cell like TJQKA symbols morphing into the creature symbols really is a touch of genious from NetEnt.
The downside of the game is, as ever, the jackpot is set frustratingly low - the game states 44,000 coins, and compared to the millions of coin jackpot available from some of the headline Microgaming slots thats obviously very low indeed. Still, "Evolution" is a fun game and definitely worth a look.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Darwin's Theory of Evolution - The Premise Darwin's Theory of Evolution is the widely held notion that all life is related and has descended from a common ancestor: the birds and the bananas, the fishes and the flowers - all related. Darwin's general theory presumes the development of life from non-life and stresses a purely naturalistic ‘descent with modification’. That is, complex creatures evolve from more simplistic ancestors naturally over time. In a nutshell, as random genetic mutations occur within an organism's genetic code, the beneficial mutations are preserved because they aid survival - a process known as "natural selection." Now if you are wondering what Darwin’s theory has to do with this game, well, it seems obvious that evolution itself is the reason for many of the good things we are having on our planet nowadays, and it was most likely NetEnt’s inspiration to create this little ‘weird’ slot.

It’s a 5-reels, 20-paylines video slot, playable from as little as 0.25 cents bet per spin. It features a free spins game called Evolution Features, with a maximum possible win of 440,000 coins. What’s quite interesting in this slot is that all the reels spin upwards, not like how we are used to seeing them spin. This Evolution game is based underwater and has an amazing background, I must say, complete with relaxing sounds and enjoyable animations. The most exciting time for me was when I finally got my first Evolution Features free spins, activated by 3 Free Spins symbols, and getting 20 free spins. I finished that Free Spins game with a small 8 Euros win, which was not even worth mentioning.

It was very hard for me to trigger any Free Spins games, made worse by my limited bankroll, but last year, I had a blast of a time on this game and enjoyed them while they lasted. I had much fun and felt lots of jealousy when talking about this slot, because I could never afford to play it as much as I wished. In the meantime, whenever another new game comes out, I would run after it to give it a try, like most of us do.
The first thing that players fall into the eye, which are the creators of the game especially emphasized, is the historical background of this title. Besides the background of the game will serve to kill the boring everyday life in these autumn days, especially if you have a surplus of free time as I've had it while I was writing this review. When he asked me why I decided for this slot just to say its theme, slot machines, and later because of the visual effect that is on this game work one perfect imagination of its creator.

Intro for this game I like, because while it appears skip button you can see little critters in the water that can turn around and gives you an indication that you can start playing. At this NetEnt slot machine I started with stakes of 1.25 € per spin, which was enough for considering the € 120 that I possessed at that moment to Expect Casino. After 25 auto play spins on account I had € 137, after which I took an additional 25 auto play. After additional spins my account has increased by another 25 €, so I finished the game with € 162 in the account.

I like the animation in the game, and symbols that in some way reflect the development of life on earth. Here you'll find the simplest single-celled organisms like those a lot more complex, but all of them have in common only one thing, they will bring you joy and sorrow, regardless of form and appearance. I like this theme because I screwed like to explore in this area, I hope that you and Evolution Slot help to realize some of the things that you never knew existed. From my high score for graphic design and perfect sound throughout the whole game.
Evolution is great looking game made by NetEnt, which also can be very brutal and tight, and steal a lot of money from balance in a very short period of time. I have such bad playing many times, when I am opened game with good balance, but after few hundred spins I had zero on my balance.

I like look of this game. Dark colours and deep underwater it is a lot of pleasure. Also symbol characters drawn great. Sounds are nothing special and soundtrack is not great too.

I like freespins feature in this game. It is not very frequent triggering, but when it does - it is a lot of potential to good win there and also a lot of fun. Symbols in freespins evolving to better ones. It means that if you will get at least 3 of a kind of tens symbols, they will evolve one step higher to jacks, and so until aces. Also good paying symbols which is characters also evolving, to best paying. In case of good luck you could left with card regular symbols, and best paying character symbol - this is almost 100% guarantee of big hit.

I like that it is possible to win very good money on this game. I had a lot of more than 100 bets feature, about 2 - 3 more than 200 bets, and once I had about 450 bets feature. It was very solid, my symbols evolved to best paying very fast, and I am just enjoyed of big win each left freespin.

This game is great one, but I have few thumbs down too. So my mark will be 8 stars.
I did not like only one thing with this slot. It is normal play very low payouts. Get big win something like 100 bets possible only with 5 best paying symbols, or 5 scatters. Other payouts low, and if feature not triggered game steal money very fast.
katemak 1170 reviews
Looking at this game Evolution made by famous Netent software, for the first time when I saw it surely reminded me of the Elements The Awakening, they seem to similar to me, but as for payout I wouldn't say the same. I was expecting more from Evolution, but yet another game with low to medium variance paying game. Although you’ll be surprised just because during the base game the winnings come more often, as I would say, maybe good slot for wagering bonuses if you have attached with your deposit made.

As for the graphic's I think it’s superb, seeing all this evolved creatures as squirrels, piranhas, frogs and some others. I guess what every player looks forward to is the free spins feature, because there is a multiplier involved so we are hoping to trigger something good, at least X 100 our bet, but as for this game I can’t say that, because my best hit was only X 60 my bet stake. The free spins feature will be triggered if 3 scatters lend anywhere on the reels, so the player will get rewarded with 10 free spins, actually you could hit more scatters, that mean more free spins, but as for me never triggered more than 3 scatter symbols.

When the free spins starts the beauty in this game if a winning combination is triggered, then those symbols will vanish and replaced with more paying symbols giving you another chance to win, let’s hope something big. Well as for me I can’t say I have win something which I would be impressed, just because my biggest win from the free spins feature was only X 60 my bet. So to me this game seem like I can’t hit anything decent I guess, maybe a good game, but I think I will skip it in the future, actually long time since I didn't play this slot. My rate would be 6/10 just because of the graphics and the unique free spins feature.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Evolution is definitely one of the strangest slots I have seen from NetEnt. The game has a bit of a dark design and the theme is species evolution. The graphic is very good along with the animations but the background music is a bit dark and it doesn’t quite feel comfortable as you play the game. I have tried this slot a few times and I always turn off the music. Also the reels turn up instead of down like on other slots.

This slot has a very poor paytable. The highest paying symbol has a payout of only 500 coins and basically all of the symbols have really weird names. This game has a wild symbol which can appear on reels 2, 3, and 5 and substitutes for all other symbols except for the free spins symbol. The free spins symbol is the scatter of the game and at least 3 of them trigger the free spins bonus. An advantage in the game is that 2 scatters have the standard 2 x bet payout.

Depending on the number of scatters you get on the reels you can get 10, 15 or 20 free spins along with the standard scatter payout 4 x bet, 20 x bet and 100 x bet. So thanks to the scatter symbols you can expect more wins in the base game than in other slots with a similar paytable. The free spins bonus is not like the standard bonuses. Here after every win the symbols advance one level up in the evolution chain so the more wins you have in the start of the bonus in the last few spins you will have the highest paying symbols which award the biggest payout. This way if you are lucky to get a few 5 of a kind wins in the last few spins you are guaranteed a nice win.
I play this game from time to time but I can’t say that I like it too much. Base play wins are small and the only big wins come in the bonus game. Even here the most I have won is just a little over 100 x bet. Not a game I would play to win big.
Evolution slot is another great from Net entertainment, but probably this game just for not my favorite, because I am just lose many times in this game.

Evolution has 25 paylines, and the game looks good, nothing bad to says. Both sounds and animations are good and acceptable for me, but nothing really special here. Just another great looking game from Netent, probably they should mix their games, to impress me even more, because I am already think that slots should look awesome, and there can't be any other way.

Unfortunately (I am really saying this with sad) main game in evolution is very annoying, boring, sad. It is not interesting to play. 5 best symbols pays something like 20$ on min bet, and of course this is not what I am waiting from best paying symbols, and it is very mad to play this slot for a long time and did not get freespins. Balance just goes down, and you did not able to recover without freespins.

Freespins feature there is very special, if winning symbols appear, they evolve to better once. Two times or three I have only best left, payouts was good, about 300 x bet both times. But usually this game is just big disappoint for me, I am keep playing till freespins, since it is very logical that I want to recover, and then freespins feature pays very low.
I did not like that base game is very boring and can't give any good win. Sometimes evolution feature is terrible and did not pay anything decent, another reason for me to not list this slot as my favorite one. You can't imagine my feeling when I lost hundred or few hundred bucks playing this slot without feature, and when it finally started it pays almost nothing. Such things is terrible, hate this.
paquito76 867 reviews
Evolution is a very imaginative slot game from NetEnt and we can witness how the life developed in the Earth. Uncommonly the reels are spinning from bottom to top suggesting the first organisms are from the seas and basically the entire environment is placed in the deep water. The different stages of life are also noticeable at symbols as we can play with different kind of little animals from the pre-historian times and even the card elements are illustrated as little planktons. I like that the game also give out some real knowledge as the Latin names of the animals are readable on the paytable section. The graphics are very smooth and brings to the table the well-known NetEnt pictorial works and with the background image, the animations and background music this slot has a very pleasant look and create a tranquil atmosphere.

In my opinion the qualities of the game panel falls very short of expectation (at least I’ve hoped much more from this game) as neither the collectible cash prizes nor the features are among the better ones and going further I must say they are quite bad. Draconius Rex can be the most coveted figure here as 5 of them can give out the most what a line win can but this 500 times of line bet is not too persuasive. The Wild figure can appear only on the last 4 reels – I don’t understand why can’t it be on the first reel too – and unfortunately doesn’t pay any by own and also can’t multiply wins.

Free Spin symbol has the most correct quality which can compare other slots and has the ability to pay up to 100 times of total bet and if 3 such icon appears we get 10 free spins but it can be even 15 or 20, but that session really can’t give any plus as they are played with unchanged condition comparing them to normal spins.

Unfortunately, getting an entry to the bonus game is a multi-level task as the game can be triggered only from free spins so you have to have some luck to get there. There special winning combinations with animals leads to another wins and possible bigger prizes as the symbols step one on the evolution line and evolve to the next, closest symbols. It’s very interesting to see that kind of illustration of life evolving but somehow I don’t really a fan of it in a bonus secondary game.

I can’t help but I’ve got an ‘empty feeling’ when I’m playing this slot and always seems that something’s missing here. It’s not just because of the not so good features and poor paying ability but I don’t really feel that this game would be a good one and often it seems to be an unfinished business from the developer’s part. Graphically and from visualization aspect the slot is more than OK but problems are all around the other parts of the game and in my case they truly influence the overall playing experience badly and that’s why I’m not a fan of this game.
Evolution has good graphics and animation. The Net Ent provider mostly do not disappoint in this field. I really like the animation of the symbols in the reels wave in water. The idea behind the slot is of future animals and applaud to Net Ent people that they beautifully characterized them.

The slot does not have any bonus feature and there is only free spins feature. I found in the base game the slot is low on returns and it got a bit boring to play. The best win that I could make was of just 175 coins when I was betting at 25 coins. The returns just 5 times of the bet. That is disgusting!. The free spin feature is rather very productive as compared to the base game. The best part was that I doubled the bet just before the free spin feature was triggered. I hit the three free spin symbols on the reels and I was awarded with 10 free spins. In the free spins I made 4 big wins and made a total win of whooping 3388 coins. I also found that in free spin feature the frequency of the highest paying symbol that is draconius rex increases. There is evolution feature which is activated in the free spins but it was not much beneficial at least in my game play. In this feature all the identical symbols which are the part of wining combination evolve to the next symbol level excluding the wild symbol.

So as I mentioned in my game play most of the wining combinations contained the highest payout symbol so there was no scope evolving into higher symbol level.
So the slot is good during free spins but the base game is not acceptable. I would rate the slot 7 on 10.
oneLoVegg 55 reviews
Evolution is game that I play sometimes, but it is hard game for me, my computer is very slow when I open this game, even if I choose no animation and low quality there is still lags for me. Game is interesting and I like it, but it is not that slot in that I play often.

There is 25 paylines, and lowest possible bet is 0.25 per spin. Game created to be interesting in freespins feature, and nothing in base game. It is hard to win something during main game like I said, but once I have good payout, open slot with 34 euros only, after sucky lose at wild rockets, and start play with 0.25 euros. I hit 5 best paying symbols, not know how it is called, and won about 15 euros. Not very huge of course, but for evolution it is best what possible, if only 5 scatters pay more, but it is very hard to get.

My best run at this slot was after I open it with 100 euros and decide not risk and play 0.50 euros per spin. In 100 spins I get 3 features, but all was very bad, evolution of payouts was terrible. After this game was cold, slot not want to show me two scatters, it is always indicate that it is cold and feature will not come fast. I continue spin, and then on reels 1 3 4 5 i get scatters, 15 freespins was good, and i won 220 euros with very low bet 0.5. But it is very rare happens to win something decent here, most times I get many freespins features, but payouts are terrible low. And main game payouts also low, so better not play evolution slot often.

Sometimes, and if two scatters will appear many times, you can expect feature soon, this is my advice. Not bet high, because without feature you will just lose.
bigdk88 74 reviews
United Kingdom
Today the slot I am going to review is Evolution produced by Net-Ent. Evolution is a 25 low variance set payline video slot themed on the history of Animal/Amphibian evolution! Evolution really is a one of a kind video slot the music and sound fx suit it perfectly giving a slightly strange but fitting ambience to your gameplay!

I will be honest completely I used to dislike this game intensely as I could just not seem to win anything more than a few quid on it but my opinion like with some other Net-Ent titles has completely changed! Why do you ask? On first inspection this game looks quite average not a great payout for 5 scatters not a great payout for top symbol (500coins) No multiplier during free spins and a below average base game. Do not let all of this fool you though! This game is a hidden gem!

The reason this game is actually very good is this it’s the free spins round! In Evolution free spins the symbols actually evolve upon every line win until they get to prehistoric squirrel like symbol named a draconius rex sorry I don’t speak latin need to look this up to work out what it translates as(this pays 500 x line bet for 5) This means kings turn into aces Lizard turns into mouse basically every line win the symbol below it in coin value transforms or evolves if you like into the one higher! This can make massive winnings for the player! For example if you transform mouse into squirrel a few times the chances of 5 of a kind is highly increased because you now have more squirrels on the reels! Paytable makes for nice reading when you work out the amount possible on even just a 50p/75p bet!
Premium animal symbols range in value for 5 lowest being 150 x and highest 500 x as explained above,Alpha numeric characters range from 40 x to 100 x,the slot also features a substitute wild symbol which replaces all symbols except scatter but pays nothing by itself.

Scatters pay in order 2 x bet for 2 scatters,3 pay 4 x bet+10 free spins,4 pay 20 x bet + 15 free spins and 5 pay 100 x bet and 20 free spins! As I said even though the free spins do not feature any multiplier the chances of winning big are high thanks to the evolution feature.

Pros of Evolution:

Evolution feature in the free spins

Great to wager on because at low bets it's quite low risk.

Looks fantastic

pays for 2 or more scatters

Does not take too long to get the free spins

Quick spin feature.

In summary Evolution is a very nice little slot and highly underestimated amongst the more popular games Net-Ent has to offer! I give it easily 9/10!

When playing it can be infuriating how often 2 scatters come and the third nearly lands.

The music can suck you in too much and can be distracting.

Not the best paytable but Evolution feature compensates it.

Can run very cold after a big win leave it as soon as you hit one!
Evolution by Netent is one of the most advance slot in terms of graphics and sound and it has feel of evolution of life from below the sea to the animal living on land thousands of years ago. It is a 25 liner slot that has 5 reels and symbols enclosed in jelly fish like skins. Now coming to the point, the returns are only average for the base game. You will have to toil, spin again and again to get a good winning combination. Low to high roller game is possible but generally it should be kept low to have plenty of play time so that you have more probability of activating free spin bonus round.

Free spin bonus round gets activated when you 3 or more free spin symbols on the reels giving you 10, 15 and 20 free spins for 3,4 or 5 scatters. 4 and 5 scatters are next to impossible and 3 scatters also occur very rarely. But once you get free spins , you have chances to compensate for the base game and over it, win something to take away too. I have activated this feature only once since i have started playing on this slot though in fun play i have activated it 3 to 4 times... Only time i activated it i won $45 on a bet of $0.02 ( i bet generally 0.02 on this slot) winning 2250 coins in free spins. This is possible because of the evolution feature which activated when you get winning combination in free spin round and the symbols that cause winning combination evolves to a symbol higher in evolution series or suppose three "J" form a winning combination then these gets converted to "K" paying higher amount of money. 5 of a kind in such case results in huge wins or even 4 of kind may pay you as much as 200 to 500 coins.

But apart from this free spin round, i find the game has very less to offer for the invested money. If netent could introduce a new bonus round in this games sequel , i am sure i would be the first one to play But overall i would rate this graphic rich slot with decent to good returns an 8 on 10.
yapro 790 reviews
Evolution is one of the best netent game in my eyes. First of all, this game has amazing graph, i can place it on second place after elements, and to be honest i am not sure, which one from this two slots better in case of beauty, elements or evolution. Both looks amazing, and why even judge them, better just open and enjoy. One thing that i did not like in this game it is base game. It is really annoying and boring, because it is impossible to get some nice win in base game, if only 5 scatters which will pay 100 x total bets. But i never had this 5 scatters, but spend on this slot more than 50 hours total, and this is a lot of time i think. My best result - 433 x total bet after free spins, triggered by 3 scatters.

Number of scatters very important on this game, because more scatters - more free spins. In free spins lowest symbol after they appear on winning combination change to better, till the end when all creatures will become best paying symbols, and when all cards symbol becomes aces. Free spins features is really unique, and i never see something like this at any other slot. Also it is always fantastic to see how many best paying symbol comes to reel, and then boom, big win on the screen, and nice sounds. Unfortunately sometimes free spins not want to evolution, and result of free spins is poor, but of course they simple can not pay all the time to us.

Conclusion: From the all sides this is great and interesting game. Perfect graphic and perfect feature idea from netent allow me to give this slot 8 stars, i can give 9, but base game is simple not interesting at all, boring, annoying, without any fun. You playing to get free spins only, and this is of course not good.
This game was released from 2012 year, or 2011. I play this game frequently on many casinos, and i like it!

Idea of slot is evolution of ancient organism, and this game has underwater theme. Interesting theme and good looking slot at all.

This slot have no any bonus games in the paytable, but it is possible to get free spins. For free spins i need to get 3 or more scatters. 3 scatters will award with 10 free spins, 4 scatters award 15 free spins ,and 5 scatters award 20 free spins. On this slot number of free spins is very important, because the more spins i have, more chances i have to win big. Free spins on this slot is unique, and i never see on any other slot this feature, every picture can evolve to more good paying in this slot. It is possible to achieve only two pictures during the spins - best paying sequel, and Aces. I have this few times, and my win was more than 400x bet size, and cool that i get it from only 10 spins. For 20 spins i think it is possible to achieve unique big win, because it is possible have many spins with best pictures. I never hit 5 scatters on this game, few times 4 scatters but wins was really bad because i did not get nice evolution.

My gameplay is good with this slot, i like to play this game while i have active bonus on my account, i think it is easy clear bonus with this game. Biggest free spins feature for me was around 500 euro, but i am not remember my bet size. Also this slot usually gives me wins of 100 - 200 euros. Very good and interesting slot, but sometimes it is hard to get scatters for free spins.
valentin68 535 reviews
I quit shortly from playing at BetSoft, Microgaming and iSoftBet casinos yet to enter again after a long time in a NetEnt casino . Evolution is one of the slots here that has 25 paylines, and whose graphics quality is very close to that of the number one choice slot in NetEnt „Elements: The Awkening“. Beside this superlative appearance quality, when it comes to the general game playing in my opinion this slot is still average.

The theme of the slot is the evolution of different creatures on Earth starting from marine life and advancing towards terrestrial life. All symbols pay here from 3 upwards, but while marine creatures pay small amounts, the amounts paid by terrestrial creatures are bigger (since they are more evolved). The „Wild“ symbol is very, very rare in this game (about a Wild is present once every 3-5 spins). The slot has one feature, namely the Free Spins and the symbols that trigger this round have here also the role of scatter,paying anywhere on the screen from 2 upwards. The number of free spins is 10, 15 or 20 ( given by 3, 4, or 5 Free Spins-Scatter symbols) and the winnings acquired during this round do not differ too much from the amount earned during normal spins. During the Free Spins round the so-called „Evolution Feature" is triggered. It consists in advancing the quality of all the symbols contained in a winning line(which eventually can lead to higher wins). But if you're not lucky, a Free Spins round (got about once every 100 normal spins) will not help too much here.

As I said with 25 paylines the total minimum bet is 25 cents. At this bet one should expect that on average about once every 3 spins, to have a gain of somewhere between 15 and 50 cents. Thus, on the overall the slot is a loser and the losses although not very large, are significant (at 25 Euro/100 spinsplayed, one will loose on the average between 5 and 7 Euro) .

To make a brief summary, the slot is good due to excellent graphics but in terms of earnings generally offered is average compared to other NetEnt slots. Moreover, at least I have not been particularly attracted by the rats on the screen (which here represents a step in the evolution of terrestrial living things).
Icymod 758 reviews
Evolution is a 25 Payline video slot from NetEnt that always gives me the knack to play it. It almost gives me the same interest I have with the slot Elements: The Awakening, they both have their unique way of expressing their styles! What makes me interested about Evolution is the fact that there is one feature that potentially can bring about mega wins with the start of just 10 Free spins. It can be more free spins for scatters higher than 3! I love the way scattered Free Spins symbols land especially the very last one, as if making a sound from a cannon or from a gun although I think that exact sound should sound more slower, louder by 20% while it echoes...that way it makes triggering the free spins more treasured , dramatic and epic.

I would definitely lean against my computer waiting for suspense to kick in then I would expect optimistic results coming from matched symbols on the reels! The second the free spins became real the screen moves upward to show a place brimming with life, then later showing me I've won 10 free spins. There are no multipliers on this feature but...the symbols which evolve say for example, from a 10 symbol will become a Jack. Any symbol upgrades by one higher symbol until it reaches the highest symbol, the Draconius Rex. I always get amazing wins from free spins and the way it wins and goes to a point where a bunch of same symbols comes rushing on the reels!

The biggest win I've had for only $1 is $163. There were so many Draconius Rex symbols on every reel giving me two 5 of a kind symbols, one on a "W" payline and another on a "V" shaped! I was literally cheering for more! It turned into a chain reaction of winning symbols if the reels are cooperating aggressively! The Wilds inside the feature is a major big help I'll tell you that! Another reaction stirred itself the moment I saw the meteor destroy that "place" filled with life. It was like a moment where for example my hard worked is completed such as a project or something I built for a long time then it gets destroyed by something or someone unexpectedly giving me the words, " NNNOOOOO!!! All my hard work!!!". It's all good knowing I made large winnings in the free spins after the meteor hit :) !

Evolution by surprise gets a 9.5 out of 10!
What will you think if i told you that i know slot which has amazing sounds, amazing graphics, and very interesting free spins round? Of course first you think - you will want to play this slot. And i present to you evolution! This is my one of the favorite online slot, i love it so much, but like with many others slots, i had amazing runs with it, and i had bad runs with it.

Evolution not so interesting in the base game, excepting the people who really enjoying not only with big wins, but enjoying graphic that your eyes will love, and sounds your ears will love. But honestly paytable in the base game is pretty low, and i never had wins over x100 total of my bet in the base game. But free spins... For 3 scatters you get 10 free spins, for 4 scatters 15, and for 5 scatters 20 free spins. In free spins you can watch evolution of the symbols. It means, you get free spins and on first spin you landed three of a 'ten' symbols. Now all symbols 'ten' will be a jacks till the end of free spins. And this is with every symbol, so if you enough lucky, you can get 3-4 spins on which will be only aces and best paying symbol on the reels! Yeah... I had few such bonus rounds, and believe me this is great feeling to see such spins, every spin - very big win, like 100-200 x of your total bet. But if you will be very lucky, imagine you had 10 such spins... Oh, i never personally see such thing, but i believe this is possible, and this is of course increase my interesting in this slot.

I say big thank you to net entertainment for this slot, i love it, i love everything with it, and of course i want to ask you a question: ' why you still reading this and do not made deposit and start playing this slot' ?
Evolution is one of the best slots available on the net in terms of graphics and innovation. Does it however reach the same height in terms of entertainment and wins? I think every software provider, Net Entertainment in this case, should strive to offers the best type of games with exciting features and graphics which make players come back.

When I first saw this slot I wasn't too sure what to think of it, except that I often mistook it for another NetEnt game - Elements the awakening. Both games have a similar type of look, and names for that matter. So I was easily confused in the beginning.

Evolution has 25 paylines in total and 5 reels. Each reel has three rows while the game also features wilds, which can replace other symbols except the free spin symbol of course. The wilds only appear on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5. All symbols in the Evolution slot are made up from primitive creatures.

The paytable shows what they are called, but I simply have no clue what these terms mean lol. The symbols resemble squirrels, rats, frogs, snails and piranhas. The best paying symbol is that of the squirrel.

Something to really look forward to is the free spins in this game. You need at least 3 free spins symbols to unlock this feature. Depending on the number of symbols this number can increase to 20 free spins. I once had 4 of those symbols awarding me 15 free spins.

During free spins the symbols of a winning combination will simply vanish and be replaced by a higher paying symbol. I think this is quite unique and haven't seen anything like this before from Net Ent, or other software providers - simply brilliant.

This slot doesn't have the potential to award huge prizes like some other games, but it does however award smaller prizes very often. My biggest hit on this game was during free spins, hitting 220x bet size thanks to various squirrels and some wilds.

During base game it often gives you 1x up to 5x bet size. If NetEnt created a better paytable I'm sure this game would rang among the crème de la crème of NetEnt slots.

My final rating for Evolution is 8/10.

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