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Dead or Alive Slot

Dead or Alive is a Wild West-themed 9-payline video slot operating on the NetEnt software platform. The game features cowboy hats, guns and hard liquor, while a Pair of Pistols is the scatter and the Wanted Poster is the wild. Players are welcome to try the slot on this page for free or opt for any of the featured NetEnt casinos to play the game for real money.

To join the trigger-happy outlaws in their saloon, players need to adjust their bet first. The bet level is regulated by clicking "Bet Level". The coin size, ranging from 0.01 to 0.5, can be set by pressing the "Coin Value" button. “Bet Lines” modifies the number of paylines played. “Spin” starts turning the reels, while “Max Bet” spins them at the highest bet. To play the game multiple times uninterrupted, players need to click “Auto”.

The appearance of at least 3 scatters triggers 12 Free Spins. The game possesses sticky wilds, which hold their positions on the reels for the remainder of the Free Spin round. During the Free Spin round, 1 or more sticky wilds activate 5 additional Free Spins. Free Spins can be re-triggered once per Free Spin session.

Game Play

Bet Level: Choose the preferred bet level.
Bet Lines: Modify the number of active paylines.
Coin Value: Regulate the coin size.
Spin: Start spinning the reels at the chosen bet.
Max Bet: Spin the reels betting the maximum amount.
Auto: Spin the reels a number of times uninterrupted.

Dead or Alive Slot Reviews by Players


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Xriska 11 reviews
I like the slot, the idea, the wild symbol and the bonus feature. I wish I could have enjoyed it at least more than once.
To be honest, I have tried... I really did try to like it, however the slot did not show me the full potential it appears to be having. I've played around 10- 12 times on it. Only once I've been able to see free games, which did not bring me a big win. I believe that the problem is not the game or the provider, it is the fact that the online casino in Bulgaria, where its the only place you can play on NetEnt slots, is not giving so many opportunities for us to win. Lets not talk about bonuses... they barely give you the welcome one...
cashchris 2 reviews
I just played this slot on various stakes From 1.80 per spin up to 7.20 a spin ....

Spinned on 1.80 (100 times)
Spinned on 3.60 (100 times)
Spinned on 5.60 (200 times)
Spinned on 7.20 (150 times)

Loss was around 1k and 0 bonus given so spinned 550 times get 23 teases but 0 bonus. So think when the stakes are low the bonus comes quickly and when the stakes are higher no chance of bonus.

HelmG 83 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
In this slot machine has so much material that you simply will not get up from your chairs in the first two hours of play. My first encounter with this slot occurred more than a year ago, when I was a day lost more than € 100 on this slot. That's no reason not to praise the creators of these slot machines, because my selfishness has nothing to do with it. When you want to quickly make and have a great time, when you get a chance to get rich, then you became clear that without this slot machines that will not go. Although there is always something to update on this game, I would not change anything, and will remain so. I usually with Dead or Alive hang on Betsson Casino, and the last time at Bet365 Casino.

However, once you change the slot, get to know all the extreme possibilities of the drum, you will see that this slot is not graphically dominant, but it is definitely the most economical for professional players. The reason is the number of payment lines, because this slot has only 9 payment lines. This reduces the possibility of gains or more reduces stake per spin. Just only 10 € on your account, and you're guaranteed to play at least 100 spins. Of course, you need to be bad luck so that you do not win anything in these 100 spins. In practice this is impossible, because this slot is one of those that have the highest percentage gains over 97%, maybe more. After a while I realized that every game looks the same if we look at the winning lines. The only difference is in the number of such payment line, the rest of the current inspiration to creators of the game, and the possibility that it somehow advertise on affiliate programs on the Internet.

For one so large manufacturers such as NetEnt, this is another positive point when it is certain that these slot machines to survive and remain one of the best ever made. My role here reach € 4.5 per spin because I have confidence in everything that happens on the reels in the game, Wild Symbols are we so often brought joy and now can only talk positively about everything that was there. The largest single win on this slot has exceeded € 100 in one spin, but more detail can not say because I do not remember the exact amount. Here is one example, yesterday I was half an hour earned around € 40 to the slot in the role of € 0.90 per spin. Later, I lost everything at roulette, so that the memory remained just a prelude to another big "0" on my account.
Icymod 758 reviews
Dead or Alive is among the most popular NetEnt video slots for it's ability to collect Sticky wild wanted posters through it's 2x paying free spins! While everyone and mostly everyone enjoys this video slot including the ruler of Westeros, him alone has made me motivated to reap such unimaginable wins that I have never seen. It is possible for this 9 paylines slot and with enough luck to trigger 3 revolvers and sticky wild wanted posters, this can become any cowboy/cowgirl's dream slot!!!

In my opinion, which is every time I try Dead or Alive, past or present, I aim to get one of my own ultra win that I can show other players too but the fact the matter is, she brings armor to her showdown and every bullet (bets) I fire at her, her armor does not cause a dent! This example shows how Dead or Alive reacts to my multiple bets, from a small $0.18 to a medium $0.90 and finally the large $1.80 bet I have hits that aren't worth mentioning, I see 5 of a kind symbols not lining up and I cannot figure out how to set this cowgirl's trigger happy heart of fire!!

In all honesty, the players who have excellent wins, well......I am actually jealous because the screens I show are losing screens or screens that suck! I try my best to make it happen but this does not mean I will give up!!! All this from an honest player! At the moment I will give Dead or Alive a 5 out of 10 because I have not used rope to capture this gun powder maiden but heck, why didn't I think of that!!! Shoot!!!
Netent's Dead or Alive is the cowgirl of my dreams, who shot me down with her engraved silver bullet! The wolf that I am can never make this pretty lady dance!!! I somehow cannot claim her rewards upon such attempts to win her over to my side. The many bets used whether it be $0.18 to a $0.90 or even doubled to $1.80 for $0.02 coin size will not be enough for her quick drawing skills!!! Dead not alive!!!
You'll probably survive this slot, but if you calms the fact that you at least play one of the highest-paid slot machines from NetEnt, then you will more easily get over your bad day. Dead of Alive has only one flaw, a visible immediately when you open the slot. This slot machine has only 9 payment lines but the situation is different in relation to the Lights slot machine. Here the wild symbols appear in a conventional way as in the other slots. The only difference between Lights slot machines and this is what the Lights game Wild symbols come out randomly at any position on the reels. In Dead or Alive game Wild symbols appear on all columns, normally when the drum stops. However, more often I have won five of the same symbols on the slot machine Lights.

At the time of writing, I play this slot at Unibet Casino. I took the auto-play of 25 spins and can not wait to see what luck I have. In the first few spins nothing and then in the seventh, got 5 symbols of "glasses" and it has brought me 200 coins. Otherwise, my role on this slot usually is 0.45 €, but today I increased stake to 0.90 €. That's good because I came with this combination of symbols of "glasses", won € 20. At least not have to worry until the end of auto-play games that I would be less than the starting balance. No matter if you play with € 0.09 or € 0.90, it is important you bet per spin does not exceed 5% of the account balance. These slot machines such as Dead or Alive, if you start with € 0.50 and € 0.90 you invest, you almost never stay at zero for the first few hours of play.

If you play more than 6 hours, you risk that the other player scored slightly higher amount on Dead or Alive. This means that you will get much more difficult to win, because the slot already given a certain percentage, in theory this is so. In practice, a lot of the players currently active on this slot and probably this one's victory will be a huge impact on your game. However, I hold another rule, when I fall below 20% of the state to account, I make a break for half an hour minimum. The animation of a symbol is great here, there is not much movement and light effects. This I really like, but my computer that can seamlessly open another slot machine along with this, no recoil. The sound is typical of the western movies, and when your drum is stationary, hear the typical whistle. At any moment you expect to Clint Eastwood or John Wayne jumped out of the screen, but it will not happen, at least not to me. Good luck!
In this review I will introduce to you one of the most popular games in Net Entertainment. I think that this is good game for many players If popularity is going hand in hand with quality of the games.

The game was played 7 000 times only on AskGamblers site so it must be popular game on the Internet. Personally I don't like this game so much so only I can be more objective on this topic.

I think that it is not something expected as obvious thing that this game has only 9 paylines. I said so because in the video slots games most of times we have more often times 20+ paylines. But here is only 9. I don't liked it personally.

I think this game is pretending to be designed as a western movie. In this game there are like “always” symbols like 10 J Q K A most popular but boring to see it at every game(!). It is something like “must be” in video slot games...

As like as it is theme with western movie motive, there must be symbols like cowboy shoes, beer or posters named “Wanted” that symbols are playing role as the scatter in the game. I think very good idea to combine name of the game - Dead or Alive and using word “Wanted” as a name for scatter.

3 scatters are needed to get free spins. I must admit that graphic is very nice, very colorful, and is made with many little details.

There is auto play mode as always in the Net Entertainment and you can set up to 1 000 rounds what is for me very good thing.

Return to player is not so good 96,8% but acceptable for me.

In the main game it is pretty hard to get some serious win so we should simply set mind on waiting with patience on free spins feature, where we can win more but as I remember I didn't get too big win in free spins, I lost 10 euro or so and didn't liked this game in general.
Well This game is not so good when it comes to paying in main game.
If by some miracle you got five sticky wilds on a win line you could win 1000's times stake.
I lost 3k in no time on this slot at 3.60 or 4.50 it takes about 500 to get free spins and 90%+ times it pays less than 20 times stake for total free spins win! the best result I ever had was about 300 euros (about 70x stake). There are only 9 win lines and some how win pays are not much better than on a 15, 20, 25 win line slot, you'll never win anything in normal spins so you need free spins and hope you get loads of sticky wilds, very all or nothing if you like that kind of thing.
I can't think for the life of me why so many casinos ban playing this game with bonus money, I'd love to know why? please tell.
We arrive at the slot machines of which will have a number of paylines, initially cast in a dilemma whether at all to play this game. But when you look at the ratings on all better gambling portals, especially on the leading gambling portal, then you will see that this game has the highest percentage gains of all NetEnt slot machines. Probably among the other platforms at least among the top five, as for me without thinking to Dead or Alive won a gold medal when winning lines in question.

The reason is simple this game only has 9 payment lines, but what makes a profit is the frequency wanted symbol in this slot game, which portrays me only in the first 10 spins brought about 25 € profit on invested € 0.45 per spin. I usually hang out with this game at 10Bet Casino, because usually when I lose a little more money to live betting then take out playing this generous slot machine. If you ask me dead or alive, I will proudly answer "allways alive," I hope it will remain so, because at this game, I remember only the gains. Have to play that Dead or Alive slot at least once? Are you'm tickled this review? If you answered YES, then the direction of some of the many NetEnt casinos and get an unforgettable experience.

I give my, honorable cowboy word that you will already be tomorrow at the same place and share with us the same positive experience as they and the mine. Otherwise I do not play games under 20 pay lines, but Dead or Alive will always be an exception because it is in my opinion in front of many famous and popular slots that have up to 50 lines of payment. Dead or Alive, the highest possible rating from the big gambler 10/10.
Dead or alive it is probably and very likely on of the most known online slot games. Not only across Netent games, since creator is Netent, but across all providers and all games. Everyone know about this game - it is really perfectly dead or alive, and nothing else. I spend thousand of spins in this game and I like it!

I like this game because of it theme. Wild west is great, and I am very happy with symbols in this games. Also I like that each wild during freespins have its name - total 5 well known wild west bandits.

Also I love this game because it is enough to bet 9 penny to win amounts which are hundreds. And this is just for 9 penny. I hit 5 scatters with 9 penny bet once, and won 225 euros! And it was from just 10 euros deposit in casino without any bonus. I continued playing and in the end withdrew 500 euros and also played with 50 euros after it.

And of course this game earn its fans because it have potential to pay huge amounts. Best and fastest ways it is get 5 scatters. This will pay 2500 bets. Much more harder way - get wild line. This can pay crazy amounts. And winning amount depends on how much spins with wild line you will have.

Freespins feature is perfect, i love it. 12 freespins with x 2 multiplier, and sticky wilds. If collect at least one wild at each reel +5 freespins. Probably most exciting freespins feature in the world.

I get wild line twice in my life. First time in Betat casino, about year ago. Bet size was 0.27, and i won 723 dollars. Yes, I remembered this amount very good, because it was crazy good win for me from 20$ deposit. And second time it was at Bitstarz couple of months ago, paid 800 euros with 0.36€ bet.

There can not be any other rating - only 10 stars. Sheriff stars :)
I should write here something to get review published, but nothing. Perfect game.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
Being "Dead Or Alive" so popular slot not only here on AskGamblers but in every community of gamblers along the entire width of the web, I really do not think I have anything new to say, but I neither wanted to be the only member without pronouncing about this exciting game belonging to the company "NetEnt".

First I have to say I love the theme and design of this slot which easily attracts at first sight and it is no surprise since one of the things I like more from NetEnt is the professionalism and creativity dedicated to the visual part of their games, which is a constant. The next aspect that initially more influenced my decision to play DOA is that it is a slot of only 9 paylines that allows bets from only $ 0.01 per line, which makes it a very suitable slot to play when we are short on budget, additionally this fact makes DOA also emerges as a good slot to try to meet our wagering requirements, which is quite useful when you consider that all the time NetEnt casinos are offering very attractive deposit bonuses.

Characteristics already mentioned above are all-important for me, but it is obvious that, like the vast majority of fans of this game, what I like more about Dead or Alive is its 12 free spins round, which seems a decent amount of free spins to me and even more considering that all your profits are multiplied x2 and the extra feature called "sticky wilds" adds value to the round, DOA is not the only slot equipped with this feature, but it is not less fantastic for that. The only problem I have with this round is that sometimes I find it supremely difficult to trigger the longed-round, but in this one as in all games of chance, it is needed a good dose of luck that always allows us to remain "alive".

I've seen a few negative ratings on this slot, but to be honest I've never seen a game, person, place, etc. that will please 100% of people, so if you're a new player I would recommend that first you gave a look to this popular video slot.
stars_cream 160 reviews
The first time I played Dead or Alive I liked very much the theme of the slot but when I saw that it was only 9 paylines and after playing it for some hour and had some bad free spins feature I thought that it was a crappy and boring slot and probably I would not played it again. So I did not play it for some time, I ignored it existence and never paying attention to it.

One day I was watching big wins at youtube and started watching videos of players who had big wins at Dead or Alive. I also noticed a big fuss starting to happen at casino forum about it too, so I thought I would give it a second try. I was lucky that I hit the wildline at free spins after some sessions I had at the slot and with 0,54 bet I managed to win 1500 which is probably one of the biggest amount I hit with such low bet.

I have to admit I got obsessed with Dead or Alive and after a few weeks I got lucky again and won 2000. Winning almost 3500 from a slot in a month is a very big amount for me. Of course like every gambler who respects himself I started being greedy and wanted to chase these wildlines with bigger bets while I had Lady Luck by me.

Of course the slot could not be hot and kind to me all the time and the next month although I had some good wins, I started losing good amounts of money so I changed my tactics again. Now I usually low roll with bets 0,09 to 0,27 , of course from time to time I take bigger risks and play it with big bets but these times are rare.

Dead or Alive is a slot that you have to be patient a lot and have a good bankroll management if you do not want to waste tones of money.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
When I first saw this game, I really had no idea what all the fuss was about. I’d seen it being discussed in on-line forums as being a similar type of game to “Break Da Bank Again” (I now know this to be purely in terms of the insane variance the game offers), which I was already familiar with, and liked to play quite a lot. The game seemed really very slow and I couldn’t see any really impressive wins on the paytable – in fact if memory serves, the maximum base game win for a row of the top symbol – the sheriffs stars – is just £15 on minimum bet. It's possible to double this up with a nicely placed wild but its still fairly unimpressive, after all in “Break Da Bank Again” a full row of the Sapphires with a wild earns you a tidy £75 on minimum bet, and this is upped by a factor of five again in the free spins mode.

But, you see, the two games are just hugely difference – the big wins are placed in completely different places, and this misunderstanding led me to stay away from the game after my first session for quite a long time. The next thing that drew me back to it was seeing somebody show a screenshot of winning £9,000 just for five of the scatter symbols on a bet of £3.60 – this seemed really, really high – the scatters on BDBA don’t actually pay anything at all!! So I calculated this back and realised that at a more sensible (for me) bet level of £0.27, I could win £675.00 for getting this same five scatter hit. How hard can it be?

Well, it turned out, very hard indeed. I didn’t hit that magical five scatter combination until much later and when I did it was on a bet of just £0.09 (sob), though winning £225.00 for a 9p bet was still pretty exciting for me at the time – I was real broke that weekend and had just dropped a tenner into a casino for something to pass the time.

Before I hit the five scatters though, I found out about the wildline – this is, during the free spins, each time a wild lands on the reels it becomes “sticky” and remains in place for the remainder of the bonus round. This was something I hadn’t seen in a game before but I realised the potential straight away and played and played and played, hoping to get good combinations of wild symbols in the free spin mode for a big payoff and boy did it come. I’ve had several wins of many thousands of times my bet playing this game and to this day it remains a favourite of mine.

Somebody mentioned the lack of a quick spin function, this can be sidestepped by using “Cheat Engine” on the flash player component if you are using Firefox or Explorer browser on your computer. I would advise asking the casino if they have issue with you using software to speed up the game before doing this in real money mode, but be prepared for many to say no as they do not understand. It really is much more exciting skipping the tedious base game mode between the super exciting features though!
zerooo 742 reviews
Dead or Alive is slot powered by NetEnt software. This game has wild west theme, it has 5 reels and 9 paylines. For me this is really good slot. I like it because it has minimum bet of just 0.09€ per spin. I didn't found it myself at casino. While I was looking at some forums, big win videos and pictures I saw really a lot of stuff about this game. First I tried it for fun and later I tried it for real money. In the game I like sounds, especially when at least 3 scatter symbol appeared. Till now I didn't have luck to get more then 3 scatter symbol. I saw some videos with 5 scatters symbols and this is amazing. I can't even imagine how will I start to jumping if I hit something like this. Hehe. 5 scatters pay really high at minimum bet 0.09 € pays 225€. Amazing.

This game I play on every NetEnt casinos, if they offer it of course. I saw some NetEnt casino, but later the game I didn't found and I don't know why. I had two big victories on Dead or alive till now. First was at Whitebet casino where I was playing at 0.09€ with bonus attached. I managed to got almost 90€ from 0.09€ bet. The second was at casino room when I played at 0.18€ bet per spin and later won around 200€. This is the reason why I love this game so much.

Sometimes I get angry when I play it. This is because I can't catch additional 5 free spins and then maybe wildline. But I understand, you have to be lucky like at any other games. I made a few deposit just because this game and later lost all the money. Otherwise if I draw a line on all deposits that I made for that game and see payments from it till now, I am in plus.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
There are few guys recent winners on DOA and among them was Afi4wins and I see only his review back in June last year before he won big in this fantastic games and would you agree with me or not,I think it is easier for me to go for visit in Wild West, Houston TX.then win big like our guys did.

My visit to Wild West was terrific, I visited many places and old fashion restaurant as well and had pleasant experience and I got little present that necklace, you know what I mean. While DOA is something completely different, it's dynamic cant keep my attention and spins are little slow for me and nothing but big win which is 2500 x your bet size. The last time when I finally decided to play only DOA and it was in Betspin casino, I had much fun for 2 days. My balance of 40 euro was enough that day to keep me in game for 2 days plus I got 25 free spins for South Park Reel Chaos and even that session was long enough to have a lot of fun for 20 euro of my deposit, doesn't sound that bad, at least I paid to have some fun, right.

My bet size was min. Which is 0.09 and it is really nothing, because you don't feel it trough your spins because it is enoughto win big and bring home something nice, money of course.5 reels, 9 paylines, high variance NetEnt slot game, with wild, wild west theme, is true Wow and Boom game and lately it is going crazy. With so many cowboys and hunters nowadays DOA is definitely iconic game by NetEnt at least that's the way I feel it. If you wanna see amazing wins and screenshots, don't miss topics like Showtime and anything that has DOA in its name.In Betspin everything suddenly became reality and I got 4 wilds on the active payline during free spins and I was just one step away of the big win, how shame it is.
I see here a lot of negative comments about this game, from my point of view it looks like it somewhat different although I respect everyone's opinion because you are writing based on personal experience and this is most important. If the name of slots set as the question then the answer is the latter, "Alive". You will survive only if you are disciplined play from start to finish adhered role in relation to the amount of available money, keep a keen eye and fast fingers then you can guarantee that there is no winter for you while fighting with some of the most legendary figures. I know that you, like me fans of good old westerns and all those dangerous hot dog with the Wild West, in this game is about the same situation, crusty gunmen with fast fingers and guns, there are wanted posters that will bring you the most joy and why I'll explain below.

The Wanted symbol in this game widely known wild symbol, you get this symbol on the reels of this game, in any column at any position then you open up the possibility that some lines become winning because it will replace any symbol required to realized gain on some of the payment line, this of course does not apply to scatter though almost every game is a case in point. Scatter symbol in Dead or Alive slot game is actually a pair of pistols that can occur at any position on the reels. For bonus game which you need only two of these scatter symbols, where you get a reward of two coins, three Scatter'll be rewarded with four coins, and will for four symbols on all columns of the drum you win 25 coins.

Special Award which is one of the biggest reason I'm here is the one that will be your if at all five positions on the drum, ie. The five columns Win scatter symbols, at that moment you become richer by a whopping 2,500 coins. At the end of another to add that in a situation with three wild symbols you will instantly be rewarded with 25 coins, with four wild symbols you will be richer for 150 coins while you will with all five wild symbols go down in history as someone who is on Dead or Alive yet decided to survive and win a shiny 1500 coins. Many times I won 25 coins with three wild symbols, once or twice it was four, so all in all I like this game but in the end I still have a grudge because I see it as a major drawback.
Like I said the only complaint is that this slot has only 9 lines it's not even close to what we see every day in NetEnt gallery and I think that is precisely the reason why many will give up at the start of playing here, I think this is a huge minus for this very interesting version of the wild West, only because of the lack of payment lines from me have a lot of modest assessment. Rating 5/10
valentin68 535 reviews
Yeah I know that everyone here at AskGamblers and about all players will contradict me after they will read this review but please allow me to be the one who will not praise so much this slot “Dead or Alive”. To me “Dead or Alive” was an unknown slot until a few days ago when I heard about it from several players here at AskGamblers. A pool was made to tell the most played slot of 2014. And so I learned about this famous “Dead or Alive” and I said, maybe so far I really have not found the right slot where to play and win in NetEnt. Just today I received a bonus of 10 Euro from Fast Lane Betting casino. It is good to be part of this gambling industry because from time to time you receive a bonus for doing nothing. And sometimes you can also win, although really pretty rare.

But I will get back to our sheep. “Dead or Alive” was for me just another average slot and the disappointment was big. In my country there is a saying “at the praised tree do not go with a bag” and I guess this fits very well here. Yes the payouts of the slot are of the best possible but in my game play I lost the initial bonus of 10 Euro in just 30 minutes. I played probably about 200-300 spins about the same as I play usually on virtual money to know a slot. But now I was waiting for more. The Wild West theme (which as the latest articles I read on the internet though it was not so wild) is indeed successful. The cowboy boots, the sheriff badge, the whiskey glasses, all fit the game perfectly. Even the hanging lantern hanging on a eaves, the windmill that occasionally spins into the wind and the accompanying lighting...

Like I said this is a slot with good payouts because here the value of a win is at least 2x-3x bet, but these payouts are not frequent enough. And the biggest disappointment for me were the Free Games. First I won 140 coins and the second time just 44 coins (that is, 44 cents). And this is how after about 250-300 spins I finished the initial 10 Euro. A bit too fast for a slot so praised. But maybe my game play here was just the exception.
I did not particularly like the Free Spins. The wins were too small and those so praised Sticky Wilds came very difficult
blondie 1094 reviews
I think this is the most popular slot game for AskGamblers at the moment and it all is because a few fellow AskGamblers has had an incredible wins with it.

To be honest, the first few times I tried it was a couple of months ago and back then I was mostly playing 20+ payline slots and wouldn't even look with the ones with less paylines. But the wins that other members are getting made me (and I'm sure others too) really eager to play more and more Dead or Alive.

As one very wise man said - Dead or Alive needs persistence. And after spending some time with this game I can totally agree with that. The good thing is that the minimum bet, playing on all 9 paylines, is 0.09€ and even playing with this bet, bonus round can be generous too. The last time I played it was very recently. I started with 0.09€ bets for 100 spins, got feature, then increased bets to 0.18€ and played the autospins again. I felt like I catch DOA in a good mood, and it was true. As within them I got 2 bonus rounds again, still small wins of 5.32€ but better than before. After that I increased my bets two more times, so at last I was playing with 0.36€ bets per spin. Then I got feature again and then it paid me 44€, which so far is my biggest win from DOA.

Although I don't have the biggest win on it, comparing to other AskGamblers, I still am sure my big win will come and 44€ isn't that bad either. And even though it has free spins feature and no bonus round, regular wins with outlaws or other combinations can pay good. For Dead or Alive it’s - you’re gonna love it or you’re not gonna like it, but it is definitely a must try.
Dead or Alive slot is legendary game, made by my favorite online games software - Net entertainment. This game has a lot of fans, because there is not so many games, which can pay thousands on not big bets like 0.90 or 0.45. Therefore it is always interesting to play this game.

Dead or Alive slot has 9 paylines, and someone probably think it is too low, but I can assure you that this is more than enough for slot game of this type. Animations and sounds of course a bit old, since it is not new slot, but I am still love it, it have some good feelings in me.

This slot has freespins feature, and nothing special. Also, please take in mind that 5 scatters at this slot it is something like jackpot, because it pays huge 2500 x total bet if you hit it. I never have 5 scatters on this slot, many times in different ocassions I had 4 scatters, but 5 never, but I am very want to hit it - to win big money and earn this achievement of player who hit 5 scatters on this great. Freespins feature are awesome - 12 freespins with x 2 multiplier. Collect at least one wild at each reel - and you get 5 more spins. Wow, I forget to say. During freespins - all wilds are sticky. If you collect 5 wilds on payline - congratulations, your win will be very big.
For a long period I do hate this slot, because I just keep losing and losing my money on it, but one day I finally hit freespins features and collect those 5 wilds, and my win so impress me, so after this big win I am still sometimes playing this slot, and hunting for another big win.

I have nothing to say about my dislike, slot working it own way, and I do like this way.
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