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Interview with Ivan Montik, CEO at SoftSwiss

Interview with Ivan Montik, CEO at SoftSwiss

It’s time for another interview and this time we want you to meet Ivan Montik, the CEO and Founder of SoftSwiss. Give it a read and find out more about what this software provider has to offer, as well as the future of bitcoins and much more.

1. You started out back in 2008 by developing online auction software. Has this experience helped you in any way when you were just starting out in the online casino industry? Have you managed to find some kind of a connection between gambling and the stock market?

We actually started with custom software development back in 2008 and did IT projects for various industries, like banking and finance, retail, even for the police. Then we came to an idea of developing our own product, penny auction. It was very popular in Germany ( at that time so growth potential was high and sales went well. If you look into the nature of auction, and in particular of the penny auction type, you’ll see that it is pure gambling. People pay money and make guesses without any guarantees of the outcome. It’s connected with risk and the excitement of winning. Just like in the casino. So obviously working at the auction software provided us with valuable experience both in technical implementation and in terms of understanding the psychology of a gambler. By the way, penny auction are still popular nowadays.

2. One could say that you are a leader in bitcoin solutions. What do you offer that makes you stand out among others in the industry?

Our main competitive advantage is the quality of the product. We use the best practices in IT development coupled with the profound knowledge of the nature of Bitcoin, and it results in a product which is safe, stable, and up to date.

Another important thing which makes a difference is outstanding security. Operations with Bitcoin presuppose certain risks and you need to know how to deal with them. 3 years of intensive real-life experience in operating Bitcoin gaming gives us a huge advantage and allows offering 100% guarantee of financial security.

Finally, in any business, excellent customer service is crucial. We respond quickly to client requests providing truthful and reliable information on the industry trends, consult on business development and legal issues, speak openly about costs and potential risks. We establish win-win relationships and clients appreciate that.

3. Recently, you have started using the cubits system. Could you please tell us a bit more about it and to what extent do players benefit from the payment options this system has to offer?

We’ve been using Cubits system since January 2015. We decided to change our own Bitcoin processing technology for the Cubits solution because of one main reason: Cubits caters for extended Bitcoin exchange possibilities and provides comfortable ways of purchasing the cryptocurrency even to unexperienced players. It allows buying Bitcoin for a credit card and make bets at a casino. That’s a completely unique service with no analogues in the industry. After a thorough research we realized that Cubits solution is the best one in terms of security and can be compared to our own technology, so it’s a completely adequate replacement. Besides, Cubits constantly improves their platform, just as we do, and they cover all risks connected to Bitcoin processing.

4. In your opinion what role will be bitcoins playing in the future of online casinos?

I strongly believe that Bitcoin is not only an ideal financial platform of the 21st century but it is a perfect digital casino chip. We have gone through transition from land-based casinos to remote gaming, or so called online gaming. This has happened within the last 20 years. But we missed one very important thing – we replaced the casino chip with online money. That was unnatural. Bitcoin is the missing brick in the online gaming industry.

5. We slightly got the impression that SoftSwiss’s targeting the bitcoin market. Could we expect to see SoftSwiss solely focusing on BitCoin Casinos in the future or do other markets fall into your niche?

Bitcoin casinos are rather a competitive advantage which helps us stand out among other gaming software providers. In fact, we are the only company which made our games, e.g. slots, provably fair. However, SoftSwiss platform is equally suitable for fiat currency casinos and Bitcoin casinos. It uses the same principles, security techniques and games. So we are planning to grow in both directions and cover all possible niches of online gaming with our high quality product.

6. Two of our Certified Casinos, 7BitCasino and BitStartz, are powered by SoftSwiss. What do you think about our strategy to single out superb online casinos that provide a secure gaming environment by awarding the Certificate of Trust?

I think that this is the only right way to help players really understand “who is who”. I believe you will bring your scoring system to the next level by providing more detailed information on the casinos to let gamblers make the right choice. Hopefully, you will be able to apply ‘provable fair’ Bitcoin technology to your scoring model. We will be glad to provide our qualified support. I’m positive that new White Label brands powered by SoftSwiss will soon be added to the list of the certified casinos.

7. We could definitely say that one of the most popular SoftSwiss Games on AskGamblers is Minesweeper. What’s the situation in the casinos? Are you satisfied with how this game markets?

Indeed, the game is popular among gamblers as it is unusual for the casino, the idea is different and is good for a change. However, traditional games such as slots and roulettes remain players’ favorites in our casinos. It would be good if AskGamblers could share the professional experience with readers and encourage them to try out Minesweeper.

8. What are the three most popular SoftSwiss slots among the players?

Platinum Lightning has been an absolute leader. I think we hit the target and created our own “Book of Ra”. Crazy Starter is the runner-up, followed by West Town. All our games are developed completely from scratch including the mathematics. We are planning a new release of a mobile game created with the technology with is absolutely unique and haven’t been used by any other content provider.

9. In addition to games, you also provide complete solutions for online casinos. Could you perhaps tell us a bit more about this part of your company?

SoftSwiss provides a turnkey white label solution for starting online gaming business from scratch. This includes the gaming platform, Bitcoin module, games from the most popular content providers (NetEnt, Quickfire, BetSoft, Amatic, etc.), first line live chat support 24/7, as well as legal and financial infrastructure. We are a purely B2B company and help our brands deliver best experience to players. December

10. What is your main focus at the moment– making games or delivering complete solutions to online casinos?

We rather focused on delivering complete solutions to online casinos. However, we diversify our business and our plan for the nearest future is development of strong game content which might even come under a new brand name. In 2016 we will present a unique B2B solution for the existing online operators.

11. In total, you offer your partners 900+ casino games including the ones from leading game developers, Microgaming and NetEnt among many others. What is your overall favourite slot game?

In fact, we offer more than 1000 games already. Our absolute favorite is Billyonaire slot by Amatic. We have recently partnered with NetEnt and we are wondering how their games will be doing against Amatic. All players are welcome to contribute.

12. Apart from the gambling industry, what are the other things in your life that you’re passionate about?

I’m constantly on a search for new innovative projects. That’s exactly why we were the fist to launch a Bitcoin solution while others had no idea about it. In terms of personal interests, I’m a big fan of Formula 1 and traditional Russian sauna. Sauna brings me the energy and helps concentrate on how to bring new ideas to life, highly recommended!

13. Thank you dear Ivan for this exclusive interview. We wish you all the best as we look forward to some new exciting games to enjoy.

I also wish AskGamblers growth and development. Thanks for providing players with choice and protecting them from fraud.

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