How Online Slots Developed Through Years

How Online Slots Developed Through Years

Slots are extremely popular in the world of online casinos. It’s no wonder that we here at AskGamblers are crazy about them, too. What impresses us the most, however, is their constant development. Since their inception in 1895, slots have come a long way.

What was Liberty Bell Slot Machine Like?

The first slot machine, called Liberty Bell, was invented by Charles Fey, a German immigrant in San Francisco. Because of the handle, the first slots became widely known as one-armed bandits.

Liberty Bell, in particular, was a big heavy machine that was also very noisy and players needed to spin the wheel manually to play. It had 3 wheels and 10 symbols in every wheel, which included Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds and Spades, and, of course, the bell symbol. When the bell symbol was matched in all 3 reels a 50 cents jackpot was awarded to the lucky player.

But this was just the start. Over the years more symbols were included and fruits like lemons, cherries, and bananas started landing on the reels, too. When slots eventually entered Las Vegas hotels in the 1940s there was no turning back. The popularity of slots machines just kept growing, which naturally led to numerous innovations.

Development of Electronic Video Slots

One of greatest revolutions in the industry was definitely the invention of electronic slots, for that was the moment when these machines started resembling today’s slots.

However, this was actually a difficult transition for players. It took the time to convince them that by pressing a button, they will get a fair game. They were convinced that by pulling the handle on mechanic slots, they had control over Lady Luck. It took a while, but finally, they’ve realised how thrilling the new era and these new video slots really are.

Slots Go Online

And just as everyone got used video slots, the 90’s moved everything online and, thus, the new kids on the block got to choose whether they want to play favourite slots in a land based or online casino. The development of smartphones led to thrilling mobile casinos and slots that players can enjoy on the go. Nowadays, new online slots keep emerging and each one brings novelties in graphics, features, sound effects, making sure excitement never fades.

Check out our Infographic

We can keep going on and on about the evolution of online slots for hours, but since a picture says a thousand words have a look at our latest infographics and see for yourself how remarkable the development of slots truly is.

History of Online Slots Infographic