Yggdrasil’s Joker Millions Strikes Again and Drops €460K Jackpot

Yggdrasil’s Joker Millions Strikes Again and Drops €460K Jackpot

The first progressive slot from Yggdrasil Gaming - Joker Millions, has given yet another lucky player an early Christmas present. Obviously the life often throws a good ball since this is the second time in just a few weeks that Joker Millions drops the jackpot. This time around the lucky player has hit the reels at SunMaker Casino, and he won just a bit more over €460K. He walked away home free with €460,052 to be exact.

Joker strikes often

Lately, Joker Millions slot is bringing only good news, and it looks as if it is doling money out pretty generously. Since Christmas is looming, and New Year is soon going to knock on our doors, this extra cash is surely going to make holidays more festive for Thomas, 35, coming from South Germany.

Joker Millions Slot

What is interesting in this big win story is that Thomas has been a member of SunMaker Casino site for only eight days before falling for the second time since September. Let’s face it, €460,052 may not make Thomas a millionaire but it is a sweet sum to win, for sure. Thomas won this staggering sum just two days ago on Monday, December 14th, 2015.

Joker Millions always strikes when you least expect it!

Frederik Elmqvist who is the CEO of Yggdrasil said: "In just a few short weeks, Joker Millions has changed the lives of two lucky players. We’re delighted for the winner who’ll be able to celebrate with his prize just in time for the festive period."

Also, he added that this is a great news for both them and their players, because they’ve just proved that they are able to reward their players with staggering amounts which pretty quickly can build up to huge amount that drop quite regularly. Joker Millions dropped €720K this September, and in just a couple of months later it delivers again.

SunMaker added that they wish success for all of their players, and that they’re glad that their new addition from Yggdrasil has made someone’s dreams come true in such a short period.

As for the lucky winner, Thomas, he said that he’s still in shock and he finds it hard to believe it’s true. Thomas plans to give half of his money to his parents, and to buy some furniture for himself. This is surely going to be a money good spent.

Want to be the next big winner?

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