Win A Day Casino player to fulfill Olympic dream with jackpot hit

Win A Day Casino player to fulfill Olympic dream with jackpot hit

One lucky Win A Day Casino player is turning a big win into a memory that will last forever. Allison P hit one of the biggest jackpots the site has ever seen while playing the Chinatown video slot: $205,200! With such a large windfall, Allison will finally be able to fulfill her dream of seeing the Olympic Games in person, and she’s already getting her travel plans made for her big trip to Rio de Janeiro next year. Get the full story, as well as Allison’s tips on playing Win A Day Casino’s progressive slots, below.

From Chinatown to Rio de Janeiro

Allison P certainly didn’t expect to win Win A Day Casino’s huge sitewide jackpot when she started playing Chinatown on her lucky day. But, after a little while playing, she spun at just the right moment and instantly became the proud owner of $205,200 cash. After the initial shock settled, she decided on what she wanted to do with her winnings. “I’ve always wanted to go to the Olympic games so now I can seriously look into going to Rio next year,” Allison told a Win A Day customer service rep. She continued, “The money will also come in handy as I want to buy my mom a new car.”

Chinatown Video Slot

Win A Day Casino’s jackpots continue to grow

As Win A Day Casino has grown in recent years, its representatives have found a trend with its sitewide jackpot payouts. “We’ve seen a definite trend,” said Michael Hilary, the manager at Win A Day Casino. “There are more and more people playing, so the jackpots are getting bigger and bigger.”

Unlike other casinos that have separate jackpots for their games, all of Win A Day Casino’s progressive slots share a common jackpot. That means that it climbs regardless of which games are popular that day, and everyone who is spinning on the progressives has a chance to win the big payout.

Winning tips from a winning player

Allison P. herself thinks that this shared jackpot setup contributed to her big win. She’s a big believer in trying out all the slots the casino has to offer. “I love Chinatown but there’s so many other fun games that I enjoy,” said Allison. “I played the new Castle Siege most over the holidays.”

Castle Siege Video Slot

According to her, having such a wide selection is important for keeping your bankroll alive. “Switch games if you feel unlucky on a particular game. Find one that suits your current mood and luck.” And if nothing seems to work, Allison advises stepping back before you let the losing gets to you. “If you still don't feel lucky, take a break and play another day.” It all comes down to luck at the end of the day, but these tips are great things to keep in mind for bankroll management and getting the most enjoyment out of your play.

Try Win A Day Casino today!

If you’re feeling lucky, who knows? You might be the next Win A Day Casino progressive jackpot winner. Visit Win A Day Casino and try Allison’s tips for yourself.

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