Take a look at which one-of-a-kind slot just paid out a record win

Take a look at which one-of-a-kind slot just paid out a record win

One lucky player from Sweden has just made Unibet Casino history. The gentleman, who prefers to remain anonymous, hit an earth-shattering win of 7,665,125 SEK (approximately €830,000) – the single largest non-progressive win ever seen at a NetEnt casino! The game? Hit 2 Split Slot, one of the rare NetEnt slots designed exclusively for Unibet Casino. Take a look at how he did it below, and then get our inside look at how you can make this dream win a reality.

A truly unexpected windfall

Like all good winning stories, this one came down to playing just long enough to see Lady Luck do her thing. In fact, this Unibet Casino player was ready to call it quits for the night! “The funny thing was, I meant to stop playing but decided to go for just one more spin and I’m really glad I made that decision,” he told the press.

The lucky combination was a near perfect hit: all but one of the spaces on the reels contained a wild symbol during the free spins feature. And since he was in the middle of the bonus, the game kept playing as if nothing had happened. He didn’t even realize how much he had really won until a few minutes later.

At first I didn’t understand how much I’d won. I thought that if you win amounts like that something extraordinary will happen on the screen, but it didn’t so I didn’t realize what had happened. It was only after a while when I checked my balance that I understood how much money it really was

So what does this lucky gentleman plan to do with his winnings? Well, he’s still trying to figure that one out! “I’ve not planned to do anything special with the winnings, there are always holes to fill. One thing I will treat myself with is a new camper which I’ve been thinking about for some time, so a camper at least.”

Hit 2 Split Slot: A game you won’t want to miss

Hit 2 Split

Very few online casinos offer a game with this much payout potential. Hit 2 Split Slot is one of the rare games that makes it possible to win more than €1 million on max bet without a progressive jackpot in place.

The secret is in the free spins feature. Throughout the bonus, stacks of pink and orange Wild Diamonds will tumble down the reels and hopefully freeze in place like they did for the lucky winner in this story.

But there’s more to it. As its name suggests, Hit 2 Split Slot has both single and split scatter symbols. Filling the reels up with the split scatters gives you a substantial amount of free spins, making it far easier to score that once-in-a-lifetime win!

There’s still plenty of time for you to beat this player’s win and hit the highest possible combination on Hit 2 Split Slot. Why not give it a go? Just head over to Unibet Casino today and try your luck!

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