Lucky Rich Casino Player Wins a Massive Bar of Gold

Lucky Rich Casino Player Wins a Massive Bar of Gold

Rich Casino have proven that they are dedicated to giving players a luxury experience with their latest promotion, the Golden Raffle. This contest ran throughout February, giving all players the chance to win a rare bar of gold weighing a whopping 1kg! After a formal drawing, long-time Rich Casino player doodlebugger21 was chosen as the winner of this top-class prize. He now has his gold bar in his hands, and we’ve got his story below!

An Unforgettable Win

When doodle­bug­ger­21’s ticket was selected in the official Golden Raffle drawing, he was absolutely stunned. “I couldn’t believe I’ve won this prize. It’s the biggest prize I’ve won so far,” declared the winner. That’s quite impressive, given that he has won his fair share over his time at Rich Casino.

In fact, doodlebugger21 said that this win was big enough that it was worthy of an unforgettable party. In an interview with the casino, he said, “I broke open a bottle of blue label and some scotch and celebrated.”

Based on current gold prices, this massive prize from Rich Casino is worth thousands of dollars. But for now at least, doodlebugger21 says the he won’t be selling it anytime soon. “It’s definitely something I want to keep,” said the winner shortly after receiving his prize. Not many people can show off a huge block of gold at their next barbecue!

Becoming the Next doodlebugger21

The Golden Raffle might be over, but Rich Casino gives players the chance to win thousands every day with its massive selection of Top Game slots and other favorites. As a slot player, doodlebugger21 knows what it’s like to be anxiously awaiting that big jackpot. Through his years of playing, he has this bit of advice to give to dedicated slot lovers: “Just don’t give up, continue to play the game. A lot of people get frustrated and quit but I say keep playing. It might take a while but eventually you can hit the jackpot.”

Of course, we always recommend playing with a level head. Never bet more than you can afford to lose, and stop playing if you aren’t having fun anymore

To make sure that you get the most out of every deposit you make at Rich Casino, you should always check to see what promotions are currently running. You can find the general promos on Rich Casino’s website. As a loyal player, you will also receive regular offers in your email inbox. 

Why Rich Casino?

For doodlebugger21, the choice to play at Rich Casino is about two things. Most obviously is the fact that they run regular promotions and tournaments that give players more ways to win big – even a chance at pure gold! He also enjoys “the nice selection of games.”

Although this lucky winner loves making trips to land-based establishments, he feels that Rich Casino is the best one on the web: “I’ve played at lots of online casinos. Rich Casino is the best casino so far. It’s all good.”

Maybe you could be this lucky, why not try your luck at Rich Casino now?

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