Lady Luck is Apparently Working Overtime Time at Bovada

Lady Luck is Apparently Working Overtime Time at Bovada

Bovada Casino is either the luckiest place on Earth or Lady Luck had her fingers in this pie. This time around, the lucky winner was Stephen W. from North Carolina, who decided to test his luck on a Good Girl Bad Girl video slot. How much did he win you may ask? Well, he went home free with $80,410.

Which path did Stephen take?

As I already mentioned, Stephen tested his luck on a Good Girl Bad Girl video slot. Ok, I’ll admit that maybe it’s not a slot intended for men, but who cares, money is money. Often, life requires you to choose which path you’ll go when you find yourself in a crossroad, and so does this slot game apparently, and Stephen obviously chose the right one.


Hit the reels and choose your side and decide your destiny

This 5 reel and 15 pay-line video slot powered by Betsoft software has such an engaging and interactive gameplay that it is no wonder players like it so much. The pay-out in this slot is dictated by your choice between pitchfork and halo, so choose wisely and keep in mind that there is progressive jackpot that can be won.

How to become skillful at Good Girl Bad Girl?

Good Girl Bad Girl Slot

You are probably wondering how you can beat the system. Well, there’s nothing I would like more but to give you some magic formula that will help you to win this slot, but, unfortunately there isn’t one.

The main problem with this slot is whether you’ll choose the right side, because there’s always the chance that you’ll choose the wrong one and then you’ll kick yourself for that. However, there are 3 modes you can choose from: good, bad or mixed. Either of these can bring you plenty because this slot offers many interesting features, which mode you’ll choose is entirely up to you.  But, if I can offer my humble opinion I suggest you to choose mixed mode.

Check Bovada out

If you still haven’t found the time to check out Bovada Casino, I believe that this is the reason enough for you to do it now. Bovada simply cares about their players and they want to provide them with the best possible gaming experience. The proof of this is their Welcome bonus which can go up to $3000. Not bad, huh? For more details about these bonuses, as well as some other, refer to our Bovada Casino Bonuses page.

If you are an old player and you know your way around, be sure that the next time you find yourself at Bovada you hit the reels on this dichotomy slot with a great name and even greater gameplay. Who knows, maybe next time around you may be the lucky winner.

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