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Find out the secret to this Texas woman's scary good $112K win

Find out the secret to this Texas woman's scary good $112K win

Bovada Casino just paid out one of its biggest wins of all time! Julie J. from Texas hit an unbelievable $112,425 payout on the creepy Greedy Goblins Slot, one of their most popular 3D slots. This progressive jackpot win is certain to make her the talk of the town! Find out how she did it and what you can do to increase your odds of becoming Bovada Casino’s next big winner below.

Things really are bigger in Texas

Progressive jackpots of this size don’t happen every day, and we can’t think of anywhere more fitting for a payout this big than in the Lone Star State. But how did Julie J. do it?

Absolutely do not forget to take advantage of bonuses

Two things. First, she was smart enough to know that you have to bet the maximum to hit the jackpot. Second, she hit the “Spin” button at just the right time! Yes, Lady Luck is still the reigning queen. Ultimately, these two factors are what made her more than $100,000 richer in mere seconds.

Getting the most out of your own jackpot-hunting bankroll

Everyone wants to be the winner of a life-changing chunk of cash, but not everyone knows how to do it. Here’s our tips for you to consider before you head off to Bovada Casino to become the next big winner.

First, absolutely do not forget to take advantage of bonuses. These extend your bankroll (sometimes by double, triple, or more), and a larger bankroll means more opportunities to make your spinning finger strike at just the right moment. If you’re totally new to Bovada Casino, why not sign up today? You’ve got loads of bonus cash waiting to make your next spinning session even more thrilling! Existing players also have plenty of bonuses available; check out our Bovada Casino bonuses page for more details.

Second, make sure you check the rules of your chosen progressive slot and play accordingly. Many, such as the Greedy Goblins Slot in this article, require you to play the maximum bet. Others do not. Check the paytable so you’ll know how much you need to bet to have a chance at winning. If you’re not comfortable betting the maximum try to find progressive slots that don’t require it.

Greedy Goblins Slot

Third, always play a game that can actually give you a big payout. Progressive slots are obviously the best choice for this. Not all slots have the potential for these life-changing wins, and if that’s what you’re looking for, it’s best to avoid these kinds of games completely. If you’re unsure of which ones to pick, Bovada Casino’s recent big winners list is a good place to start.

Happy jackpot hunting!

Julie J.’s winning story proves that luck really does happen. And who says lightning can’t strike twice? Stop by Bovada Casino and put your spinning skills to the test. Who knows – maybe your name will be in our next big win story!

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