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A Turbulent Night Turned into £81K For a UK Player at InstaCasino

It was a night of big wins for one greedy player at InstaCasino. What started off as a disaster turned out to be a night to remember as the UK player finished his session with an impressive £81K in the bank. They players story is equally as impressive too and if you’d like to chance to win some cold hard cash why not become a member of InstaCasino today.

It all Started Rather Unpleasantly

The UK facing online casino who only opened their doors back last year has had quite an impact in the industry. Their sleek design and their sheer volume of online slots and table games is just the start of it! And now one lucky Londoner has just won £81,000 playing a selection of popular NetEnt Slots.

It was just another Thursday night, when the rest of country had probably tuned into EastEnders. But for this particular player he had a very big goal in front of him. The gentleman, in his earlies thirties and new to the casino made a massive £3,000 first deposit. Not even deciding to take the first online casino bonus he went straight in for the kill.

“Those who bet big sure do win big”

The guy decided to play some of his favourite games, starting off with the legendary Guns N’ Roses Slot. He went straight in betting £100 spins and lasting just 13 minutes, the players balance soon reached a big fat zero! But that didn’t stop him!

Was He Losing or Was He Winning?

After losing a £3K deposit some players might have been a little perturbed. But not this one. He went to make a second deposit, this time increasing it to £4,000! He certainly had balls, and it didn’t take long before it all started paying off!

Playing the same game his balance initially dropped to £1300 before he hit an astonishing £7,250 spin. He’d made his losses back and probably the adrenaline started pumping again till he slowly made his way to the £10k mark.

It Got Better and Better

The player, who had already had quite a turbulent night had no intentions of giving up yet! With £10K in his bankroll her turned to the Jimi Hendrix Slot. And boy was the player feeling lucky as he increased his bets to an extremely gutsy £200 a spin. This is when a crazy spin landed him £9,920 shortly after.

Less than an hour had passed and the player was up £12K. More than what some people earn in a year! But the night was still young as Hedrix continued to deliver win after win with another £11,990 rolling in! His balance now rocketing to £27,000. Take his £7K in deposits away from that and it’s a £20K net profit so far!

A Massive Blow

At this point the player changed his game to the Steam Tower Slot. Initially not one of the best decisions he had made as his balance plummeted £20K, placing £250 spins! But bitter sweet soon turned into pure ecstasy as once again the player landed his biggest single win yet! £34,120 came gushing into his bankroll!

With £40K to play with now the player still hadn’t finished! This time it the Spartacus Slot powered by Scientific Games in the firing line. Increasing his bets to the most he’d spun all night! An incredible £250 per spin. For the best part of an hour he stayed at the £40K until, the moment he had been waiting for arrived! A spin that more than doubled his bankroll finished off the player’s night. A massive £43,750 exploded onto his screen! In just under 3 hours the player managed to change his life cashing out a truly incredible £81,000! Now that beats watching the soaps any day don’t you agree?

We’d like to say huge congratulations to the extremely player! Why not read our InstaCasino Review to start your winning journey today? It really could happen to anyone.

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