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Thebes Casino has quickly grown into the flagship of the Top Game brand gaining a reputation as one of the best Online Casino operators out there. This casino has been designed with the player in mind and sports some innovative features including a multi-tab function that lets you play multiple games at once. The quality of the interface is very good, the graphics are of a very high standard and the games are great to play. One other neat feature is it that live support is always available through use of a live chat window. This is one online casino that is setting new standards in player satisfaction and one that we are sure you will want to try.

The Software

Downloading the software is easy and it takes very little time to register for a free account and begin playing. When we first logged in, we was immediately given the option of looking at a step by step guide to familiarize ourself with the interface which was very useful. One thing that really stood out to us was the quality of the video slots, without a doubt some of the most fun we have had playing Online Slots in a long time. Using their multi-tab option we was soon playing four of them at once whilst playing Roulette in a fifth window. A lot of attention has been spent on small details like the addition of a basic Blackjack strategy guide which you can access in the software whilst playing.

Customer Support

All I can say is I joined up, filled in my details, contacted live support through the live chat window and was credited with my first $11 free money instantly. I tried contacting them again 30 minutes later and their response was immediate and helpful. This is clearly one area where Thebes Casino excels.


  • US players are welcome
  • US players are welcome
  • Gaming Labs Certified


  • Few deposit and withdrawal methods
  • 0-96 hours pending time for withdrawals
  • 2-5 days timeframe for payments via e-wallets


Thebes Casino Reviews by Players


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malaren 1 review
The only good thing so far is the freemoney you got from the start.
That they don't verifying and are really slow waited 4 days now for the documents to be verifying, lets see how many days it will take to do the withdraw or if its even possible with this casino. Also been speaking with different people from livechat and they all say different things about how long time it should take. Going to try cashout the maximum ammount that is allowed 100€, wish me good luck :P

Thank you for your review, we are constantly striving to improve our services.

Once you send us the documents required for withdrawal, you should receive an automated reply containing a ticket number. If you can provide us with the ticket number on LiveChat, we can ensure a speedy, if not instant review of the documents.

As far as the withdrawal timeline goes, once the withdrawal is approved, it can take up to 12 business days for the payment to reach your account, depending on the selected withdrawal method.

Should you require any additional information or assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us, we are at your disposal 24/7 on LiveChat.

Kind regards,
The Thebes Casino team
raspoet 1 review
Very bad livechat... they are not helping... not friendly. And the promotions are false. Very bad casino.
Hello Raspoet,

After a reivew of your account and chats we have found no negative interaction between you and our agents, and no recent interaction. Your last chat with us was last year, in 2016.

Assuming you are referring to the last chat, all our agent said was that you were not eligible for another free bonus, which was accurate. You've claimed roughly 300 in bonuses since you signed up with us, and as you know there is a limit to the free promotions you can claim.

We would like to invite you online, we have some great offers available for you for your first deposit with us.

Kind regards,
The Thebes Casino team
Mshella29 6 reviews
United States
Not much at this point. I would say that the fact that they have betsoft games available to US players would be a good thing but if you use their bonus you can't play them!
The only reason I even tried this casino is because askgamblers gave it a 7 which is about as high as it gets for casinos available to US residents. Most available to us are RTG and I was bored with them. Thebes however has betsoft which is hard to come by. I signed up and live chat immediately popped up asking if I wanted a huge bonus. I specifically asked if I was able to play ALL games with the bonus amount and was told yes. I didn't deposit just yet and logged off. I came back later and the same thing happened, live chat popped up immediately. I asked again, and was told yes again.

I made a deposit and as soon as it went thru he logged off. I went to play a betsoft game and sure enough, my balance for EVERY betsoft game was 0! I tried contacting live chat but it the connection was disconnected! I even took screen shots of the live chat with them telling me I could play all games. I would steer clear of this place and hope that askgamblers takes another look at their rating.
Hello Mshella29,

We would like to start by apologizing for the created situation. After a review of the chat, we concluded that you were indeed offered the wrong information by our agent. He was in training at that time, but that is no excuse.
We would like to make it up to you. Just come online and request a chat session and we will make sure you get the right information as well as some compensation for the trouble.

Keep in mind we are at your disposal 24/7 on live chat, or if you prefer you can contact us by email.

Kind regards,
The Thebes Casino team
zocksteff 14 reviews
I liked the sign up bonus and some of the games they offer. Unfortunately with the bonus you can't play them though!
... I found out that this I'd not a trustworthy casino.
I won over 1000 with the first bonus and since I knew that only 100 can be withdrawn from that I contacted their customer service to find out what I need to do to withdraw. Their customer service is a disaster and you can't trust them!

They will never give you the complete information and when you ask something in the chat it takes up to 15 minutes to get an answer that is not even helpful. The customer service at Thebes should be called "withdrawal prevention unit". Do not deposit your money there! You will not get it back!
-Friendly Customer Services and Chat

-Many Slot Machines
When asking them questions in the chat before making my deposit they answered by question the best way they could. After that they offered be a %600 with a x25 wager that they kinda didn't explain all that well to me. I put in $200 and they gave me a $1,000 that was nice for the mean time but as soon as I started wining in roulette two days straight they had put the bet limit on all tables Blackjack Roulette ect. to min 2 max 5.

So I contacted them and they said why don't your try some video slots I did end up wining some money off that an there is one game I really like on there but I really like table games and are hard to win any money on now because of the limit.

I had contacted them why they lowered it on me. I was told that it your VIP level. I then asked about where can I see my VIP they said you cant but you can ask if you want to know about it. I had asked them why it was lowered again and they said that its what your VIP level is set to that. If you play more then you will be able to bet higher. I said then why did it go down they then started asking me to play other games.

I feel like they are trying to take my money and not play fair letting winners keep there money and want to take it all from. One of the reps did say that the manager does do review on a weekly basis. I will wait to see if they make it return by to normal after a while but I don't think they will.
Thomas Y. 5 reviews
United States
Has some good slots, but all of which you can find at other casinos.
Their bonus looked pretty good, the representative messages me from the start talking me into depositing. They offered a 500% bonus with 25% wagering (or 30, can't remember) and said I could "play on any of their games". I asked "Does this mean I can play Good Girl, Bad Girl, 2 million BC, and Greedy Goblins" and the representative answered "Yes". I went ahead and deposited 125$ leaving me with a 760$ balance.

I then loaded up Good Girl, Bad Girl and noticed my account balance was only $125. I found out shortly after none of the BONUS funds can be used to play any of their good slots, or live blackjack. I decided to forfeit the bonus and play with my hard earned cash.

Played Good Girl, Bad Girl, a few hands of blackjack, and Gypsy rose. After all of the play, my balance was about $130.


I started playing a new slot that I never played before called "7 Monkeys". I played this slot for about 2 hours, and my ending balance was 97$. I decided to hit the live blackjack to try and recoup my losses.

My balance for Live Blackjack was now 10$. I thought it was a bug, but after talking to tech support they said that all of the winnings from 7 monkeys were not usable on any of the good slots or live blackjack. Keep in mind I am playing with no bonus, just pure cash.

So essentially, if you play any of their crappy slots with your real cash balance, it will only take away from your real cash balance and never give back. So all of the money I wagered on 7 monkeys was lost and now I have a balance of 10$ to play blackjack and the better slots, and a balance of 97$ to play on their crappy slots only.

Do not deposit money here. You will lose it all.
They layout is very nice and appealing to the eye. Deposits are quick and easy.
World's worst computerized blackjack. I have played a lot of blackjack in B&M casinos as well as online.Thebes has their blackjack tight tight tight. So many times I would have 20 and the dealer would draw 4 - 5 cards to get to 21. You have blackjack, well so does the dealer, push.

Payouts were all around very very poor. I will not be making another deposit to this casino. As soon as I hit free spins on one of the slots I got a "connecting to game server message". I contacted chat and took about 20 minutes to get three responses. Eventually just closed the game out.
I really liked the look of the lobby. It was easy to register, and they offer a 500% bonus of each of your first 5 deposits, minimum $25.The slots are not extremely tight, as some.
On Jan. 30th I opened an account made a $25 deposit and received the 500% bonus.The term & conditions are very lengthy and a bit confusing. I contacted live support (which is very slow) to check on the play through. He said it was 25X and I thought that was pretty good. I played and played wagering mostly $5 a spin. I ended up winning over $1000, but you cannot tell what you have wagered except through live chat, ( no report that I could find).

By the evening of Feb. 1st I was told that I made it through the wagering. I got all my verification documents and the casino form together and faxed them to security. I received a generic response that they had gotten my e-mail and would respond shortly.

As of today, Feb. 6th, I have not heard a word from anyone. I e-mailed them yesterday, but no reply. In the meantime I continued to play on my money until it was gone. That is fine, because I only spent $25.First of all, I wonder if I will ever hear about my paperwork, and even if I do what would happen if you were to make a withdrawal, 3 or 4 months maybe to receive, or would you receive?

Also be careful, because there are many games you cannot play, once you have spent your initial deposit.I couldn't quite figure it out, but chat said you need to deposit again for those games, even though there was plenty of money in my account? I am anxious to see if I ever hear from them.

Do I trust them? I don't think so, we will see.
zerooo 742 reviews
Thebes Casino runs TopGame software. I created my account after I saw they offer no deposit bonus of 30$. It was free so I decided to take the bonus. When I downloaded their software I reedemed bonus code in cashier. The account was credited and I started to play. I didn't know which game to play, because I never play games powered by TopGame software. I tried first Ducks and eggs. I played it some time, later I won bonus game and from it I won 1$. The bet was 0.2$ per spin. I was not happy about it, so I changed the game. I played New Tales of Egypt. I lost some money on previous game, I had around 20$ so I raised bet to 0.4$ on this game. The games was not in the mood, i didn't get any free spins. With my last 10$ I played Orbital mining. I got some winnings from this game, but this did not helped me. At the end I lost the money.

I have to say that I don't like TopGame software. I don't see anything special in it. For withdraw I see they have very long pending period. 0-96 hours that is long. And for e-wallets 2-5 days. I won't make deposit here, even if they offer me great deposit bonus. I don't liked game software, I didn't managed to win from free chips and cleared the wager requirements of bonus. Maybe it would be different if I won from it, but I didn't. Otherwise I don't know if I could trust this casino. Here they have casino rank at around 4 and for me that is not good enough to make deposit at casino. If I would be a fan of TopGame software, I believe I could find better, more trusted casino than this one.
katemak 1136 reviews
If you joined one Top Game casino you see them all, why?? Because they really all look alike as they are some twins, well the only difference is the main page of every casino and the rest of it is all the same. Honestly I don’t trust any of the Top game casinos so that’s the reason I have never deposited in any of them, because they have rarely good customer support and if we are talking about their payout time frame I think we will wait a bit longer time, I am not saying they are not paying, so maybe they are, but with a big delay and not any player doesn’t like that.

So yes I sign up here opened my account very quickly, actually I have download the casino, inserted all the general info about me and I expected to have the 30$ free chip in my account, because when I was signing up I insert the code, but the bonus was not on my account and I had to ask help from the live chat. So I was given that free bonus and hat was really surprising seeing Top Game casino free chip with only X 70 wagering the bonus and we know almost all of this kind of casinos, will let you use the free bonus, but the wagering is super high with X 99 the bonus, which by my opinion it’s very hard to trigger X 70 and can imagine how could be wagered bonus X 99!!!

Well I thought I could give it a try so opened Sweet Surprise slot and that’s the game I like to play and played it for a while with a bet 1.25$.I was playing really short time there ,because the chip was only 30$ and my bet was 1.25$ so I lost the money very quickly. When I contacted the support they were nice .although I was waiting for them maybe 2-3 minutes, till someone responded me, so live chat is not so good, I guess they should pay attention of that thing.

I used the bonus and I don’t think I will be coming here again ,the reason is I didn’t made any cashout from this guys so I could test the cashout period and if I did that I might deposit here, so far no. Good Luck!
Dear Askgamblers,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Our Casino operates on the Top Game platform; this will most likely lead to similarities when it comes to the games and the platform structure itself.

When it comes to Customer Support, we can only vouch for ours and we can assure you that we try to improve our services all the time.
We appreciate katemak’s review and any other reviews as they help us have a better insight, see what can be implemented or changed, in order for our customers to have a better gaming experience.

We would like to assure katemak that, once Terms and Conditions are met, payouts are honored accordingly.

We invite katemak to contact us by phone, email or chat for more details regarding payouts or any other inquiries that might arise.

Thebes Casino.
blondie 1047 reviews
I've been looking for no deposit bonuses lately a lot, and most of them come from Top Game powered casinos. This time I decided to join Thebes casino for their free chip.

I started with downloading their software, because it is the only playing method they offer. At first I had a few problems with the download, I couldn't open it and many error came out, so I deleted it and downloaded again. Everything went smooth and I signed up.

In bonus section I claimed AskGamblers code, it worked and after the login the 30eur was there. Then I went to see which game I would like to play decided to go with Daytona Gold, which seemed like a descent game. But then I saw that the money was gone from my balance. I was surprised and disappointed at the same time, because Top Game is just a headache for me, most of the casinos bring me unpleasant emotions.

I visited the live chat and asked why the bonus was taken off. A chat person said- no bonus for multiple accounts. I didn't understand what he was talking about, because that was the first time I visited Thebes casino, I had never signed up there before and no one with my address too. He didn't answer for some time and then just said someone has an account there. Then I asked, if it was on my name, he answered that no, but since it wasn't my name, he couldn't tell me what the name was. I was disappointed and frustrated. He answered with 5 words maximum, seemed uninterested, unpolite, I wasn't given an argumented answer.

I am so happy I tried to use the ND bonus because I will never see this casino again. There are definitely better Top Game casinos. After my irritating, short-answered chat I asked to delete my account. The reason for that was not the fact that I couldn't get free chip, but the way I was treated, without explanations, it made this casino untrustful in my eyes, so I wouldn’t give them my money.
aussiejass 114 reviews
Thebes casino is also from the top game software. This group has a lot of casinos and the good part about them is that they always give good bonuses and that is why i always create an account on most of the casinos from them. All the casinos in some terms from top game look alike or have same bonuses and promotions. This one does not support the instant play feature which is not that important because that feature does not even give us all the games that the casino has to offer.

I joined this casino and claimed the 20$ no deposit bonus offer. They have a 70 times wager where as most of the casinos from top game have 99 times play through so that was a good point in this casino.I got to the action with bankroll reload and big band and these were classic slots and my start was really very slow and i was not impressed by this. So i moved to video slots. Here i play tales of Egypt and dice and fire. I stay here for a long time because every now and then i was getting features but no wilds or free spins. I have never gotten a single free spin features in any top game casino slot game ever and i am still eagerly waiting for that day.I had very little balance left so tried my luck with Bj and roulette here i stayed for the longest because i was good here and was getting action. In the end i lost the bonus which happens all the time because their is no way that you can make the 20$ 70 times because for that you need a very string luck.

I think this casino is a 7 for me and good bonuses by top game. This is why I like them a lot. Top game always gets me because of their offers and it is very hard to ignore them.
Imvikas911 117 reviews
Thebes casino had a 20$ no deposit bonus so i decided to join them as their is no point of leaving a free sign up bonus unclaimed. I did not like that they do not have the instant play mode for the casino as downloading and all takes a lot of time and it really irritates me so in the end i just had to download the software and then registered and got the bonus in the end.

I opened the black diamonds game and i was happy that this casino was not giving technical problems like the last top game casino i played on. Their live chat is always on the screen and this is a nice feature of them. i played black diamonds and on the first spin only i got the silver ring thing and it got me 0.08$. Then after some spins i hi the red diamonds thing with the same ring that i hit earlier but this time my win was 1.40$ . The good thing about this slot is that even if most of the times the winnings are not that big but yet very less spins go for zero so i think that it is a very good thing about this slot. After this i opened crazy jungle and here i hit the green fruit with
wild and elephant on the thirteen line and it got me 0.15$ and the wins are low because i am betting the lowest as i did not have a big balance. After that i hit the duck thing with the coconut and this time i got 0.08$. Tries some more slots like bee land et c but then was bored with the slots and opened blackjack now. Here i saw some fancy winnings like i had 21 and the dealer got 20 and i won and i really like hands like these which are really close and makes it entertaining. Did not hit BJ even once but won a lot of hands and left this game with a profit.

Roulette was a very average game here and usually it is the opposite because whatever i lose in BJ i try to recover in roulette but here i lost every thing in roulette. The good thing about this casino is that all slots are very nice and the payout is very good
LilianInThaHouse 650 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Thebes Casino is another casino that uses Top Game software. All casinos run by this software are very much alike in many things. I have never made a deposit or had a cash out in any of these casinos. The good thing is that I found on many gambling sites that the withdrawal process with Thebes casino isn't as long as some other casinos. I takes about 3 days to get your money. Off course all Top Game casinos offer some no deposit bonus and that is the case with Thebes Casino also.

Here on AG I found and exclusive 20 euros bonus for new players. Thank you AG for this bonus and many other that you can find here. The bonus wasn't cash able and had a high 70 x bonus wager. But in some other Top Game casinos that I have played in the wager was 99 x bonus. Immediately after I logged on their live chat operator welcomed me. After I provided the bonus code 20 euros were added to my account. Like I said before I have already played in Top Game casinos so their games were familiar to me. One of my favorites is Carnival of Venice. It’s a very fun slot game with 5 reels and 20 paylines. I had a few big wins here and my balance when I moved on to another game was 100 euros. But meeting a 70 x bonus requirements is almost an impossible mission. In short I finished my play here after about an hour before I lost all of my money. Nevertheless I really enjoyed all the games I tried here. Overall Thebes casino offers free money. They also offer some really good and interesting slot games. So there is no reason why you shouldn't try this casino.

For Thebes Casino I give 8 out of 10.
paquito76 867 reviews
I registered at Thebes Casino after they sent me a letter about a $25 no-deposit free chips offer. I had to contact them via chat to get this bonus and shortly my balance was credited with this amount. I never liked at TopGame casinos that the right side chat window can’t be closed or minimized and cover up almost the ¼ of the casino screen. If players want to contact them I’m sure they would find a way to do it without seeing this useless part of the indicator all the time and I don’t even mention if an overzealous operator always wants to intrude us with their latest promotion. Fortunately, here at Thebes it’s not the case. It seems that TopGame places don’t want the future possible depositors who use their free money to get to know their games to have some sense of achievement as all of these promotions have an almost impossible WR to complete. We have to place stakes 99 times of the given money.

I started at Viking & Striking but I didn’t like that the bonus feature is only triggered if 3 or more Bonus symbol appears on active payline and not anywhere on the board so I quickly moved on and touched Lucky Number, Lost Gems... and finished with Diablo13. I like this game. It is a real beauty slot with very good graphics though I think the Haunted Castle icon that serves as wild symbol could be more conspicuous or better marked. Its Dungeon Treasure bonus game is not so funny and one of the simplest I’ve ever seen. Left or right, and we see the amount we won and that’s all. Anyway, my main problem with TopGames’ slots is their free spin and bonus features. I always consider them the lowest paying on the market. In most cases, players have no reason to be real excited about when they are triggered and in my opinion it’s vastly degrade the gaming experience. My other concerns are the very few table & roulette games options and they have only a handful of jackpot games.

Though I find Thebes’ casino layout great, I’ve found nothing here that would make them special in my eyes and maybe it was just temporary but I couldn’t access to their promotions page directly from Lobby or even visit their web site.
When I browse in the ask gamblers no deposit list I saw I can claim a no deposit bonus on the Thebes casino, they uses top game software so they aren’t my favorites but I always give a chance to the free money, the only thing what I worry about is this their pay outs. I knew if I have enough luck to win from the no deposit money I need to risk least 25 dollar to the verifying deposit. The only plus point from them is the low numbers of their complaints. (Usually the top game casinos had a tons of the uses complaints.)

So they gives 20 dollar to the new customers and they had a lower wagering requirements like the all other top game casino, they have only 70x (not 99x etc.) and I think the max cash out was 100 dollar but I can’t remember.

So after I finished my research from them I downloaded their software and registered to them, I never will understand why they uses 2 steps register, I means first you need to fill your e-mail address and some personal things then after you log in you need to enter more personal details, I think they really can do it in one step.

After it the support writes me instantly and offers some deposit bonus, I asked him to credit my bonus and give my bonus code to him, a few minutes later I get my promotion money and started to play with the Grave Grabbers, I played with 0.4 dollar bet, the things are going like I except, I lost my money in shorter time like the registration procedure. So I don’t be richer from them casino but I wasn’t poorer. If you want to try a top game casino I recommend them on the first place.
Thank you!

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