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Cosmik Casino - Withdrawal Delays

timw87 United Kingdom
posted on February 10, 2015.

I have been playing with Cosmik Casino for a few months now and up to this point it had been a very good experience.

Each of the withdrawals I have made (besides my very first one) had been processed within 48 hours.

However, I made a withdrawal last Monday (19th January) and it has still not been processed.

Yesterday (25th January) I tried a smaller withdrawal to see if this might speed up the process as I do really need the money asap. Unfortunately, this has made no difference whatsoever.

With the cash remaining in my account I managed to win some more money so decided to cancel the withdrawal and make a new withdrawal for the total amount owed.

I keep chasing my account manager to see what is happening but he keeps telling that Accounts are keeping him in the dark and will not tell him what is going on.

I am getting really desperate now because it is a lot of money that I am owed.

I just cannot understand the issue with this withdrawal when I have previously have no issues with Cosmik Casino. I am also in the dark as to why I can't speak to anyone else at Cosmik apart from my account manager who clearly can't help me on this issue.

posted on January 31, 2015.

Hello timw87,

We're very sorry for the delay. We're currently looking into the matter and are confident that it will be resolved very soon.

Kind Regards,

Cosmik Support Team

timw87 United Kingdom
posted on January 31, 2015.

I was assured by my account manager that my withdrawal would be processed on Thursday but it is now Saturday and I am still waiting.

timw87 United Kingdom
posted on February 2, 2015.

I was told for my withdrawal for 4350 was delayed due to some confidential issues Cosmik Casino have been having. But since the withdrawal had still not been processed, I decided to take my account manager's previous advice and split my withdrawal to try and at least get some of the money processed sooner.

Luckily I managed to win more money with the amount left in my account and have now made a withdrawal request for 7000.

All of a sudden I have been told by my account manager that my previous withdrawals have been delayed because I am over the monthly withdrawal limit - this is totally out of the blue given an email I was sent by Jeff Edwards on 27th November 2014, saying:

Hi Again,

That policy is not for VIP players.
So that can be sorted..


This really is getting ridiculous now as my account manager is actively avoiding contacting me to try and resolve this situation.

Please help!

timw87 United Kingdom
posted on February 3, 2015.

I have now received an email this morning cancelling my 7000 winnings and returning just 251 to my account.

I just do not know what is going on and this is ridiculous now - they have just stolen back the money I won fairly on their site.

Hello David,

In line with our Terms and Conditions regarding irregular play, we have declined your withdrawal request and cancelled your winnings.

These Terms and Conditions are available on our site.

Your last deposit has been credited to your account balance.

Should you have any questions please reply to this email.

Kind Regards,
Verification Team

timw87 United Kingdom
posted on February 4, 2015.

Good morning,

They are quoting clause 103 of their terms and conditions on their site and claimed I was "over-playing" - this is something I have noticed in complaints elsewhere.

The reason I believe my case to be different is because I have been playing this way for three months on their site. My very first withdrawal was for 4110 included a 2520 win on number 10 on roulette and my total bet exceeded 30% of my original deposit.

I have also done this numerous times since as the way I play is to bet heavily on a few numbers, so will most likely bet the majority of my deposit on a single spin. That is the way I have always played on the site - please just review my player history.

I have never been warned about "over-playing" or anything like that, so to turn around now and cite that clause as a reason for not paying my winnings is ridiculous and unfair.

Please help!

posted on February 7, 2015.

Hi timw87,

Unfortunately it appears that you did indeed breach clause 103 of our terms and conditions. We understand that this can be frustrating for you, but this was a decision taken by our accounting department and we don't have any influence over it. We will gladly provide you with your game history if you would like to review it in detail.

Kind Regards,

Cosmik Support Team

timw87 United Kingdom
posted on February 8, 2015.

This issue has now been forwarded onto the Malta Gambling Authority.

It has been forwarded to them as I have found that this clause has recently been inserted into a few of the terms and conditions and does not feature all over the site like the other clauses do.

Moreover, I was in breach of this clause throughout my time playing on the site without any issue - it was not until this recent win that Cosmik Casino have had an issue.

This clause makes it impossible for players to win any sort of return on this site - as if you bet more than 30% of your original deposit then you will have your money taken away even if you win.

This issue is similar to Mavili's complaint on this site dated 28th October 2014. However, my issue on top of this is the fact that I had been in breach of this 'new clause' throughout my time playing on the site - also, as mentioned earlier, this clause makes it near-impossible to return any sort of winnings from this site.

I will update this when I hear back from MGA tomorrow.

posted on February 10, 2015.

Upon evidence that we received from the casino, we can concur that player did breach 103 rule of Terms and Conditions. Therefore, we consider this case as closed and Resolved. We would also like to remind player that he could seek further assistance from Malta Gaming Authority in regards of this issue.

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