Club Gold Casino - Withdraw delay, no answers, no explanation

ackos Hungary
posted on November 13, 2015.

Hi! So I deposited 10 Ł on 10th of November 2015 with a 50% bonus and afer I made wagering I requested a withdraw of 280Ł. 48 hours later (it was yesterday) I asked about my cashout (as you can see it at attached file) via live chat, and there you can see, that they confused me so much. The agent was talking about change my cashout method, what is impossible because I have Skrill and Neteller e-wallets and a Mastercard. So if they want to pay only to CC I can't afford it because Mastercard doesn't work with cashouts. After that I sent an e-mail what you can see attached as well, and now, 24 hours later still didn't get any answer. Now I'm really worry about my cashout, I had no answer for my three basic questions:

- What is their problem with my Skrill account?
- Why do they want to use a method, what will not working because of the type of my credit card?
- When my cashout request will be processed?

Any kind of help is very welcomed, I don't know what to do now.


ackos Hungary
posted on November 16, 2015.

I copy the last chat text what happened right now. At this time I got the information that my cashout will be processed today via wire transfer. I stil didnt get any e-mail from them about this. If I don't ask them via live chat I would be in totally darkness.

„me: Hi! Can you please inform me about my withdraw?
Carrie: You are now chatting with Carrie
Carrie: Hello
Carrie: checking
me: Thank yu
me: o
Carrie: Your withdrawal will be processed today
me: Via Bank Transfer?
Carrie: wire transfer
Carrie: yes
me: Okay, I hope so.
me: Do you have any information about when it gonna be arrived to my bank account?
Carrie: It may take 7 working days
me: So it is sure, that it will be processed today?
me: Because I already asked some questions via e-mail and I didnt get answers.
me: Now I'm a little bit confused about your cashout system.
me: As you can see originally I requested it via Skrill, what is (surprisely) not working.
me: After that your co-worker told me I need to rerequest it via credit card transfer, and finally it is going to be wire transfer.
me: You already denied my request without any notification and now it seem that I requested a cashout today.
Carrie: Your withdrawal was locked
Carrie: and will be processed today
Carrie: as per our Accounts Department
me: May I ask why it was locked?
Carrie: in order to be processed
Carrie: this is the first step in the process
me: Okay, I accept it. But what what is wrong with Skrill?
me: Now it is ok, if you use wire transfer I'm just curious.
Carrie: our Accounts department could not process the withdrawal to your Skrill account
Carrie: we do not have more information regarding this matter
me: OK. I hope the best. Can you please send me a notification via e-mail when you did transfer the money?
Carrie: Yes
Carrie: We will
me: Ok, thank you.Have a nice day, good bye for now!”

ackos Hungary
posted on November 16, 2015.

Here is the last screenshot of my statement.

ackos Hungary
posted on November 17, 2015.

When I logged in, the 280 was on my gaming account, so I started to chat. Here is the copy of this:

me: Hi!
Carrie: You are now chatting with Carrie
Carrie: Hello
Carrie: Thank you for contacting us
Carrie: As per our Accounts Department the issue with withdrawals processed to skrill accounts was fixed
me: Ahh..
Carrie: and due to that reason they decided to return the funds back into your account
me: Carrie
Carrie: please request the withdrawal now to your skrill
me: Please
Carrie: and it will be processed immediately
Carrie: while you are on the chat
Carrie: because the wire transfer will take 7 days
me: I requested it
Carrie: give me a minute please
me: Ok
Carrie: contacting our Accounts Department
Carrie: Our Accounts Department will complete the transaction until the end of the working day
me: Why not right now?
me: Sorry, I'm a little bit unpatient, because i week after my origina request actually nothing happened.
me: And the communacation from your side was not perfect, I mean you havent send me any e-mail about the issues.
Carrie: I understand your frustration
Carrie: We apologize for the inconvenience
Carrie: Our Accounts Department are busy processing your withdrawal ​
me: Thats nice and I apriciate this. But in thi case it would be more nice, if you process it right now as you told me at the beginning of this convrsation.
Carrie: I thought that our Accounts Department will be able to process it immediately
Carrie: Unfortunately it will take longer
me: ...
me: But today?
Carrie: but I can assure you it will be processed
Carrie: during the working hours
Carrie: Yes, today
me: What does it mean?
me: Until 4 pm?
Carrie: Yes
Carrie: It will be processed shortly
Carrie: This is the information we received from our Accounts Department
me: Ok.Thank you for you help, I'm still waiting.
me: Have a nice day, good bye for now!
Carrie: I'm really sorry
Carrie: I apologize for the inconvenience ​
Carrie: and thank you for your patience
Carrie: Have a ggod day
Carrie: *good day

So now I'm waiting, we will see what can be happened till the end of the day.

ackos Hungary
posted on November 17, 2015.

I just got my funds via Skrill. Thank you for your attention, this case is solved. It took one week, a lot of chatting, but now I believe they had some technical problem with Skrill.

posted on November 17, 2015.

Based on player's last comment, we consider this case as resolved and it is now officially closed.