Winner Casino - Fixed Site???

xxscotslassxx United Kingdom
posted on November 21, 2012.

I raised a complaint with Winner Casino regarding my account balance information on site.

Whilst playing their slot games my balance read £500 ......I went to withdraw this and was advised by the automated message 'could withdraw £127 as bonus funds still needed to be played through.....fair enough staked a further £200 went to withdraw £400 balance as showing, was advised again by automated message could only withdraw £250 ..... went on to stake a further £300 ... balance now £300 advised by automated message I could only withdraw £25!!!.... at this stage I began to question their wagering rule which is 12 x the bonus, (my deposit had been £40.00) which I had clearly met many times over. Requested live help... which took 20 mins in that time I had lost a further £40 decided to cut my losses and again requested a withdrawal of the full balance... was advised at this time I had no balance to withdraw!!!!

On eventually speaking with the live help advisor, they stated my account balance was 75p which is why I was not able to withdraw. I advised them this was clearly incorrect as I was looking at the balance which showed £260.00. Again it was stated no the balance was 75p. At this point I took screenshots of the account balance showing and the conversation with the live help advisor, which I forwarded to their support email. I was advised email and screenshots had been received and had been forwarded for investigation. The live help advised yes he had seen the screenshots and yes he agreed something was clearly wrong. I was also advised a maximum of 72 hours for a response. I have given them an extra 48 hrs and have had no response. When I log into the site and click for live help I have had no response in 45 mins/1hr waiting.

I am extremely angry re this issue as I played and deposited to their site in good faith there is clearly something far wrong here. This error is not of my making and is clearly an error (or scam of some sort) on their system. Why was my account balance showing £260 if this was not a true representation of funds and also had my account not shown the balances stated why would I request withdrawals higher than the balance???? incidental when I now log into the site my balance shows at 75p!!!

posted on May 21, 2013.

Apologies from Winner Casino for not replying to this before! Is it solved meanwhile? Please update us!