Winbig 21 Casino - Stalling payment, giving me the run around

posted on December 30, 2015.

Winbig21 owes me $6500.00 I keep getting lies to...they tell me they are sending it, or that it was sent yet it never seems to show up. They do not respond to any emails, even have trouble getting someone on the telephone. They had no problem taking all my money when I lost, but can't seem to send me my winnings. Its been a month and I get nothing from them. They have though made lots of promises that they have never followed through with. Attached is a chat I had with them where they made some of those promises.

posted on December 31, 2015.

General Info
Chat start time Sep 23, 2015 6:44:10 PM EST
Chat end time Sep 23, 2015 7:13:22 PM EST
Duration (actual chatting time) 00:29:11
Operator Damien

Chat Transcript
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Damien: hi
lisatamar: Hi there
lisatamar: so now what?
lisatamar: What have we come up with to solve this issue
Damien: Yes i have discussed with my colleague also .. And as per them its not possible.. to put the money in your account.. and you can withdraw .. So now we have decided that we will put $1000 every day.. with 20x playthrough.. And you have to complete that and then you can make your withdrw.. and whatever you will withdraw that we will pay within 48 hours...
lisatamar: 20 is a bit high don't you think
lisatamar: no max?
Damien: yes it will be no max..
Damien: but 20x playthrough you have to complte
lisatamar: how about 10x
lisatamar: ad for how long
lisatamar: you can credit some play back
Damien: sorry .. normally we always credited cashback with 30x but only for you.. we are giving.. 20x
lisatamar: for how long will you put 1000 in
Damien: its depends on your deposit which you have made in this month.
lisatamar: why this month
lisatamar: how about the last 5 months
Damien: for example if you have deposited $2000 in this month .. In this month you will get 2 times. cashback of $1000 ..
Damien: And then from next month we will count total deposit of .. august month and then we will start cashback in next month ..
lisatamar: so for the next month you will put 1000 in my account each day for the month
Damien: for the month of Aug..
lisatamar: but this is september
lisatamar: I have given you people a ridiculous amount of money
Damien: in september whatever you have deposited .. we will credit.. rest of 8 days of this month
lisatamar: far more then 2000 I a month
lisatamar: this does not make sense to me at all
Damien: or i can do one thing..
lisatamar: then I want some of my money refunded
lisatamar: what is that
Damien: in a week we will credit $1000 three days... for next 2 months..
lisatamar: credit me back 20,000.00 of the over 60,000 tat I played
lisatamar: I still don't understand does not make sense
Damien: ma'am we can pay only when you will win.. and without deposit you can win when you will play with cashback ..
lisatamar: I don't understand what you are figuring and yes you can crdit some back
Damien: so every second day.. we will credit $1000... in your account for next 3 months.... and if you will complete the playtrhough.. then we will credit your winnings within 24 hours..
Damien: and cashback will be with no max cashout and playthrough will be 20x
lisatamar: and you wont rig the games even more?
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Damien: ma'am i have already told you that games is not in our hand..
lisatamar: ok...what happened to 1000 every day that you were talking about first
Damien: if we will go with that.. t=