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Winbig 21 Casino refused to give me the promised cashback

Valdo Italy
posted on August 31, 2014.

Some days ago, I have accepted a promotion "610% unlimited" of the casino, (the agents that offer this promotion were Jhon and James): bonus of 610% no max cashout with cashback of 390, pt of the cashback x30 and max cashout of the cashback x3. The deposit was of 90 euros. I already used promotions like this in the past, without problems and generally I have received the cashback promised. This time, the casino did not respect your words, and tried to give me a very little cashback.The online assistance answered to me in this way:

fcolonna: can i have the cashback?
Tammy: Please give a moment
Tammy: Sorry right now we can credit 100 euro for your account
fcolonna: but i have a bigger cashback
fcolonna: of 390
Tammy: You will get this 390 in parts
Tammy: Due to some technical issue
fcolonna: what does it means "in parts"?
Tammy: Means 100,100,100
Tammy: I have credit the 100 euro right now
fcolonna: sorry but I prefer to wait and receive all the amount
Tammy: So,please check your balance
fcolonna: also because I'm seeing a very high pt
Tammy: No need to worry
Tammy: Start playing now
fcolonna: Yes, I am worried
fcolonna: I prefer to receive all the amount Tomorrow with the usual pt and max cashout
Tammy: No need to worry
Tammy: Just play with the 100 euro now
fcolonna: is it a gift?
Tammy: This is a cashback
fcolonna: in this case it is not the cashout you promised to me
fcolonna: if you can't to give me now the complete cashback, I'll wait
Tammy: Yes i am telling you that
Tammy: Not an issue
fcolonna: the cashback combined is 390 with ptx30 and max cashout x3
Tammy: Yes
fcolonna: it is very different from 100 euros with pt x60 e max cashout x1.5!
Tammy: Sir i have told you that please start playing with this money
Tammy: Till the issue will resolve
fcolonna: but i can wait for the solution of the technical problem
fcolonna: i can come back tomorrow
Tammy: Okay
fcolonna: tks

Obviously, it did not exist any "technical issue". After three days insisting and many conversation on chat, I understood that the agents promised to me a cashback that was not available!
Obviously, receiving the cashback in three or four parts of 100, with a big pt x60 and a max cashout ridiculous of 1.5, it is very different than playing with 390 euros with a pt x30 and a max cashout x3!

I remember I am a very good customers of this casino, so I think It is very stupid this behavior: winbig21 is not interested in my money? The agent on phone beg me to accept the cashback in parts but obviously I did not accept and I did not begin to play. Playing will be a proof that I accept their conditions.

I'm waiting for your opinion and I hope the management of the casino solve this problem asap, if they want that I'll continue to bet at winbig21.


Valdo Italy
posted on September 3, 2014.

Just now the casino gave me the combined cashback. You can consider closed the complaint. Thanks