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Winbig21 Casino - Made a Wire Withdraw But Did Not Pay Out Yet!!

posted on June 24, 2014.

I made a withdraw of $2000 on December 27, 2013 and on January 20th 2014 transaction # 205345372450798 for $1000 was processed and show that it was complete. But as of 2/3/14 I have not gotten the money. Its a wire transfer but it taking as long or maybe even longer than receiving the physical foreign check. I'm still waiting for the wire to come through and it has been delayed.

For some unknown reason the withdraw transaction# 205345372450926 was initiated the same time as the one above but its not complete. As of 02/03/14 it still show that its being processed. Wire transfer only take 2-3 to settle in your bank account once initiated. However, it took WinBig21 over a month and half just to process it. I wonder how long it take them payout.

I was told to lose my winning of $17k so I can get that $2k but they fail to delivered as promise. How long does it take to process payment? I play so when will they pay?

posted on February 11, 2014.

I've contact WinBig21 on a daily base and today I was told that there is a delay because the finance team went on vacation. Next week will be 2 month from the day I initiated my withdraw. One transaction was said to be completed and money is being wired. However, as of today 1000 withdraw made at the same time as the first one is still being process and have not complete. The casino website does not provide accurate information and time of processing. It should be updated or audit. I'm still waiting and this is not how a casino should operate. When will I get my money!! so slow.....

posted on June 21, 2014.

This case has been reopened upon player's request.

posted on June 21, 2014.

I did not received my winning from April 2014 and I felt that I was misleaded by WinBig21 because I was deceive into making deposit at Winbig21 and to play here. Winbig21 has never been able to payout in a timely manner but this time I didn’t get paid at all. In addition, this was the second time I was denied of my large winning and was given an option of either $2000 or nothing at all. Customer representative from Live Support Chat told me that there was no max cash out and that I will received my money in 2-3 days. Not only did Winbig21 denied me of the full $4k + but they also haven’t pay me.

After two months of waiting, I decided to inform the public of the casino misconduct and unethical acts. Not only does Winbig21 lie about their bonus terms and condition, payout schedule, and harrass the players to make a deposit with false promises but they also won’t provide me with any manager or direct me to the proper authority to get my question answer.

With that being said, I ask that ASKGAMBLERS help me to warn the public of this unethicial and misconduct and also to help me get my winning. I honestly think that Winbig21 is taking advantage of the players and regardless how much I win they would find a irrelevant reason to not pay out. The casino does not abide by the term and and regulation and continue to ask for additional financial information regarding my bank info, account number, debit card infor, and credit card info even after I was already been verified. They request for financial information that has nothing to do with the transaction and store the info on file. I'm concern that my financial information is not being kept secure and confidential. Please advise.

PS. Attached are some transcript of my chat with Winbig21 representative and screenshot of the transaction amount and history. More supporting documentation as well as evidence can be provided upon request. I have been denied of my winning totaling approximately of at least $25,000 and was mistreated by the casino and WinBig 21 Financial and Support team.

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