Winbig 21 Casino - does not pay all my winnings

Valdo Italy
posted on February 1, 2014.

The Winbig Casino offered to me a promotions of 401% with playtrough x25 and 500 euros of max cashout (read the chat here: fcolonna: do you have offers for a deposit of 30?

paul: can you try for 60euro with no max with a playthrough for only 20x?

fcolonna: no, thamks

paul: ok just try for 40euro

paul: and get 550% bonus

fcolonna: max cashout?

paul: max cashout is 925euro on that

fcolonna: and for 30?

paul: you get 401% bonus

paul: but 550% is a good bonus

paul: and there is good hope to win

fcolonna: max cashout?

paul: 401% the max cashout is $500

fcolonna: playtrough?

paul: 25x)

I made a deposit of 30 and I won (my final balance was of almost 700 euros). But I discovered that the casino told me two liars: 1) the playtrough was 40x and NOT 25x as promised; 2) the system permitted me to do a cashout of only 271 and NOT 500 as promised!

I want all the cashout promised but up to now I could not have a confirmation: the assistance is using delay tattics and continues to stop any conversation because "we have technical problems".

I am tired to wait. I hope Askgamblers can help me. The casino - if it want to be considered serious - must permit all the cashout promised to me.

posted on February 13, 2014.

 As we can read from the player's comments below, this complaint is solved!