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Win A Day Casino refused to send my legit winning $100.

imam Bangladesh
posted on March 6, 2015.

Last week I had joined to Winaday casino after noticed good reviews from other players.I played with their $63 no deposit bonus and after wagered 20X my winning was $160.So, on same day I had withdrawn $100 which was maximum a player can claim.Well,last Wednesday Helen from billing department asked to send them some personal documents.Promptly I had sent all they requested.But they replied my documents did not pass their security checks!Absurd!!
I replied them to ask whats wrong with my docs?Next day they sent a email they have doubt the passport I sent was not mine,so I have to send them a picture holding the passport with my hand.Very funny.So,next day I had sent my picture holding my passport with me. Guess what? They replied :-
"Dear Md,

Thanks for your letter. The documents you sent us were not found to be valid and this is why your account was suspended and your withdrawal was voided.

Per our Terms and Conditions, Win A Day reserves the right to exclude anybody from receiving newsletters, participating in promotions, or owning an account at Win A Day.

This is my story I had experienced with Winaday Casino.They did not pay my winning!! Please help me Askgamblers to find out why they did not send my winning after submitted all required documents they asked.

posted on March 6, 2015.


Sorry to hear your withdrawal wasn't honored. Sadly, I can only rephrase what you may have already heard:

1/ the docs you supplied didn't pass our security checks utilizing both an indepth expertise of our in-house Fraud Department as well as several 3rd party solutions we use, plus add some more, such as that

2/ when providing a secondary check, it turned out that you've provided us with incorrect phone number as well

Do you have any explanation for that?

The two red flags obviously resulted in your withdrawal being voided and your player account suspended. Nothing personal, maybe it really was a bad coincidence of a low quality/altered picture and a typo in your phone number.

Kind regards

Jack Jelinek
Marketing Department
Slotland Entertainment

p.s. Nice to see you joining Askgamblers just to post your complaint there. Although somewhat soft, it can actually be viewed as a third red flag shared among players coming from Bangladesh who happen to have similar issues as outlined above... A note to myself: Is that really just a coincidence? ;)

imam Bangladesh
posted on March 7, 2015.

Hello Jack Jelinek,

I appreciate your response.I see you have pointed out 3 red flags according to winaday casino.

Point no# 1. I had sent my passport soft copy to billing department which I usually send into every casino asking verification documents.I had sent my personal neteller account print screen also to them.They had doubt may be that the passport was not mine,so they requested my photo holding my passport to send.I had sent my photo next week as I remember.But when I got reply stated that my photo holding id also not passed which made me feel winaday casino really did not have intention to pay my legit winning 100.
Point no# 2. I provided my correct phone number and also I received call from casino,but I did not understand what to say.I can't speak English also not understand someone speak in English with me,because I never speak in English with anybody.I am truely sorry for that.
Point no.# 3. You had found some similarities with other 2 players,So, after review all other complaint section I saw another issue with another player from my country which is totally different issue.Now I think Winaday casino management team feels all documents sending from my country are not legit.I found Askgamblers forum website from another players mentioned into LCB forum. That's why it took 2 weeks to submit this complaint into here.Now its clear to me you have constant doubt about all players from my country.All the best.



posted on March 9, 2015.

Hi Imam,

Thanks for taking your time providing us with some sort of explanation.

Ad 1 - Like I said, I can't comment on the outcome of Fraud Department, nor on the red flags raised by the 3rd party solutions used to perform additional security checks. But as we process thousands of payments with the winnings every week, there is really nothing personal against you, nor players from your country in freezing your payment except for the red flags raised in this particular case.

Ad 2 - I'm afraid your answer is unsatisfactory. You have been playing at Winaday casino that features English site language, and have also been able to communicate in English via this particular forum quite well. Moreover, you're been expecting a payment resulting from Winaday. Let alone it was coming from a free, no deposit bonus. And then when someone calls you and says Winaday Casino and your name, you just hang up? I'm afraid that really doesn't make much sense. Can you at least say how many times we tried to call you?

Ad 3 - We certainly don't have wrath against any anyone. On the contrary, we accept players from all over the world (with few exceptions as stated in our site terms), and as such we have nothing against players from your country. I've merely pointed out to certain similarities in actions performed consecutively by several players coming from Bangladesh, that are impossible-to-miss. With a degree in statistics, I can assure you that this is hardly a coincidence ;)

Anyway, to show a human face, upon checking with our Fraud and Billing Department about your case, we're able to give you one *last* chance:

1/ Next time when someone calls, be ready to pick the phone and confirm your identity. Even saying mere 'yes' twice as an answer per the question on your identity and whether you're expecting a withdrawal will do. Do you suppose you can make it?

2/ Provide us with *TWO* more id's containing your photo and a at least one photo of you holding one of these two additional id's. The documents must not be altered and must be provided in high resolution. Failure to do so within 48 hours will result in having your payment forfeited, your account cancelled and this case closed for good.

Kind regards

Jack Jelinek
Marketing Department
Slotland Entertainment

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