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Win A Day Casino - Cannot verify my account

edgewwe Romania
posted on July 14, 2015.

Hello Askgamblers community

I registered an account on winaday casino about 3-4 days ago with 7FREEBIE no deposit bonus code.
He give me 7 usd no deposit to wager , i wagered this bonus and i requested 77 usd max bonus withdrawal.
They have lied to receive a mail to confirm the identity and yesterday when i tried to login i receive this message : ''This account has been suspended. Please contact our Customer Support at suppor­[email protected]­ina­day­cas­ for more information.''
Perhaps they do not want to pay me
Therefore please help me because this casino is a scam and I want to see the other players to guard what had happened to me

Thank you very much
Kind Regards: Florin *************

posted on July 15, 2015.

Hi Florin aka edgewwe,

Sorry to hear about your troubles cashing out on your win. First, let's briefly recap ---

1/ You're right about the fact that you joined Winaday a few days ago and claimed $7 no deposit bonus given out to Winaday players to test our brand new Lost World slot machine.

2/ You're right about being lucky enough to meet the mild wagering requirements (albeit being a bit higher for players from Romania). So far so good.

3/ What you failed to mentioned is that you didn't comply to promo terms ('The bonuses are only valid on Lost World', in particular) and played other games as well. Moreover you never mentioned that you have also opened multiple accounts in the past which is against Winaday terms & conditions. Plus you had the guts of threateing us if we don't pay out your win.

Anyone interested to see the full string of our communication with Florin where he

1/ acknowledges not being aware of the terms for Lost World promo
2/ confirms to play other games than the one allowed (i.e. failing to comply with game promo), and lastly
3/ threatens to post complaints all over the internet if we do not pay out his winnings.

It can be publicly visible:

And such person even dares calling Winaday scam? Glad to see not all AG members are like this.

To conclude ---

Florin made absolutely unsubstantiated complaint after failing to comply with the terms for Lost World promotion, and hence became ineligible of receiving his winnings that we would have no problem payout out, should it be won in a proper way.

The fact that we don't have problem paying out even much larger cashouts originating from either free, or deposit-based bonuses was numerously attested by many other AG members in the review section.

Lastly, let's try making the world a better place, while you should definitely try harder, Florin.

Kind regards

Marketing Department

posted on July 15, 2015.

Based on the evidence that we get from a casino management, we could confirm that player didn't use this bonus for a particular game for which promotion was. We consider this complaint resolved and closed.