William Hill Casino - my deposit and winnings

posted on July 16, 2013.

I have opened account with the bookmaker William Hill.com. I have deposited 1000 euro and was lucky to win on the friendly game Beroe - Liubimetz before 1 week ago.

When I tryed to login my account and see my winnings I was surprised that William Hill suspended my account providing me with no information ???

We had correspondence and they said that they are performing standard security checks.

In their last e-mail form today they are clearly declaring: ".... that the account is indefinitely suspended and cannot be reopened anytime soon. The decision to limit your account has been done by William Hill management. This was carried out after a thorough investigation of your previous transactions, which lead to the restriction placed on the account."

I have no idea what is wrong with my transactions. The only thing I can assume is that they did not like my straight winning bets on Beroe - Libimets game. (this game was featured by over 10 big Bookmakers in Europe and Asia and no one of them refused payment) I do not understand why William Hill is treating e with such disrespect !

Clearly they are not paying my winnings but they are stealing my deposit of 1000 euro !!!

Please help me with this issue.

If you need I am willing to cooperate in any way - sending you my id documents and screenshots of my bets !