Mr Smith Casino - Will not pay my winnings due to self-exclusion made at another casino

sallie6942 United Kingdom
posted on February 2, 2015.

I joined mrsmith casino around 16th Jan, I made several deposits totaling £2361 over the period of time.
I then won £10,500 and was asked to verify account before I could withdraw, so I did several times in different ways ie email, on the chat line etc.

After a period of 7 days or more they declined my withdrawel, they said it was because I had self excluded myself from one of their sister sites casinoeuro a while back therefore I could not join this site!!!

BUT I was also a member of their other site betsson and was still depositing with no question!!

Apparently betsson are a group of 27 sites this I was unaware of, and was unaware because I had self excluded from one it went across the board.

Since this they have refunded my deposits £2361 and blocked my access to the site.

How long would they have carried on taking off me before they decided I was not allowed to be there if I had not won?

I feel they have only come up with this reason because I won, I feel they should honor the win.

My username on this site was sallie6942

Below is what they sent me