Smart Live Gaming Casino - What's Happening With Smart Live?

suspect86 United Kingdom
posted on August 5, 2016.

I have been using this site for over a year betting on sports mainly.

I made a request to withdraw
about £200 about a week ago but it has not been processed and has appeared back in my account balance.

I noticed yesterday that I couldn't place any sports bets because my balance displayed zero even though there was about £330 when I was in the casino section. I spoke with Helen on live chat about 4 times throughout the day and I was eventually told there was scheduled maintenance on the sports section. Yesterday evening it was working again so I placed some bets and most won but I noticed live roulette wasn't loading which made me suspicious.

Today the sports section of the website won't even load. Live chat again (Helen again) tell me there is again scheduled maintenance on the sports section of the website.

This afternoon I've received emails asking me to provide front & back copies of both bank cards I've deposited with, which I have done but only had an automatic response to say they've received my email.

Tonight I've made a request to withdraw all my remaining balance as I don't like the look of what I'm seeing and I've signed up to ask gamblers for support. I urge others to too.

I hope they sort out their problems soon and continue to function as a decent bookie/casino