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b-Bets Casino - Voided winning claiming I did not fulfill wagering within 30 days

Complaint Info
Disputed casino b-Bets Casino
Reason Bonus terms violation
Amount € 70
Posted on April 8, 2016

I played this casino during the latter part of lst year. Took the 400% bonus and wagered it thru within a few days. I know because I checked the dashboard which showed the wagering was done in full (100% on their dashboard).

I did not withdraw because they would not accept e-wallet so left the money later. Curiously I logged in some time later to notice that, somehow, I did not complete the wagering. Thought nothing of it thinking it was an error on their part. Anyway went back recently and played again and managed to win 500 or so euros. Submitted the withdrawal and they got back to say they took all my winnings, closed my account and sent back my deposit thru neteller (I did not get it though).

So my complaint is this. I challenge them, as I did in chat, to prove I did not meet the requirement. If so fair enough. Otherwise I want the money they, in my opinion so far, took fraudulently away from me.

Oh and they also conveniently closed my account so I cannot verify for myself this either. My fault really as I knew this was joint I should have not wasted my time playing but I still want to have some justice so that they don't take anyone else for a ride as they done to me. Thanks and sorry for rambling. Am really annoyed (mostly with myself for wasting my time and money there).

Posted on April 8, 2016

Update on this. They since claimed I accepted a 2.5 euro bonus after I completed the wagering requirement.

This is not true. They added it as soon as the realized I won and when I logged in they automatically added it on. This must have been when I noticed that the original wagering requirement was inexplicably not met. So when I did log in eariier in the year they used the 30 day rule as an excuse not pay me my money. This, please note, includes the 90 euros won by clearing the first (and only) bonus I took. Very unethical rogue behaviour.

I urge anyone to avoid this casino at all costs. They do have a reputation to pull stunts like this. Had I met their bogus wagering requirement, they already had the back up excuse that they cannot have UK players anymore and yet were happy until a few days ago promotions for me to deposit money with them. As sure as eggs are eggs that would have been their next caveat to deny payment. If not that something else and something else and...

And to the representative of b-bets I say this. If you had a UK licence or presence (I amstill trying to find out if you do btw), I would have gladly paid the £60 to take you to a small claims tribunals and am as 100% sure (just like the wagering I completed) I would have won. You have reneged on a gambling debt and these are enforced by new laws in the UK. No doubt the real reason you stopped taking UK players. STAY AWAY from the is casino please. Thanks.

Posted on April 11, 2016

Hello there,

We have verified and checked your complaint and we found out following:

We first need to point our that most of the statements you have made in your posts are simply not correct, and you are aware of this as you have been informed multiple times via our Support Live Chat and ticket service about the reasons why you payout has been declined, winnings waived and you account closed. You have also already received your refund.

You have deposited 20 eur in our casino last year, when you also claimed your 400% welcome bonus option which is intended for low deposit of 10 eur, with the clear terms stating that the maximum amount of bonus that can be received for this welcome bonus option is 40 eur.

You have played for couple of days, completed your wagering requirements for this welcome bonus, but you added on your balance of 90 eur a no deposit bonus offer of 2.50 eur. It is completely false statement that this bonus was forced credited to your account as our system does not credit any bonuses to player's balance automatically. The player has to click himself the accept button: which is what you did.

For the reason we are aware of the fact that some players simply do not want to play with bonuses, since they always come with wagering requirements, when we make available deposit or no deposit bonus offer on player's account we give a player an option to either accept the bonus or decline it.

That deposit and no deposit bonuses come with wagering requirements player needs to complete within a certain limited amount of time is something every online casino has, and since these kind of terms are also clearly stated in our general terms and conditions and in our bonus terms, we had no other choice than to apply and follow those.

Please see term 10.11 in our Terms and Conditions and term 5.2 in our Bonus Terms:

10.11 In the event a player received, claimed or participates in a promotion which resulted in adding bonus money to his balance, Unless otherwise stated, all bonus money needs to be either used or the complete balance withdrawn within 30 days after being credited to the customer’s account, also in the even when a KYC procedure has been started per terms 5.8. If these credits are not used, or there is no sign from the player towards addressing the KYC request, the full balance, including any winnings accrued, may be removed from the players account. No claim shall lie against us in the event the balance is forfeited in these circumstances.

5.2 Bonus amounts and winnings are valid for 30 days, from the day of claiming. If you have not met the conditions of the bonus within this time, or made a partial withdrawal, the bonus will be forfeited.

As said, you decided to accept thus bonus in 2015 on top of the balance of 90 eur, and wagering requirements, in accordance to our terms, applied to the total balance. You decided to start wagering this bonus at the end of January 2016, and this is way more than within 30 days after the bonus was accepted that our terms require.

Secondly, your account was not closed because of your payout request; We have tried on several occasions to verify your account, which ended in refusal from your side. You are not willing to give us your phone number: on which we can reach you, and which is part of our KYC procedure, which is required to follow up to not only refund your deposits, but also to settle winnings created by the welcome bonus.

And as much as you find this hard to accept, you can see that the decision made over your account and your payout was simply acting in accordance to our rules and terms and conditions you have accepted when you registered in our casino and which do apply to all players equally.

Let me also say that we have attempted to give a call to this player and explain him the reasons of the actions made regarding his account, but unsuccessfully as the player declined our proposal and just kept on threatening with complaints and disputes.

Posted on April 13, 2016

The bonus for 2.5 euros was not accepted by me. I play at other casinos where bonuses are added as loyalty perks to my account(albeit usually wager free and much larger than 2.5 euros) so to say that you can't do that is nonsense. Are you really trying to say I knowingly accepted a 2.5 euro bonus with staggering wagering requirements. Nonsense.

Also I challenged you on numerous occasions to provide the gaming logs that I wagered this bonus and won with it. You refused and asked for my phone number so you could talk to me about it.

The crux of the matter is that I wagered a deposit and bonus totaling 60 euro balance which at the end of the wagering was 90 euros.

It was my intention to withdraw it there and then, but your casino would not allow a way to withdraw by the same way I deposited. Only bank transfer was on offer, so I decided not to withdraw at that point.

Moreover when I checked in the casino later to try and withdraw, there was absolutely no withdrawal option available to me. Something I did point out to the live chat operator. So again I decided to leave it until my recent win which you denied.

So you made it very difficult for me to withdraw at all. This is something other players of yours are complaining about in at least one complaint I read here. This as well as the afore mentioned mysterious tiny bonus with gargantuan wagering requirement(2.5 euros with a 75X requirement for goodness sake!!!) which ties up the WHOLE balance??? In my opinion this was done as a tactic with the sole purpose of denying winnings.

Anyhow, when I re-commenced playing at your casino a month or so ago, I played the balance to the point where up to half my balance was lost so no win could have possibly been generated with the 2.5 euro you added on. That is why I asked you for logs which you did not provide and instead insisted in talking to me on the phone which frankly I found a bit strange as all you needed to do is send the gaming logs.

As for your 30 day rule. Again this makes no sense! I play at other casinos like videoslots for instance. They have bonuses that elapse after 7 days. If after that you have not completed wagering, then the bonus and winnings are automatically removed. William Hill does the same as do most other ethical casinos. In fact pretty much all UK legislated casinos. Of course you are not UK registered. Of course..

I guess I won't get my money but I hope anyone here understands that you have bonus policies in place that are solely designed to catch out players that come out winners and confiscate their funds. So I would not advise anyone to play at your casino, even without a bonus.

Like I said here and told you. You would have used the excuse that as UK players are no longer allowed at your casino as a way to deny winnings. No doubt you have a term to cover that somewhere. The closure of my accounts suggests this. I would not be surprised if you still have UK customers (as long as they deposited and lost that is).

I also wonder if you closed my account so as to prevent me from looking at the gaming logs I requested. You never properly responded to that. Only to say, again very strangely, that you wanted to talk to me and needed my phone number because I was obliged to verify my account (lol).

Yes you did ask to verify my account but ONLY after you closed my account which makes absolutely no sense. Never ever before did you request a "KYC" from me. And you know this to be the case so please don't suggest am the one that is lying.

In fact up until I made withdrawal, you left my account open and inundated me with offers to deposit more, leaving the current balance as it was, allowing me to play for hours and days after, in the hope I would lose everything. And when I won, you did what you are obviously very good at.

Any decent casino would have at the very least honoured the balance I had before this tiny bonus came to be in my account. Scratch that, they would have honoured the whole sum and if you were UK registered, a presiding officer in a UK small claims court would 100% rule in my favour and make you pay in full. Unfortunately for me you don't have a UK licence. Although for other UK players considering playing at your casino that might be a blessing.

From here on i will only play at UK registered casinos. Casinos such as yours are a law unto yourself and don't know the meaning of honouring a gambling debt.

I suggest anyone considering depositing in this casino and any of its sister's casino NOT to ever consider it, and play at recommended sites here and other reputable casino and players advocates.

Posted on April 18, 2016

The complaint has been reopened as per b-Bets Casino request and we would like to give both parties one more chance reaching to a satisfactory resolution of this dispute.

Posted on April 21, 2016

AskGamblers Complaints Team is still in communication regarding this complaint with a b-Bets Casino management.

Posted on April 30, 2016

AskGamblers Complaints Team has been provided with complete and detailed information regarding this case on behalf b-Bets Casino. management. We can now confirm that player did claim an aforementioned no deposit bonus of 2.5 euros and there is no option that bonus can add to the player's account automatically. Please see screenshot below.

In this case is not that casino is not willing to pay out the player. Casino informed the player that after KYC procedure is finished they will pay him his legitimate winnings which he had before accepting a no deposit bonus, amount of 70 euros. So as soon as the player provides casino required information (in this case his phone number) casino will perform a payout of his winnings.

Based on the above we can confirm that b-Bets Casino acted as per their own terms and conditions in this particular situation and therefore player's claim is considered as invalid. It is player's obligation to read carefully and follow strictly all casino terms which were accepted upon casino registration.

In a case of a disagreement with the decision made by the AskGamblers Complaints Team, we encourage a player to seek further assistance on this matter from the relevant licensing authority responsible for b-Bets Casino.

The case is now officially closed.

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