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BonanzaGame Casino - VISA card verification issue, delayed payments

Complaint Info
Disputed casino BonanzaGame Casino
Reason Verification issues
Amount $ 1000
Posted on June 1, 2017

Dear Askgamblers!

I registered to BonanzaGame casino due the good reviews I found on your site, and I was very pleased when I cash out my first winnings from the casino. I deposited via Netteler on May 14, and via Skrill on May 21. I uploaded my ID, a selfie with my ID, and my address card to my casino profile. My identity/account was verified in a couple of hours.

On 19th May I made 4 deposits with my VISA card (315 USD), and managed to go up to 1000 USD. Then I started a cash out, which was rejected by the financial service on the 20th May. They asked a copy of both sides of my credit / debit card and ID (I had to send my ID again). I sent them urgently, and asked the support to inform me how long the review of the documents usually takes.

They told me, that unfortunately, they can not specify exact dates. After that I continued to play and won a major sum.

After 4 days I asked again when they will be ready, and I was told, that they are "trying to finish" all checks before 2017-05-31. I had to wait, so accepted that they are planning to open my e-mail and check the copy of my own VISA card in 12 days. That seemed a little wired in the 21th century to me, but whatever...

After a few more days I tried to ask the support again - only for my information - about the steps of the security procedure to be able to understand why it takes so long to verify my VISA card, but I did not get any answer.

Yesterday I got an e-mail in which I was told, that the casinos risk management found up my account as medium risk one, and they asked me to abstain playing in the casino in further.

I was really shocked and I wrote this letter:

"Dear Bonanza Game Management!

Of course I will abstain to play in your casino in further, if this is the decision you made.

But please specify why did you come to this result.

I think, I am only one of your lucky players that you encouraged and supported even in your promotional material. When a player named Alexander won 33 750 USD, you congratulate him like this:

"P.S. We are very happy when in addition to pleasure of the game our players receive major winnings. Bonanza Game works daily on improving the quality of service, diversity of games and bonus policy."

So I would be glad to make clear these things, you are very welcome to check my computer, or any document as you dare I would be happy to send to you, to make this thing clear.

Just because, I think I was only one of your lucky players, and I played fair, I did not violate any term or condition given by your casino.

To be honest I really liked this place, because the good reflections the players gave on askgamblers.com, and I was very satisfied with the support too. I'm not a bonus hunter either, or a blacklisted person, or anything like this.

When I started a withdrawal of my funds, my account was already verified, only my VISA card was needed to be checked. I sent all the required info, a copy of my bankcard, my ID. After that, nothing happened for more than 10 days (from 20th May.).

Please give detailed reasons of your decision, and make me possible to withdraw my winnings. I understand, that I'm not allowed to play at your casino in the future, but I don't understand why, so please honor me with your answer.

I'm sure we will find a solution (...)

Kind regards,"

I got an answer today, that they are very pleased on my positive feedback. Nothing else happened, my VISA card verification is still in "progress".

I have all the e-mails, chats, screenshots, and wagering data (I wagered much more than I won) provided by the casino support from my last casino session. I can send any additional document If anyone tells me what to send and where, to facilitate this procedure.

Thank you Askgamblers for help in advance!

This complaint should be considered resolved when I was able to withdraw all the funds from my BonanzaGame Casino account.

Posted on June 4, 2017

Dear Askgamblers!

Today I contacted the casino's online support If my visa card verification was done, and I got a confirmation that my card was verified.
I initiated a withdrawal, and I'm waiting for being processed.
I don't wish to harm the casino's reputation, so if all my withdrawals will arrive newt week, I will consider this complaint resolved. I'll inform askgamblers community when my first cash out has arrived.

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards, good luck to you all!

Here's the dialogue wit the online support:

Dialogue № 851278-148385035

04 Jun 10:14 #851278-148385035

04 Jun 10:19 #851278-148385035
i would like to ask if my visa card verification has been done already, I sent the copy of my card on may 20., but have not get any confirmation e-mail yet, could you please check this for me? my account name is: ******

04 Jun 10:20 Support
ok. please wait 5 min. We'll check

04 Jun 10:27 #851278-148385035
thank you!

04 Jun 10:32 Support
Please wait some more time. We have sent a request. Waiting for an answer.

04 Jun 10:34 #851278-148385035
Ok, thank you, i'll be here!

04 Jun 10:44 Support
Yes. Your card is verified.

04 Jun 11:38 #851278-148385035
Thank you!

Posted on June 5, 2017

Dear THEFUGUZORRO! Your application for withdrawal dated June 04, 2017 was successfully processed!

Posted on June 5, 2017

Dear Askamblers, dear BonanzaGame!

I contacted today the BonazaGame support after I saw, that the payout status of my withdrawal was changed to "PAID" but the money has not arrived to my Skrill account as I requested.

I was told that they changed the method of the withdrawal (from my preferred Skrill option) and they sent the funds to my VISA card.

They have the right to do this of course (it is composed in the T&C). The problem is that my VISA card is not accepting payments due to its type, which fact the finance team should have known, I think...

I asked BonanzaGame to reverse my payout and send it to my Skrill account as I requested before. I made deposit with my Skrill account too, so I don't saw the point why they changed my preferred method.

The support answered that I have to wait until my bank rejects the transaction (3-5 business days), after this they will reconsider to change the withdrawal method for me..

My name is enlisted now at the "RECENT PAYMENTS" section, but I have't got any money yet (nor to my VISA card, nor to my Skrill account). This is in my opinion deceptive to other players, so please Bonanza delete my name from the list, until you actually pay.

I can prove with transaction data from my bank, that I did' not receive any money from BonanzaCasino yet.

Kind regards,
Good Luck to you all!

This complaint should be considered resolved when I was able to withdraw all the funds from my BonanzaGame Casino account.

Posted on June 9, 2017

Dear Askgamblers!


I recieved 10 (ten!) Usd on wensday to my card instead of almost 1000 usd I initiated to cashout!

The finance team of Bonanza is not answering my e-mails regarding this issue.

The remaining funds of the transaction were not even put back to my account!

Please help!

Posted on June 11, 2017

Dear THEFUGUZORRO! Your cashout was processed successfully. Please await money to reach your VISA card.

Posted on June 14, 2017

Dear Askgamblers!

This complaint was made because the casino delayed my payout for almost a month, although they advertise themselves with „Fast payouts”.

My Visa card verification took 16 days, my visa card cashout was exactly 10 days too (they made first a nonsense test withdrawal of 10 usd..).

I have remaining funds on my account, so I need to make more payouts till this case will be finished.

I deposited with Visa card, Neteller and Skrill to the casino. My Neteller and Skrill accounts were now refunded (i made money withdrawals on them), so I asked the casino that let me cashout to my Skrill account too. I did’nt got response to this request, although I think this coud make things faster.

I could regain my trust in this casino, if my next payouts would be processed in that time frame as offered in the casino’s T&C (12-24 hours, not 10 or more days again).

So please let this complaint be active a few more days to see if my next few withdrawals succeed in time, as the casino undertook in its T&C.

Thanks for help for all of you!

Note: This complaint should be considered resolved, when I successfully cashouted all my funds from the casino.

Posted on June 14, 2017

Rectification: I deposited with Visa card, Neteller and Skrill to the casino. My Neteller account and Visa card were now refunded (i made money withdrawals on them), so I asked the casino that let me cashout to my Skrill account too. I did’nt got response to this request, although I think this coud make things faster.

Posted on June 18, 2017

Dear BonanzaGame Casino,

Please let us know if there's some update regarding this case.

Posted on June 21, 2017

Dear THEFUGUZORRO! A letter has been sent to your email address, please read it.

Posted on June 25, 2017

Dear Bonanzagame! Dear Askgamblers!

I sent my comments and questions in private e-mail to Bonanzagame, i'm waiting a reply from the casino.

Posted on June 29, 2017

Dear Askgamblers, dear Players!

I'm really disappointed because I see, that BonanzaGame is letting this complaint to be closed as unresolved, they didn't answer my last questions or reacted on my comments.

I will give a short resume of the facts until now, to inform you players on what to count if it happens you win a medium sum here.

1) The Casino changed it’s Terms and Conditions in the past weeks with retroactively effect, trying to „legitimate” the delays on my payouts. They introduced a new sentence int he T&C payouts section: „Withdrawal timeframes are set individually for accounts from the High risk category.” (See attached screenshot).

My comments and questions regarding this were:
1) This change was made by the Casino thereafter (later on) that I signed up to the casino site, accepted the T&C, made my money deposits and played. Of course I accept the new T&C, but they should precise what the new conditions mean.
2) I think the Casino should have notify the players in e-mail when they make changes ot the T&C, because providing information between parties is a general rule in all European Civil Law Codexes. In my opinion it should be not expected that the player reads every single day/hour the T&C before he starts to play.
3) There is nowhere defined in the T&C what a "High Risk account" means, what type of behavior should players avoid to not be put in this category, and in my personal case they did not explained yet why did they marked my account as a "high risk one." The letter that I got in this topic was about that my account is a "medium risk one", but this term and the procedure which gave this result was not explained to me by the casino.
4) I still think, that I was only a lucky player, who won a medium sum. That's all. I don't see why that would be a „high risk” factor when a player wins a medium sum here? If I loosed my money I think my account would not have been marked as a high risk one.
5) I was asked to abstain playing in the casino, but I'm still receiving promotional e-mails about bonuses, even "no deposit free spin offers" personally from the casino administrator. I asked the Casino, what would happened if I accepted one of these offers and played after I was asked definitely to abstain doing this? I suppose I would have been banned, and all my winnings confiscated.

Now I can’t figure out what time frames will Bonanza Casino use for these „individual cashouts approvals” (weeks, months, maybe years?). I made a cashout request on 22th June, which was not even approved yet. Another from 16th June was approved, but not arrived.

In fact I succeeded two withdrawals from May 20th. That is very far away from the Casino's cashout terms, which would allow the player to cashout 5K a week, 20K a month.

Thank you for reading. All the best for you!

Posted on June 29, 2017

Answers to all the questions have been sent to your email. The money have been credited to specified account. You can resolve issues on all payments with the financial service. They will answer your questions in turn.

Posted on July 2, 2017

Dear BonanzaGame!

Please inform me on which "specified account" was my money credited?

My cashout from 16th June has not arrived to my bank card or to any of my e-wallets, my other 3 cashout request from June have not been even approved yet.

You wrote me that the changes made in the T&C are for new players only. Please explain than why these delays occour to my payments.

You asked, why I still have this complaint here. I would be happy to close it, when my payments arrive.

Kind regards,

Posted on July 5, 2017

Dear THEFUGUZORRO! Together with the payment provider, we checked the payment once again, and received a reply that you should have received the money. Please check your account again.

Posted on July 5, 2017

Dear Bonanzagame!

I checked all my accounts (card and e-wallet), but unfortunately the payment has definetely not arrived to any of them.

I really don't understand what is going on.

Please make a proof where did you send the money. Kind regards, Thefuguzorro

Posted on July 8, 2017

Dear Bonanzagame Casino!

The funds from the 16th June cashout have succesfully arrived to my account and I'm really very thankful. (Although your transfer took cc. 20 days from my withdraval request.)

I have 3 (tree) more payout requests from 22th, 26th and 29th June. Please inform me approximately on what date you aim to approve these requests?

Thank you in advance,
Yours faithfully,


Posted on July 10, 2017

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

We would also like to use the occasion and suggest to player to submit new complaint in case something goes wrong with their outstanding payments which were not part of the current complaint.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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