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Disputed casino Vegas Slot Casino
Reason Bonus terms violation
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Posted on October 8, 2014

Hello, I'm a VIP player at the Vegas slot casino (www.v­ega­ssl­otc­asi­ for a long time.Since juin 2011 I made over 133000$ in deposit. Friday June 1st, I won the sum of $ 35,000. I tried to withdraw the money but there was a problem with the bonus on my account and I could not. So I contacted the online help and the person, a man told me I could not withdraw this money because of the bonus. So as he said I have to play 30 times to make my bonus disappear but still not able I was playing with keeping an eye on the bank tab but the bonus does not disappear. I re-contacted the online help for the second times the same day and spoke with Jacqueline via chat . She wrote s I understand, because I speak french, and my help was in english, that I have to do 300 times my bet other than that I will not be able to have my money . I have rewritten 300 times and she repeated the order to be certain. then the chat has suddenly stopped by her. I had to do what she told me. I explained the games I played and the bet ,she told me 300 times my bet. I did what she told me and my winning amount could not be removed yet. So at the end of the 300 bet I had lost everything. Quebec time Monday morning, June 4th at 7:30, I contacted the help line again and at this time they gave me the phone number for my director Max. Max, who told me that there was indeed an error from the casino on my account. because the bonuses he gave me should never block my withdrawal . Usually I was able to withdraw my money minus the bonus. Also he told me that the person, Jacqueline, who told me to play 300 times was wrong. Max told me that I should be able to withdraw the money when I tried the first time without having to play the 30 times or the 300 times. I want to withdraw $35000 minus the bonus of $460 .I have followed the instruction that people of my online help given me. So for those reason I should be able to get my $35000 back in my account so I could make my withdraw. Sorry for my english but I'm not very good. I use google translate. I play casino in french and each times I try the online help it's in english... Since 1 week I try to solve the problem but it’s hard for me and because of time in Australia . I want to solve it fast I have fate in the casino, and I’m sure they want to keep me as a player

Thanks for helping me

Posted on June 13, 2012


The terms and conditions that the player agreed to on sign up include the following:

4.In the interest of avoiding any confusion related to promotions and any winnings transferred to the Real account, the Player agrees to commit to the following wagering requirements. These include:

ii.Bonus amounts credited to a Player's bonus account are subject to 30 times play-through before they may be cashed in.

Since the player had not completed the full wagering requirements, the player was not able to cashin their winnings and subsequently played the full balance back to the casino.

Had the player won when playing their winnings back to the casino, the casino would have honoured the withdrawal providing the wagering requirements were met.

The player has also filed complaints with KGC and eCogra, with both complaints being found in favour of the casino.

Unfortunately there is nothing more I can do here.


Inactive user
Posted on June 13, 2012

my first withdrawal of $ 35,055 I had bet on bonus condition,even if I do not have to do it because I’m a vip player, (100% of the slots and up to 10% for video poker) the sum of 105737 U.S. dollars are made from ​​Kings of cash 1162 bets and 1508 bets at double double bonus poker.

After that I wasn’t able to withdraw my money, I played again and go up to $42000 and still not able to withdraw and bet amount of $ 3,062.50 on bonus condition from 245 bets made ​​at double double bonus poker before

I make a new withdrawal of $ 35,105 which was still not working .

Again I had to keep playing the sum of $ 60,375 in bonus condition at Kings of cash 561 bets and 1464 bets made ​​at double double bonus poker to try a withdrawal of $ 29230 which still did not work.

I have bet in bonus condition (100% of the slots and up to 10% for video poker) the sum of 187445 U.S. dollars 1825 bets at slot Kings of cash and 4495 bets at double double bonus poker.

I think there was a problem in your system because I bet more than what Paul told me to do in the chat

I chat again with Paul, here’s the chat


Paul: In order to withdraw the money to your bank account, you will have to fulfill the wagering requirements.


Paul: This means, you will have to wager (bet) the bonus amount thirty times.

and later in the chat:


Paul: You have been redeeming a log of bonuses and your wagering requirements are quite high - you need to bet the amount of $14700

Posted on June 13, 2012

eCogra and KGC have both reviewed internal data and found in favour of the casino.

There is nothing else I can do.


Inactive user
Posted on June 13, 2012

of course they we're in your favour they don't want to pay. But no one was able to explain why I wasn't able to withdraw even if I made what you asked me. bet 14700$. In the bank tab the bonus was $460 not 14700$. Also why at my last withdraw I was able to cut off the bonus from my withdraw but not this time. Also the only person Maxx who told me that all the bonuses he gave me wasn't supposed to block my withdraw is in vacation.. You simply don't want to pay when you have too

Posted on June 14, 2012

 The breach of casino T&C is obvious in this case and also proved to us by casino. So there's nothing that could be done and this complaint is solved!

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