Royal Vegas Casino - Unofficial ambassador turned disgruntled

posted on September 12, 2015.


After depositing a decent amount of money into the casino, I finally got lucky and won some money. Considering I have jumped through all the hoops before with my first withdrawal a while ago i.e bank cards, ID etc which was annoying yet understandable, I am faced with another withdrawal issue. This is after friends of mine complaining about Royal Vegas and me defending them. I receive an email stating that they (Royal Vegas) could not process my withdrawal because I didn't make a deposit with that bank card for 6 months. Now it's the same card I've always used (not even an old expired one replaced with a new expiry). They requested I sign up to a different payment option i.e net teller or the other ones. The funny thing is, is that I reconfirmed my original and still favoured method before even winning money with no prompt to this bogus requirement. I have read all the terms and conditions and nowhere does it state this requirement. So I'm now out of pocket $6000 until this is resolved.

The card I use to deposit money is a master card which apparently they can't deposit into and was the sole reason of getting this other bank account and card for in the first place as it needed to be a "visa" card otherwise I would of had them deposit it straight back into that one. This was done and verified and I have received a withdrawal payment before. Very frustrated!!

posted on September 15, 2015.

Hi Timdawg

Unfortunately it is a requirement from our processors that, in order to refund to a card, a successful deposit should have been made on that card within 6 months. The last deposit made on the card you refer to was, unfortunately, made over a year ago and therefore the withdrawal could not be processed until you made a purchase on that card that would validate it again.

The withdrawal of $6000 was allocated to that card after you made your purchase and you should receive your withdrawal by Monday or Tuesday depending on your bank's processing times.

We regret any inconvenience which was caused by our processor's requirements.


Fortune Lounge

posted on September 17, 2015.

The matter has been sorted. Thank you!

posted on September 17, 2015.

Based on player's last comment, we consider this case as resolved and it is now officially closed.