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Unibet Casino - Unreasonable security documentation

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Unibet Casino
Reason Verification issues
Posted on May 16, 2014

This casino is making it too difficult for me to make a withdrawal. I sent in the security documentation they requested and then they rejected the documents I sent. I sent them a scanned copy of my Korean ID and a scanned copy of my passport. I have used those same scans at all the other online casinos I have played at. I also sent in a copy of my utility bill. The chat operator was no help at all. I was so upset that I just requested a refund of what I had already deposited and that they could keep my profits. They accepted two deposits of $85 and $90 from my entropay account and $20 from my neteller account. Since they rejected the security documents I sent (the same ones that I used for every other online casino I have played at), I just requested that they refund back to my entropay and neteller accounts. I have a withdrawal of $265 pending and that is more than the total of my deposits. Please help me get my money back. I hate this casino and will not play there again. They are crooks and accept money but don't pay out.

Posted on February 28, 2014

The customer has been contacted by email to resolve any outstanding issues.

Posted on March 1, 2014

The following is the response I received from Unibet. It has taken them well over a year to even respond. They accepted 3 deposits from me without asking for any of this documentation. I submitted to them the same documents I have sent to many other online casinos. This is the only one that rejected my security documents after accepting deposits. How can you accept my deposits and then reject my withdrawal request? It has taken so long for them to respond that I don't even have my Entropay account anymore. I still have my Neteller account and would like them to refund the deposit amounts to that account, but I really doubt they will do that. I am not going to submit any other security documents because I don't have anything else that I could send. I have lost all hope of ever getting back my money.

From Unibet

We appreciate that you provided some documents back in August 2012 but they were rejected by our security team due to lack of quality. It is legal requirement put in place by our governing body, the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta, which imposes rather strict rules to which we must adhere. At times we are unable to accept scanned copies of documents even though the quality may seem acceptable; instead we will ask you to send in good quality digital photographs of the same documents as an added security measure. Once again though we fully understand your frustrations but we would like to remind you that it is because of this extra diligence that we are able to ensure a safe and secure playing environment for all parties including yourself as a Unibet customer.

1. Verify your identity

Provide a digital photograph of your government–issued ID card and passport that clearly displays:

• Document number (ID number, licence number, passport number), your full name and date of birth.

• No black/blurred portions (all details must be in focus)

• All four corners of the document (ie. no cropping)

• Expiry date that has not passed

• Front and back of the ID card or licence

2. Verify your address

Provide one digital photograph of a paper utility bill or paper bank/credit-card statement that clearly displays:

• Your name and address

• An issue date within the last 3 months

• All four corners of the bill/statement (i.e. no cropping)

Acceptable utility bill statements include landline phone (mobile bills are not acceptable), heating, water, electricity, and municipal government correspondence where address and name is shown is also accepted. eg. a letter from your local tax office, police or registry office.

The document must also be in English.

3. Verify the credit card used for your deposit:

Provide a digital photograph of your credit/debit card ending 4909.

• It is important that you leave only the first six and last four digits visible to us.

E.g. 4552 11 ** **** 1111 (By doing this, your card is secure against unauthorized transactions).

-All other information on the front of the card should be visible for us.

• On the back of the card you should cover your last three numbers (security code) and the six digits of your sixteen digit card number that can be shown through from the front of the card.

-All other information on the back of the card should be visible to us. The back of the card must be signed by the card holder as unsigned cards are not valid.

4. Printscreen of the Entropay card ending 1024 which also shows your full name.

Should you need further assistance regarding this request then please keep the original information of this e-mail when responding to us.

We assure you that we will treat all this information confidentially and it is only for internal use. Once we have received the documents you will not be requested to send the same ones again while they remain valid.

Best Regards,


Unibet Customer Support

Responsible Gaming


Posted on March 3, 2014

Are the necessary documents send and the issue solved?

Posted on March 4, 2014

I recently posted a reply on your website. It has taken Unibet more than a year to respond to my original complaint. I no longer have the account that I used to make two of the deposits to Unibet. I would like them to refund my money to the neteller account I used to make one of the three deposits I made to them. The documents I sent them are the same ones I have sent to several other online casinos. Unibet is the only casino that didn't accept them while allowing me to make a deposit. There were a couple of other casinos that didn't accept my security documents, but they let me know before any deposits were made. I don't understand how Unibet accepted three deposits from me and then denied my withdrawal request stating security protocol. If they are concerned about security, they should have never accepted my deposits. I doubt anything will be done at this point. I just want to express my disappointment with Unibet.

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