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Unibet Casino - Refusing to pay out my winnings of €8.686

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Unibet Casino
Reason Declined payment
Amount € 8686
ivygyua88 Netherlands Message
Posted on October 4, 2018

Hi i have start playing at Unibet from begin June 2018 and lost big amounts in the months June, July, and August. This amount of total lost was around €30.000. I then received a email to provide a proof source of funds. I think thats my private showing others how much i earnd and what my savings accounts is. But fine i provide the proof of source and my account was reopend. In the month september i won a big amount with live bets around €47.000 and i cashed back 20x €1.800 that is a total amount of €36.000. Only 15x €1.800 a total of €27.000 was approved and 5x €1.800 a total of €9.000 was on hold. When chatting to them about why my other withdrawal where approved and the others almost €9.000 was putted on hold. I was told they need to do more virification and calling me. I asked is it possible to call them myself and that was not possible. When this all was going on i still had an amount of €12.000 on my unibet account, but unfortunately i loss this amount. So there was a bonus availableand i deposit €2.000 and received a bonus of €250. I had then €2.250 on my unibet account to play with and my 5x €1.800 a total of €9.000. `I continued playing and lost €250, i think the next day i received a phone call from unibet about questions how i was playing, how much have i deposit and strange questions. The last question was what was the last game i have played a day before. Because i play different live bets i could not remember properly and the man on the phone started to be disrespectfull towards me. My account was on block, i could only loggin but i could not play any game. I asked Unibet why is that, they told me my account is under virification again and will take 2-5 days to come back with a answer. So to make everything clear i had still €2.000 on my account and €9.000 was on hold. After some days they said that they are sending €2.063,64 because that was still a lost on my account, they have canceld the bonus €250 and the winnings of €8.686,75 will not be payed because UNIBET Has decided after a control on your account. 3.2.1. Unibet reserve the right at its own discretion and all times to.a decline to open a Unibet account and/or to close or suspend an existing Unibet account without any explanation whatsoever. I dont care about the account they can keep it, but i want my winnings because i have earnd them on a fair basis. Playing at online gambling website is a risk. You can win and loose your money. Why did unibet not complaint when i loss around €30.000 but now i have won then they are complaining and giving back a small loss that i had on their website but not thi winnings what they have loss. Why did they not give back my losses when i was loosing and loosing money? they are not fair and thieves. Because many people loose their money why are they not giving back those people money. They only care about taking taking and taking people money. But when those people win money they starting to use excusses to not pay out

Posted on October 8, 2018


All deposited funds have been returned to you and winnings confiscated for a clear breach of our T&Cs.


Unibet Casino.

ivygyua88 Netherlands Message
Posted on October 8, 2018

Please provide evidence that I have beach your T&Cs. Is winning and cashing out €36.000 a breach of your T&Cs.?

I have played for several months and lost a big amount. I think around €30.000. Because u won a big amount and cashed back 20 x €1.800. U only approved 15 x €1.800 a total amount of €27.000 and sending back €2.064. The remaining €8.686 is frozen and you are refusing to pay out by lying that I have breached the T&Cs. And saying that u have send all deposits back.

Why didn’t u send all the deposits back before I started to win that big amount.

how is Your casino faithful to its customers when you guys determine that your winners are automatically deemed to have committed fraud? Please be aware that Unibet exists only because you have to lose and when it’s time for you to win for a change they will confiscate your winnings and just decide that you have the T&Cs. because you won back your deposits and some extra profits.

You don’t deserve your ask gamblers certificate of trust. And you certainly don’t deserve good ratings and the public’s trust. Stealing people profits is not nice. Just be honest.

ivygyua88 Netherlands Message
Posted on October 11, 2018

I know Unibet have 96 hours to reply. Everyone hopes that they will reply in a short time. 72 hours have now past away and there still is no answer from Unibet at my complaint. Now the question is are they busy with other complaints and thats why they have not replied or is Unibet ignoring my complaint because they know they are taking my rightful winnings away without any explanation and just point to there Terms & conditions, by saying I have breach it.

I know by heart that they can't just take away the hard rightfully winnings with no explanation and just point out to there Terms & Conditions. Unibet knows that, thats why they are ignoring my emails with complaints!!

In the attachments Askgamblers and others can see how Unibet is treating customers who are lucky and winning at their platform.

I can ensure you that before the weekend of 16, 17 and 18 September i lost around €29.000 and there was no problem me playing and me losing thousands of euros. But then my luck start to come and I deposit I think €500 on my unibet account and starting to win and win. Every time when I won a small amount I withdrew €1.800. So by the end of the weekend Sunday 18 sept 2018 I have managed to withdraw 20 x €1.800 that is a total amount of €36.000.

I only received 15 x €1.800 a total amount of €27.000. My other 5 x €1.800 was blocked by unibet saying that they need to call me before and some verifications. I needed to chat them several times before they called me 3 days later. I already passed phone verification, and they told me that i will receive an updating in 2-5 days about my account. The next day I saw that my withdrawals was cancelled by Unibet, I really don't know why back to my Unibet account, so In the meantime they calculated all the deposits and all withdrawals that I have made and told me that my account balance was €11.000. The bonus money € 250 what I had received by depositing €2.000 was withdrawn back, thats also very strange because the rule was deposit up €1.000 and receive 25% over the deposit. But now I am winning they withdrawn back the bonus money also without any explanation so ever. My balance was then €11.750 so I chatted them and they told me in the meantime you will receive your losses back €2.064 and the other winnings needs to wait for the phone verification.

In this whole process you already can see that Unibet was seeking for reasons not to pay out the winnings of €8.686 from the start. My account was already verified with my Passport and other documents, but when I was winning they needed to do a new verification, all strange!! And I know if I was not winning and still loosing over €50.000 euros no-one would complaint at Unibet. But when you win they will say you have breach the terms & conditions and block your account by not paying out.

In the chat they told me that something is suspicious. What is suspicious? Winning money at Unibet? Unibet can't block my account and frozen winnings because there is a sumption and then lying that I have breach the terms and conditions.

Also they are talking about your account will be blocked, thats fine I don't care about the account or pathetic taking back there bonus of €250. I just want my winnings!!

I hope Askgambles can mediate in this issue and Unibet will reply and just payout the winnings and close this case or I will take this further to lawyers. Unibet is a large company and for them is it easy to block you and say goodbye. But I will fight for my European rights and will not let this case go like that.

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