Las Vegas USA Casino - Stalling payments for ages

posted on September 16, 2015.

About a month ago, I won $10,000. I selected the wire transfer method. I sent them all of the paperwork required. They kept delaying the process. When I would complain, they would tell me there was missing paperwork. I would show them I sent in the paperwork. They played this cat and mouse game for a few weeks. 8/31 I received an email that my payment was processed and can take up to 10 days. It is way past 10 days, I just received an email that $1000 was just deposited and expect 10 days to process. I have been trying to find out when the next 10 payments, now 11 payments will be processed but no one gets back to me. I just switched the payments to sending me a check via fedex. I am trying to find out how long that will take and yet no one gets back to me. I just want my payments. I understand they can only deposit $2000 at a time but can they at least send at least 1 or 2 payments?

posted on September 17, 2015.

60 hours left and still no response and won't return my e-mails. What do I do?