b-Bets Casino - Refusing to pay the winning amount of 446 euro

zjac76 Poland
posted on April 21, 2015.

Casino b-Bets does not want to pay the winning amount of 446 Euros.

I made a 2x20 Euro deposits.

I had more than 1,100 euros to wager(it was indicated that the calculator on the website).

Calculator on the pointed free resources to play. Commissioned payment of 446 euros, which is not implemented.

In annex:
- history withdraw and deposit
- screen winning in the game
- Betting history, which also indicates that the measures were free

Please help me.
Very much thanks

posted on April 23, 2015.

Dear Player,

We have checked your account, and found that your account and account winnings are under revision of the finance department.
You have been informed about the fact that some winnings have been waived due to the fact it seemed they were created with no deposit bonuses.
You have told us that that was not the case according to you, and there for our support team escalated your request to the finance department again.
You have also been informed that your account revision could take a few days:)
Now, your "complaint" seems a bit premature; as your question is still under our attention, since 24 hours, on the moment you posted this. So I would kindly ask you to have a bit patience, so we can follow up on your case.
And of course: if you are right, you are right, so there is no need for stress :)

kind regards

zjac76 Poland
posted on April 23, 2015.

From Monday Live Chat promises that you contact me by email.
There was no contact so I complained.
I do not understand that there is a problem with the payment - a system of free resources so pointed commissioned a payment that is not implemented.
Free amount to be paid was much higher, paid part, and you fail to comply with the agreement.
You are dishonest.

zjac76 Poland
posted on April 23, 2015.

"And of course: if you are right, you are right" - see screen withdraw.
Calculator make free cash for withdraw. So the amount was slow to pay. There are also free no deposit bonus rules because deposit was made 2 times.

posted on April 24, 2015.

Dear Player,

We have tried to understand your latest replies on the forum. But we do not understand it completely.
Nevertheless, I have been updated by finance department as they have followed up on your previous ticket.

They checked and revised your betting history, and like indicated in the email send to you today, the remainder of the winnings will be transfered.


zjac76 Poland
posted on April 24, 2015.

I have e-mail with the finance department. Now I look forward to the speedy implementation of the transfer, today marks six days, and the Rules have 1-5.
In providing not believe it until I see the payment in your bank account or Skrill.
I am in many casinos and the first time I meet with such a situation.


zjac76 Poland
posted on April 25, 2015.

Email from support I received yesterday:
"Dear Jacek,

To follow up on a request received by the support department we would like to inform you of the following;
your account has been reviewed by the finance department, and they came to the conclusion your winnings were indeed created by your deposit and deposit bonus, and not by a No deposit bonus.
Therefor the remainder of your winnings 421 euro, will be transferred to you as well.
You will receive this amount shortly.

For no deposit bonuses other rules apply - even if you made a deposit in the past - No deposits bonuses are limited in payouts. but this term did not apply to your account in this event

If you have any more questions, please let us know,

Let us know if you have more questions, we are happy to help you!

b-Bets support - help

Now I have a question: Is "You will receive this amount shortly." in the case of B-Bets means further 6 days? After this email should be within max. An hour the amount of payments to Skrill. It's been 24 hours since email.

zjac76 Poland
posted on April 25, 2015.

1. b-bets.casion:

Payment received - Thanks, but it remains only a distaste for many reasons.
The finance department is working b-bets carelessly, or casino hopes that someone will claim on your winnings. Certainly lost a player who is active in several other places.
To the response time, which amounted to five days, despite my daily reports on live chat. Poor work organization and system showing on the possible withdrawal.

P.S. Still showing on my account 10 free spinn, but they do not have - I can see that it can not solve? Party fails to operate correctly by. me, or is it intentional to not be clear

2. @askgamblers.com

I wanted to thank you for mediation and assistance from www.askgamblers.com.
Probably, if not notification to you, I never received that amount.
Well, they are, the case is closed. Regards / Jacek ( Thank you Danny from support )