21 Dukes Casino - Not respecting the rules of its own bonus terms and conditions

zebra592005 France
posted on May 12, 2015.

Hello I made a $ 50 deposit with a 500% bonus to be a starting balance to £ 300

I ask before you deposit and play if playtrough is 25 times as is well specified in the general terms, I am told it is 25 times.

After some time off, I demand or I have reached the level of wagering, the surprise was told he must build your deposit 30 times, another day my friend told me it was wrong that's 25 times that day and was told it was 35 times.

I demonstrated at the casino that the general conditions clearly show a playtrough 25 and not 30 or 35, it tells me it's not good but I will do 35 up the info.

All this shows a cheating by the casino that does not respect its commitments, I want this to be rectified and the playtrough played by my care is currently at 25, not 35, I also want to know the amount already bet the $ 7,500 required because unfortunately we can not verify this

On the other hand, I sent an email to the casino to explain the facts and I have not received any response from them.

If you deposit made very attention between what is written in general terms and what they say to you once you have filed.

zebra592005 France
posted on May 14, 2015.

I still have not received a response from the casino, one can not say that it is very reactive

posted on May 15, 2015.

Dear AskGamblers,

Thank you for bringing this case to our attention.

We would like to underline the fact that, unless it is a special bonus that comes with particular wagering requirements, 21Dukes Casino standard playthrough is indeed 25 times deposit + bonus, as it is clearly stipulated in our Terms and Conditions.
Furthermore, 21Dukes Casino would like to apologize for the misunderstanding and assure zebra592005 that we have no intention of delaying or not honouring payouts.

We have tried to reach zebra592005 by phone but without any success; an email has also been sent in order to set things straight. We trust that he will be extremely pleased with the resolution.

We apologize once again for the misunderstanding and kindly ask zebra592005 to contact 21Dukes Casino by email, chat or phone for more details or any inquires that may present.

21Dukes Casino Team.

zebra592005 France
posted on May 15, 2015.

The answer received by email from the casino that day

I am contacting you on behalf of 21 Dukes Casino. First I want to apologize for the misunderstanding with regard to the setting on your last deposit.

We checked and it was an error in our system which calculated 35 times instead of 25 times. You had bet 7,500 in total and up to now you have made a bet of 5,153. This means you have to bet again 2347. This time though, because we are a serious casino and because we regret the situation we'll cancel the rest of 2347 and up you can withdraw € 400.

In fact I still had a balance to $ 623 and the casino me without my consent deducted the sum of $ 185.

In return, he canceled the remaining playtrough, I responded to the casino that I could finish the playtrough remaining £ 2,350 or less and earn more?

But I'll just just over 400E which is already for me a nice sum.

I accept the apology of the casino, I have already sent the documents dated 10 MAI 2015

I will keep you informed as soon as my payment will be made

posted on May 19, 2015.

Any news?

zebra592005 France
posted on May 19, 2015.

My papers were accepted this Monday, May 18
I always expect my payment which I hope will soon

zebra592005 France
posted on May 19, 2015.

I come now to check my neteller account payment has been made.
So you can close this complaint resolved successfully