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Swiss casino uses term as 'spirit of the bonus' to not pay player

posted on June 9, 2011.

Best Team Askgamblers.

This is my story at Swiss Casino:

I claimed a 300% bonus at Swiss Casino (100+300 bonus). I played some blackjack, (single hand) obviously, because playing with multihand would be a violation of their terms. Anyway, i played blackjack (which has a restriction of a max bet of 100 euros).... I made a reasonalbe profit, wagered on table poker and slots. Emailed Swiss casino asking whether i have fulfilled all wagering requirements. They say yes and than i made a withdrawal request. Sended in the documents to verify my account. Everything gets verified untill they deny to pay me, because i have apparently violated their terms.

This is what they emailed:

11.6 Your use of any real money bonuses is subject to Our review for irregular playing patterns. To ensure fair gaming, We consider low margin, equal, zero bets or hedge betting to be irregular gaming for the use of bonuses. Further examples of irregular playing patterns also include, but are not limited to:

(i) placing single or multiple bets on any single game that sums over the value of seventy percent or more of the bonus credited with the intention of clearing the bonus until the release requirements have been met;

(ii) if We suspect you have attempted to use a bonus contrary to the spirit of the Promotional offering;

(iii) if We suspect that you have sought to deviously profit from a bonus offered by Us in good faith (for example, the acceptance of a bonus, wagering the minimum amount and immediately withdrawing the funds. In the event that we deem that an irregular playing pattern has taken place, We reserve the right to prevent you from cashing out Account funds and/or withhold any of Your winnings derived from Your use of the bonus.”

ok... commenting on their terms (i), apparently they have sent me a screenshot of hands that i played at blackjack. Apparently i have played blackjack placing even up to 200 euros. The reason for that is either i splitted or did a insurance. And the 70% rule of them when applied to me is: 210 euros (70% of 300 euro bonus).

term (ii)... the spirit of their use...that can be interpreted so broadly that in any event if a player wins, than all their money can get confiscated. So in my opinion a bogus term!

term (iii)... Every player that plays at a casino and get a bonus is always trying to gamble and hope to get some profit out of it. Why else play at casino? I mean, it is not like very exciting to lose money everytime if you play at a casino. Further more. At playtech (in this case Swiss casino) there is no way that you can check how much you have wagered. So i honestly do not believe, that i have exactly wagered precisely their WR and than made a withdrawal. As mentioned, i played (a lot), don't ask me how much... emailed them asking whether i have fulfilled all wageringrequirments. They say in that email: yes you have wagered everything and it is okay to make a withdrawal.

So actually when they email this, they actually expect that you don't make a withdrawal and lose all your money or what? Anyway, I had a total pending withdrawal of 1.1k, but they only returned my deposit.

Thanks for reading!


posted on June 12, 2011.


This player has already complained to the GRA, and he posted the GRA reply on Casinomeister (http:­//w­ww.c­as­ino­mei­ste­r.c­om/­for­ums­/ca­sin­o-c­omp­lai­nts­-bo­nus­-is­sue­s/4­420­5-s­wis­s-c­asi­no-­not­-pa­yin­g-b­eca­use­-ap­par­ent­ly-­vio­lat­ion­-te­rms­-co­ndi­tio­ns-­3.h­tml).

Let me know if you have any further questions.

posted on June 13, 2011.

And i do not agree with the reply of the GRA. I haven't broke any terms and condition stated by Swiss casino.

The only term they can claim on is the 'spirit of the bonus rule'. And such rule is ridiculous. I hope that Team AskGamblers could help me in this matter or do you guys, promote casino's using such rule in their term and condtion?

posted on June 16, 2011.

Our privacy and security policies prohibit the sharing of player information without legal authorization of third party representation. Consequently, we are not permitted to provide more details regarding this case. The GRA (one of the most rigid gaming regulators) has already deemed that the T&C’s were breached, and we now consider this case closed.

posted on June 17, 2011.

It is clearly that GRA stands behind Swiss Casino. Swiss Casino stands by it's statement that i have breached their spirit of the bonus term. I don't think that anything that i will say, will change in this matter.

So I want to hear the opinion of AskGamblers. Do you promote such online casino, where they say you will be in Breach of their Terms and Conditions if you 'violate' their 'Spirit of the bonus' rule?

I stand by my opinion, that i have played within their terms. Their only concrete term that shows, that you'll be in violation is the term: 'no betting more that 70% of the rule'. I have not violated that rule.

Every gambler seeks to make a profit at a casino. That is the nature of gamblers/players at a casino. If that makes you a 'violator of the spirit of the bonus' rule, than i am really dissapointed in this online casino industry. You should than not promote, as a casino, such bonuses to lure customers, only in the end saying, if you've won money, that you broke the 'spirit of the bonus' term.

I am very curious what the opiniion of AskGamblers is in this matter.

Jos Beddeleem