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Zodiac Casino - Waiting almost two weeks to resolve on reported mistake with e-check transaction

Posted on October 25, 2017.

Below is the email I submitted to casino risk management after being directed to by chat . Its been 12 days with nothing .
I have no response, my account is locked, the phone number provided does nothing but direct you to chat. Chat directs me to email, email never responds :(

, my user name is
Username: *******
Casino: Zodiac Casino

I was asking chat help for withdrawing my winningsof $169 and as i went through the steps for an echeck I did it as a deposit instead of withdrawel. She sad to contact you to cancel the deposit as it was in error and then she said chat can help me my orignal wihdrawel.


here is my conversation with chat tonight

i went to withdraw my money via an echeck and did a deposit insteaD CAN YOU PLEASE REVERSE AND CORECT IT10:15 PM
i did not realize i hit the echeck and filled it out for a deposit instead of a withdrawel
I’m just going to pull up your account details. Give me a moment to see what I can do.
ok i just tred to withdraw my winnings of 169 and did it as a deposit
Ok, thank you please wait just a moment and make sure not to play any games.
not doing anything lol and thanks
Thank you for waiting Tracey Ill just be a few more minutes
ok thanks
Thank you for your patience. You will need to contact our Risk Management Department for a refund via email at riskma­nag­eme­[email protected]­cas­ino­rew­ard­ In the mean time be sure not to play with the funds or we won't be able to refund the money
well what do i tell them
and why couldnt you fix this issue
this is money i can not have taken out of my account can they resolve this asap
Just tell them that you deposited the money by mistake and they can issue you a refund.

Posted on October 26, 2017.

Hi Tracy

When depositing with echeck, the funds do not physically get to us for as long as a week or more after the deposit. For that reason, we have to wait until the funds clear before any withdrawals can be made against those deposits. Regardless that this was a mistake on your part where you deposited instead of withdrew, we still needed to wait as we can't cancel that transaction.

After looking through your account, risk management found that you have duplicate accounts at the casino which is against the T&Cs. Your withdraw was confiscated. They have emailed you saying they can refund your initial deposit, however they will need you to send them a voided cheque in order to refund it back to your account.

Once you reply to their email with their requested items, it will be processed.


Posted on October 28, 2017.

Dear @tracy1978,

Please confirm if the issue has been resolved.

Posted on November 1, 2017.

AskGamblers Complaints Team is awaiting Zodiac Casino team to provide the required information.

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