Prestige Casino - Stalling on payment

PREMIER1993 United Kingdom
posted on June 26, 2015.

Morning all , Ill try keep this short for now , I have a nice amount pending with Prestige. 13 ,144 to be precise. Having withdrawn the win I was asked for , im assuming standard documentation , pictures of bank card etc. Then it went on asking for bank details for transferring the win a few days later. Superb , I thought this was going to be nice a quick. Then I was asked for more documentation , and also now a deposit confirmation form and this was starting to drag on. ( could of asked for it all in one go but dragged it out ) Once all this was sent , they have then asked for NOTARIZED I.D and can this be sent to Gibraltar. I started to think they were just stalling me and payment was a long way away. So having tracked the documents sent and finally confirmed they have them , they have been with the "relevant" department for over 10days and still no payment.
Please help , if only they paid just as quick as they take your money , we would all be happy and would have to have a moan.
Please help , much appreciated