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Stake 7 Casino - Delayed payment of 2300 euros since November 2021


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edmilemil Brazil
Posted on February 10, 2022

Hello AskGamblers team,

I've played on Stake7 2021-11-01 and then finished the session with a balance of 2969. I made my first withdrawal of 669 to Skrill which was paid out fast. The remaining balance of 2300 I've tried to withdraw I don't know how many times since November 2021 until now.

The withdrawal to Skrill is always canceled and Stake7 support has told me countless times that it's a problem with the payment processor and that they will fix the problem. Although it always ends there and I try to withdraw again and then it's the same answer all over again!

Hopefully, the AskGgamblers team can help me with this issue. I will add screenshots of the answers and emails I've received. It's been a long time since I started the withdrawals months even and I just want it to be solved.

Best regards,

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