Sky Vegas Casino - Software problem?

posted on April 30, 2014.

I have a situation whereby I have been playing roulette on line
for around a year or so.
A problem arose very occasionally , just about 4 or 5 times over
the period, and I almost ignored it over the first couple of times
apart from being annoyed that I had lost the chance of recovering
my " investment" .

One obviously has to log in to bet, and my preference has been
to start with a balance of several hundred pounds and follow a sequence
of 2/1 odds I.e. bet on red or bet on even and doubling up in the
hope that the sequence will change to in my favour.
This has worked very well most of the time ,and has been an enjoyable
pastime, although I have at times have to replenish my cash balance
from my Visa account when on a long running losing sequence, and
I don't really expect to come out on top.
However I do expect. to have a fair chance.

On at. least 4 occasions when trying to deposit more
funds (WHILST ACTUALLY PLAYING) . I have been prevented from
transferring more cash in order to continue betting, having pressed the
Deposit button in the usual way and been informed .....
"sorry you must be logged in to make a deposit"

which was not only annoying but gave me no chance of recovering
my. losses. There is no question that I was Logged in as I was
actually playing and had taken no break in between .
In fact , on more than one occasion , I have continued without logging
in using my dwindling balance using 'pennies' instead of pounds and
watched the sequence change in my favour , returning just a small
win in cash terms but quite a heavy overall loss
How could I NOT be logged in ?

posted on May 7, 2014.

Hi richardfoot,

Thanks for making us aware of your issue. As this isn't a problem we've encountered before, we'd appreciate you contacting our customer services team with some more information, such as the exact game you were playing and the specific dates and times it happened.

This will allow us to perform a full investigation into the matter and also find a resolution suited to you.

Our contact details can be found here:


Alternatively, if you wish for us to contact you, please let me know.

Many thanks

Matt Price
Sky Betting and Gaming Affiliate Manager

posted on May 10, 2014.

Please inform us if this issue is resolved. Thank you.