SmartLive Casino- deny big win payment

posted on February 5, 2012.

Hello Sir, I found out recently that the SmartLiveCasino has not paid me my win in 2009 - and unfortunately I had no way to monitor their practice until I got back to live again in Ireland. After I contacted them last week - they vehemently deny it and make up excuses to avoid my payment.

Can you use your influence to my winning will be paid in full?

(It's not fair with casino's behavior to deny it just because the

time passed without considering all my previous losses in their company,

as they did not consider me as "an abuser" during that time

as long as I lost my deposits). This can't be serious

p.s - I provided them with my updated ID + proof of deposits made to their casino

Thank you for your help


( Please your attention to the emails below after my winnings

from 2009 till this week I got the replys from them)

Dear Kenneth,

The account you’re referring to is permanently closed due to bonus abuse and connection to other accounts with similar activity.

This account will remain closed and no refund or withdrawals will be processed.


Stelios Pardalis

Customer Service Team Leader

14-16 Regent Street, London, SW1Y 4PH

Direct: 0800 279 8510 Fax: +44 (0) 207 747 5288

Dear Sir ,

After I checked my notes again from nearly two years ago, I ascertained the following facts.

On 14-9-09 I made a deposit through my Neteller account total of 160 GBP and got from you - the bonus offered to my casino account- total of 160.

I played the game that I love with you, roulette, I got lucky and got an initial amount of 5400. Given that I was to proceed to roll the funds to fulfill the bonus requirements - I went on to win casino roulette and finally finished with a total of 11100 GBP. ( The proof of my deposit from Sep 14th,09 is shown in Neteller print screen shot from that time in the attached file)

Unfortunately, due to a family problem I had to leave Ireland for a long time and I DID NOT follow the tracking of payment on your part. When I returned to live in Ireland - Neteller became clear to me (before I closed my account with them and I moved to moneybookers) smartlive casino have not paid the win from 2009.

I am aware of the length of time that has elapsed since - so I ask you again to check your records of my account and find the winning money and pay me to my moneybookers account.


From: [email protected]

To: suppor­[email protected]­mar­tli­vec­asi­

Subject: my paymnet issue-FW: my personal scan

Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2009 06:58:55 +0000

Hello Sirs,

As your update to me ,

I forgot to attached for you in my previous email

the neteller scree-shot that shows my neteller deposits in your casino

in the past few weeks.

I made a withdrawal couple days ago and I wish to know please

when you intend to process it back to my neteller account?

Kindly your reply

Warm Regards


From: [email protected]

To: suppor­[email protected]­mar­tli­vec­asi­

Subject: my personal scan

Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2009 08:21:17 +0000

Hello Sirs,


Please see my attached personal scan

to allow me to keep gambling in your casino

Warm Regards


Dear Kenneth

I am writing to advise you that your recent activity at Smart Live Casino has exceeded the daily limit for financial activity in a 24 hour period.

While this is not something that you should be concerned about we are now required to request documentation from you under the Anti Money Laundering policies enforced by the UK Gambling Commission.

I would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused but to comply with this policy we need to request the following information from you;

1) An Utility Bill (Less than 3 months old) for Address Verification.

2) Copy of the front and back of the card you deposited with. Or a Bank Statement (Less than 3 months old) showing deposits and withdrawals from Smart Live Casino if no card is obtainable.

3) Personal Identification - One Photo ID from the following List

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posted on February 9, 2012.


As we have already explained to you:

Your account was directly linked to another account with very similar deposits, bet history and winnings. In total those two accounts have deposited £7476 in total and withdrew £16860. Due to bonus abuse and direct breach of our term and conditions both those accounts are now closed. Please see below the parts of term and conditions you have breached.

From our bonus T & C’s:

In the event of any offer abuse being identified or suspected by the Casino, promotional bonuses will not be granted and management reserves the right to prohibit or exclude certain individuals, groups or regions from the promotions with immediate effect.

From our general T & C’s:

3.8 By registering, you also verify you do NOT already have a Smart Live Casino account, as you may only hold one account. Duplicate registrations are NOT permitted. In the event that we have reason to suspect that a person has made duplicate registrations, all registrations by that person will be cancelled, and all bonuses and winnings on the duplicate account will be voided.

6.5 Notwithstanding any of the other clauses in these terms and conditions Smart Live Casino in its absolute discretion reserves the right to make persons, their households, their entry phone numbers ineligible to make further entries to Smart Live Casino and to close their accounts where applicable.

6.7 Smart Live Casino may disqualify your winnings if it has reasonable grounds to suspect that you may be in breach of these terms and conditions and/or your participation in the games may be fraudulent or otherwise unlawful

We are considering the two accounts mentioned above as accounts that belong to the same person and this is the reason we reached this decision.

posted on February 9, 2012.


I have no idea what you're talking about. I used my personal computer from home and NOT from a public computer as you claim. If you look on my deposits history to realize my deposit were made from my personal account only - not a joint account as you claim. I am very sure you are wrong and may get confused with another customer. My winning was fair and my feeling that you are trying to avoid it because of the fact that I was lucky and won BIG amount.

I wish you would stop the rattle and the unpleasantness in investigations and other false reasons, I am sure will lead to right no matter what you do.

If you are still determined to mind - I would like to contact IBAS but they told me they can not investigate, as you were not a registered casino with them at the time I won.

I'm still waiting to get from you another third party contact for full and fair investigation!!

( unless you wish to involve UK gambling commission )

Fair evasion of winning - not the way to a site with a license to drive the cunning against his clients!!!! ( I hope it will be something for you to think about before accepting other

players to risk their money and might win big again in the future )



posted on February 13, 2012.

Hello Askgamblers,

I would like to ask for your help since SmartLive did not provide me an answer to a third party fair to investigate in depth my win, according to rules their license requires them to do so, and actually continue to ignore my huge win their casino and refuse to pay me even though I provided them proof of my deposit as well as passport Notarized.

I really hope you can help

thank you


posted on February 13, 2012.

Hi Kenneth,

We have at no time claimed that you opened the account from a public computer, or used someone elses card to deposit. We have 2 accounts which were opened and utilised the same bonuses, with numerous links between the 2. Therefore, as mentioned, we are treating these 2 accounts as the same person and closed both accounts due to several breaches of our Terms and Conditions.

We can confirm that we were registered with IBAS at the time of these accounts being suspended, so they will be the 3rd party that will be able to adjudicate further in this matter.

posted on February 13, 2012.

Hello, First I want to mention again that I have anything to do another account - and I had only one account! I proved to you with my deposits using Neteller page several times, but you ignore this fact.

(In my opinion, and according to your description, this is a rare coincidence and for some reason, you still continue to associate with this problem to me - although I have no connection to it!)

Secondly, after I turned to the IBAS (twice) I got the answer below from them that they can not be a party to the matter and investigate my case. Mr. Stelios Pardalis ( from SmartLive Casino ) has been admitted to me there is a problem with IBAS last week and since then he did not return to me with an answer or alternative a different company.

You are welcome to follow the emails I received from IBAS on Feb 8th

and from Mr. Stelios Pardalis on the same day

(from IBAS)

Dear Mr Finn

As previously advised due to the timescale over two years we would not be able to offer adjudication in your complaint. Furthermore the company were not registered with IBAS in 2009 and did not register until last year and it is not normal practice for us to look at cases retrospectively.

( from Mr. Stelios Pardalis , SmartLive Casino)

Dear Kenneth,

Thank you for letting us know.

I will have to consult the UK gambling commission on that, as we never had anything similar in the past. As soon as they inform me of what we can do, I will let you know.

Kind regards,

Stelios Pardalis

Customer Service Team Leader

posted on February 17, 2012.

Hello, as you only to realize by the correspondence above - SmartLive chose not correlated against each other for the answers they responded me. one person replies that no sensible answer, even though I sent him correspondence that IBAS can not explore my case - and someone else answers that my problem this is the first time for them - and they need to consult with their license manager.

I still do not understand, why is it, this site only to driving cleverly avoid paying - can hold a legal license which might continue to treat more players, like myself, by not honoring

to pay high winnings after fair win.

posted on February 21, 2012.

Hello Askgamblers,

SmartLive contacted me again about my winning payment and offered me a very sensible compromise to accept only 1000 GBP from my overall win (11100 GBP) so I agree to close the issue and my complaint against them.

They probably figured I was right about winning fairly and trying to seduce me under ridiculous amounts despite my winning was absolutely HONEST with lot of luck!!.

Of course I would not compromise to such offer ...


posted on February 21, 2012.

 Did I understood you well, that you want to close this complaint?

posted on February 22, 2012.

Of course not!!!!!!!!

Why should I close this complaint?

(I'm sorry if I did not formulate correctly my previous message )

Lets say you were me - would you agree to accept payment only 10% of your winning? I did not do anything wronge to them

and won fairly, but they offer to pay me only 10% of my total winning - why ?????

As I wrote you previously about it- I think this casino does not have enough money to pay big wins - and it's just not fair that they

like to accept players money and keep sending offers by email, but when it comes to pay winnings - they don't pay and start

to negotiate to pay less - DOES SEEM NORMAL TO YOU?

I never heard or read about such teatment ever with other online casino sites.


posted on March 8, 2012.


After all the promises to process the remaining of my withdrawal

since they had a "technical issue " and I'll be paid " as soon as possible"

( they processed just 2000 from my total 11150 GBP )

they sent me a new update they need to come up with a "new decision"

reg my payment and my account....

They either trying to buy time till they will have more money to pay me

or they changed their payment startegy to pay big winnings to players...

I believe all player should STAY AWAY from this site

their financial situation doesn't seem to be good as you can

read and understand from my experience

posted on March 12, 2012.

Hi, As you can read below.. they sent me an email last wendsday that I'll be informed

with an update by friday, but for some reason they either "forgot" or have other reasons

to ignore me again... Please your attention to their last email to me

( I just can't believe how this casino really works and gives service to players !!)

Dear Kenneth,

We will get back to you on Friday with our final decision regarding your account and the outstanding balance.

If you’re not happy with that decision you are free to contact our 3rd party adjudication service (http:­//w­ww.i­ba­s-u­

Kind regards,

Stelios Pardalis

Customer Service Team Leader

posted on March 15, 2012.

I directed few questions to Stelios from SmartLive Casino

and from their Support, but all my questions regarding my withdrawal

and the reason why they stoped processing more payments after the

first 2000 they paid, have been IGNORED in full

Just another sign to show how they don't like to pay more then certain amount

of winning despite all their promises after accepting my required documents.

posted on March 18, 2012.

Hello Askgamblers,

As I asked another third party to investigate my winnings

and also SmartLive behavior to my emails, can you please read the below article

and maybe advise me what to do next? ( SmartLive keep ingoring me...)

thank you


posted on March 19, 2012.

Dear Ask,

Please note that at the moment we have asked our former customer to contact a third party service to investigate this case.

Smart live casino would like to add here that this customer has not had ANY communication with us from October 2009 till February2012.

Also this customer has been depositing with a Neteller account which is now closed, as he wasn't able to verify himself, so Neteller had to keep that account open.


Smart Live casino

posted on March 19, 2012.

Hello Askgamblers,

First, finally we hear back from SmartLive Casino.

Second, I must respond to their message and tell you

it's a complete lie!!!! I already shared all the emails from them

and also from the third party they asked me to contact, IBAS which replied as follow :

"As previously advised due to the timescale over two years we would not be able to offer adjudication in your complaint. Furthermore the company were not registered with IBAS in 2009 and did not register until last year and it is not normal practice for us to look at cases retrospectively "

Then they asked me for my documents, after I provided them , they replied as follow:

Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2012 21:03:57 +0000

Dear Kenneth

This is to confirm that your documents were approved and your account activated. You now have access to your balance and your account.

Best wishes

Sofia Zissi

Customer Services

I logged into my account , made a new deposit from my moneybookers account

played a little more with my money and made a new withdrawal with my winnings

so how they can claim my account is locked and I'm a "former client" ?

After my fresh withdrawal they replied to me as follow:

Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 09:13:40 +0000

Hi Kenneth,

Yes, your withdrawal will be send to Moneybookers account.

It usually takes 3 to 5 working days to process the payment.


Krol Sudol

Customer Service Advisor

They paid already 2000 GBP to my moneybookers account and promised they will

pay the remaining "soon" which then they started to ignore my payment.

What it has to do with my old neteller account from couple years ago???

I already explained them I left Ireland for personal reasons and also closed

my neteller account around that time. I started to use moneybookers which is much

more convenient for my personal use. I never had any problem with my Neteller account

and for them trying to involve that matter just show how they are off track !!!

I have a very simple few qustions , which they are avoiding to answer again again:

1. Why they processed only 2000 GBP from my total 11150 GBP withdrawal?

2. Why they promissed to pay the rest of my wininngs "soon" and lied about it?

( I have the emails from them which can proov it !!)

3. Why they are reffering me again to the same third party who can not be apart

of this case, as he already replied back ??

4. What is their REAL accusations for not paying me in full and asking

third party ( selected by them) to "investigate" my withdrawal???

Non of those queations were never answered back to me by now

I hope the answers I received from them in the past and shared with you again now, can show you how SmartLive not sharing the real truth behind their decision to avoid my payment.

Thank you


posted on March 22, 2012.


They keep ignoring the direct questions I asked here with Askgamblers

to know the real reason they stopped processing my payment , after they started

to pay the first 2000.

I heard today that also CasinoMeister also posted a report against

this site to warn players that won't be paid after big winnings.


posted on March 26, 2012.


SmartLive still ignores my payment for no real reason !

This is a FAKE casino who can not efford paying high winnings

after they just paid 2000 out of my total withdrawal 11150 GBP

it's just UNBELIVABLE !!!

posted on March 29, 2012.


I still can't understand why they paid my only 2000 GBP

and decided to ignore the remainning of what they owe

me , total of 9150 GBP... doesn't make any reasonable sense


posted on April 2, 2012.

SmartLive Casino still ignore my questions and does not provide

and explainations why they stop processing my withdrawal

posted on April 5, 2012.

I received an email from another account manager ( smartlive casino)

which promised he will look after my case and reply

back . I hope this time someone will look closer about

the real facts of my case and finally process the remaining

of my winnings

posted on April 8, 2012.

no reply back due to the holiday you think?

posted on April 9, 2012.

 I hope the holidays are the only reason for no responding.

posted on April 12, 2012.

Hi Askgamblers,

As I just sent you a personal email with an update

after Harry from SmartLive contacted me,

you can review my email and I will keep to update

my case here as soon as I'll get any reply back from SmartLive

( I really hope and wish to close this complaint soon by being paid in full )

thanks again for your support


posted on August 20, 2012.

 There was a delay in replying, but this casino showed a good will to solve this issue! Is there any updates meanwhile?

posted on August 20, 2012.

Hello Askgamblers,

Thank you for your message.

No, it's not been any progress with SmartLive Casino.

They failed to provide a fair third party to investigate my claimes.

They fulled me by asking "casinomeister" to be the third party to investigate

my claimes, but for some reason casinomeister ignored an important fact

that I was allowed to use my funds 11000 GBP this year and gamble with it

before I won more and then I made my withdrawal. Casinomeister referred only

to my cashout from 2009 ( which was not related to my activity on Feb 2012)

and decided that I need to be paid with only 1/3 of my withdrawals.

This after Smartlive processed 2000 out of my 11150 withdrawal.

Believe it or not, even after casinomeister ruling Smartlive refused to process

any amount to me... once again, I'm bringing the question again

are we talking about a fair and honest casino ?

I'm getting many many possitive responses from other forums members

after I'm sharing almost everyday my case with other online players to warn

them to stay away from this casino... I will continue and fight until I will be

fully paid.

I do hope that you will have any influence on this casino to bring this matter

to an end for them to process the remaining full 9150 GBP they owe me



posted on August 21, 2012.

Dear Askgamblers,

Mr Finn’s version of events is simply not accurate on a number of key points:

i. It is not correct that we fooled Mr Finn by asking Casinomeister to investigate his claims. Mr Finn was the person who initiated CasinoMeister getting involved. Mr Finn posted on Casinomeister’s forum complaining about us in the same way he has here. He then asked then asked that site to investigate it on his behalf by going through their ‘PAB’ process.

ii. Since Casinomeister are an industry respected independent third party we agreed to comply with their investigation and they made the ruling that we should pay him 1/3 of the outstanding amount.

iii. Again it is incorrect to say that we did not offer him the amount that Casinomeister suggested. We offered him this amount, he turned it down.

iv. Mr Finn instead opted to go to a different Independent third party. We made it very clear to Mr Finn that should he turn down the settlement that had offered on the back of the process he started with Casinomeister, we would not make that offer again should further independent arbitration not go in his favour. Obviously no company will put themselves in a position where a disgruntled customer starts arbitration with multiple third parties in the hope of picking the best deal.

v. The second party that Mr Finn contacted refused to arbitrate his case.

So in summary, Mr Finn asked an independent third party to arbitrate, we complied with that process and offered to pay Mr Finn the amount that the arbiter ruled was fair. Mr Finn decided to turn down the result of the arbitration in the hope of getting a better settlement elsewhere and failed to find one. We feel that we have done everything required of us to resolve this case.


Smart Live Casino

posted on August 21, 2012.

Hello Again Askgamblers,

Once again, I believe Smartlive not filling you with the full correct details.

I did not ask any third party to rule for my case just because I wanted to get a better "deal" , all I did was to follow their original request to contact an independet party they offered (IBAS) to check my claimes,

after I contacted IBAS , they sent me the following email ;

Sbject: RE: Hi Danny - reg Smartlive final settlement

Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2012 14:02:57 +0100

From: [email protected]

To: [email protected]

Dear Mr Finn

As far as I am aware, the timescale apart, ?IBAS never gave an opinion only that we would not give a secondary opinion to that given by Casinomeister who, you claim, said you should receive a 1/3 of what you were claiming. ?Please see email of July 17th outlining this .

I will email Smartlive but only to advise them what I have informed you. ?If they accept Casinomeister’s ruling then they will credit your account, but they will not be receiving a ruling from IBAS.


Askgamblers, as you can understand, Smartlive still does not want to bring my case

to an end to pay me what they owe me. Even after I accepted the 1/3 payment deal

after I read IBAS email ( which can not be part of my claims to check)

Smartlive now "remembered" they put the 1/3 deal to a time scale otherwise

it will revoke... does it sound real to you? Is this how they claim " we did our best to

bring this matter to an end...." if that was their real intention want to bring this case to an end they should process the1/3 that casinomeister ruled and then close my case for good.. but they seem to keep bringing escuses just to avoid to pay me

That the FACT as of today !!

posted on August 22, 2012.

Dear Ask Gamblers,

We believe there are two key points here; the actual events relating to arbitration, which again differ substantively from what Mr Finn is claiming, and our desire to close the case. Let us deal with them in order.

Firstly the events relating to arbitration:

1. At the beginning of this year when we were having the disagreement with Mr Finn we told him, as we tell any customer that believes we have not acted fairly, that we are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, and that we are a member of IBAS whom we are happy to work with as an independent third party to settle disputes.

2. Mr Finn took his case to IBAS, who in February of this year told us and Mr Finn that they were not willing to offer an opinion in this case. Note that this precedes the involvement of any other third party, and therefore their reason was not based on somebody else having already acted as arbiter.

3. In the following months Mr Finn posted on a number of forums, this one included, claiming that we are refusing to pay out a ‘lucky win’, it should be noted that we have always contested the validity of the win.

4. One of the forums Mr Finn posted on was Casinomeister, he then instigated a process with them known as ‘PAB’ which involves them looking at the case and making a judgement as to what the correct settlement would be.

5. As Casinomeister are an independent third party, and Mr Finn had asked them to investigate the case, we agreed to comply with their investigation.

6. They ruled that a payment of 1/3 of the win to Mr Finn would be fair, and we offered this amount to Mr Finn.

7. Mr Finn declined that offer in order to go back to IBAS as he believed there were factors that they hadn’t taken into account previously.

8. It is not true that at a later date we ‘remembered’ we had put a time scale on our offer. At the time that Mr Finn said that he was going to decline the offer in order to try again with IBAS we emailed Mr Finn. In that email we made it clear that we were not prepared to hold the offer open indefinitely while he went to other third parties, and stated the time limit on him accepting the offer. Mr Finn responded to that email stating clearly that he was declining the offer. Therefore both Smart Live Casino and Mr Finn were aware that the offer was no longer valid.

9. Mr Finn then contacted IBAS again, who after some investigation again refused to make a ruling on the case. It should be noted that they gave four reasons why they would not rule, one of which was that they didn’t give secondary opinions when an independent third party had already ruled on this.

10. Mr Finn would now like to accept the ruling from Casinomeister, despite this offer having been previously declined by him, and him being aware that the offer date had expired.

Secondly Mr Finn claims that we are unwilling to bring his case to an end. This is palpably not the case. We have investigated his claims internally, and have gone through two independent third party arbitration processes, one of which resulted in us making an offer to Mr Finn which he declined. We feel we have been through as much of a resolution process with Mr Finn as it is realistically possible for any company to go through, and that this case is now at an end. The fact that the outcome of those processes has not been in Mr Finn’s favour cannot be blamed on us.

posted on August 23, 2012.

Hi again Askgamblers,

As you can clearly read and understand from Smartlive behaviour , they still doing

their best ( by typing super long messages with facts which are not all correct ) bringing

up excuses more and more just to avoid third party settlement which I accepted.!!!

( why a time frame should be a factor in this case????? what is this??

deadline for what???? it's either u accept the ruling or not, very simple !! )

I'm very happy that this case is being published here in Askgmablers so other players

will see the real face of Smartlive by their UNFAIR treatment.

I'm getting many possitive comments by my email not to give up and ask for the whole amount I should be paid )

Not only they refuse to process my full REMAINING 9050 GBP withdrawal but also after the third party ruling to process 1/3 ( total 3016 GBP) they bringing up excuses by long

UNTRUE messages just to avoid any payment to close this matter for both sides.

Once again, the fact is they do not wish to accept the ruling , they don't wish to pay me

and bringing up unreal escuses again and again . I will have no choice but to go back

again to all the forums I'm member with, to publish casinomeister ruling and how Smartlive do not wish to honor it and pay my 1/3 I agreed just to close this matter

rather to ask for the whole 9050. I hope it will proove you that I wish to settle and they don't . That's the best fact I have for you which anyone can clearly understand!.


posted on August 27, 2012.

Hello Askgamblers,

I wish to inform you about

"Gambling Commission" which responded that Smartlive complaint MUST go through procedure that meets LCCP requirements.

As to my knowledge so far, and which is clear to all as well by reading my complaint, Smartlive DID NOT follow that requirment since the ruling for my case went through only casinomeister and not via IBAS ( which meets LCCP requirments ).

That's another side of view of how Smartlive treats my case unfairly

and don't wish to bring it to an end by paying me.

I hope it brings light also to other players online to stay away from them

( I'm going to publish the full official respond from Gambling Commission

very soon )

I'm very cirious to know what Smartlive has to say about the LCCP requriment

which is obligated to follow by their licence terms !!!


posted on August 30, 2012.

Dear AskGamblers,

This will be our final response to Mr Finn, as we feel that we have set out exactly what has happened and have responded to all of the many and various points Mr Finn has raised so that everything is relatively clear:

1. We have a process for dealing with players that complies with the Gambling Commissions LCCP Requirements – it should be noted that we have been regulated by the Gambling Commission since UK Licensing was introduced in 2008.

2. We ensure as part of our complaints process we let customers know that we are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (so that if they are unhappy with the way we have dealt with the issue they know who our regulators are), we also tell them that we are members of IBAS, so that if the issue requires an Independent Third Party to arbitrate the customer knows of an agency they can take the case to.

3. Mr Finn took his case to IBAS who refused to rule on the case.

4. IBAS are not the only organisation that fit the criteria laid down in the LCCP for an independent third party to arbitrate a dispute.

5. Once again we must remind Mr Finn that he was the person who went to Casino Meister to ask them to investigate the incident – we did not start the process with them. For him now to argue that they are somehow not an appropriate organisation to investigate this type of matter, and that we have therefore breached our terms with the Gambling Commission is something that we dispute strongly.

6. We informed the Gambling Commission that the customer has asked Casino Meister to investigate this issue and that we were co-operating with their investigation.

7. Casino Meister made a ruling on the back of which we made an offer of settlement to Mr Finn.

8. Again, we must remind Mr Finn that he turned down the offer of settlement we made. As per his post earlier “it's either u accept the ruling or not, very simple !!” Mr Finn did not accept the ruling and emailed us to say that he did not accept it, for him now to say that the only fair outcome is that we pay him as per the ruling is again something that we disagree strongly with.

9. At the time of him turning the offer down we made it very clear in an email to Mr Finn that we were not going to re-offer this settlement to him if the other avenues he was exploring for getting a better deal did not resolve in his favour.

10. His other avenues for getting a better deal did not resolve in his favour.

There is very little else to add, and as we have repeatedly stated we feel that we have fulfilled both our regulatory and moral duty in this case. The fact that the outcome isn’t what Mr Finn hoped is not the fault of either Smart Live Casino, or the process that we followed.


Smart Live Casino.

posted on September 2, 2012.

Hello Askgamblers,

I would really appriciate if you could also give your opinion on my case in order

to bring this matter to an end. As you can cleary see AGAIN , smartlive is hiding behind

some unreal excuses and bringing up some reasons just to avoid casinomeister ruling.

You are welcome to read below one of the forum's managers who gave his opinion

to my case and send emails to smartlive and gambling commission:


I'm webmaster of the casino site http:/­/ww­w.h­und­red­per­cen­tga­mbl­ We've been in contact before.

Regarding Kenneth Finn's £9150 withdrawal issue: I understand you agreed to pay this player one third of his withdrawal as per a Casinomeister ruling, and which you then failed to follow through on because he didn't agree quickly enough to this partial payment offer, although he did agree to it.

The sum would amount to £3050. Can this be settled and the matter closed? This seems a very reasonable ruling - I think most casinos would be very happy to pay only one third of players' withdrawal amounts.

I'm forwarding this email also to the UK Gambling Commission, since they appear to have you under their jurisdiction.



posted on September 5, 2012.


Smartlive still did not pay me....

I guess they ignore the last response as well


posted on September 8, 2012.

SmartLive still ignores my payment...

They just don't wish to accept casinomeister's ruling

posted on September 12, 2012.

Smartlive - Don't like to loose after ruling !!

THE fact is that they refuse to process even the 1/3

posted on September 15, 2012.

Smartlive still ignoring me and don't process the amount settlement

posted on September 18, 2012.

Smartlive still ignoring payment

http:/­/ww­w.g­amb­lin­ggr­umb­ added this site to his BLACK listed

casinos to warn other players.

posted on September 26, 2012.

 After a long battle through this complaint, we came on decision to solve this complaint in the favor of casino! 

This casino supplied us with more than enough evidence which proves that there's no any fault on their side regarding to this case! 

Following their own rules to allow 3rd part to mediate and "­adj­udi­cat­e" this issue, they have shown themselves as professional and more than fair side.

Case solved!