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Slots.Lv Casino - Tournament scam

Posted on June 25, 2019

I sent in a complaint yesterday but it got rejected so let me try this again. The issue is whoever runs Bovada, Ignition, Slots.LV and Cafe Casino are cheating their players who play tournaments. It's been happening since Monday June 10th. The sites Bovada, Ignition, Slots.LV, and Cafe Casino are all the same when it comes to the casino. Only difference is in addition to casino games Bovada offers sports gambling and poker and Ignition has poker. Slots.LV and Cafe Casino just offer casino games but all 4 use the same "skin". Also all 4 sites run tournaments throughout the day starting at 12pm eastern until 2am. The tournaments are slots, blackjack, baccarat and the top 3 finishers get a bonus. Usually something like $20 bonus for 1st, $15 2nd, and $10 3rd. The tournaments on Bovada and Ignition have the same schedule as do Slots.LV/Cafe Casino. So for example at noon eastern time Slots.LV and Cafe Casino run a 15 min tournament using the slot game 777 Deluxe. And then at 2pm eastern Bovada/Ignition run a 15 min slot tournament using the game A Night with Cleo. Now prior Monday June 10th, each individual site would have their own separate tournament. So theoretically I could play on both Slots.LV and Cafe Casino at noon eastern and win a bonus prize on each site since the tournament rankings only used the players on each site. The issue is that on Monday June 10th they reset the tournaments and now the tournaments on Slots.LV /Cafe Casino (and Bovada/Ignition) are combined with players for both sites. So what I mean is that now if I play the noon tournament on Cafe Casino, players on are being calculated in the leaderboard and vice versa. Basically all the tournaments are combing the Cafe Casino and Slots.LV players. My issue is that no where on any of the 4 sites does it tell the player. So for example, I could play a tournament on Slots.LV and finish 4th out of 4 players but 2 of the players could've been playing on Cafe Casino. So instead of finishing 2nd on Slots.LV and winning the 2nd place prize I now finish 4th and don't get anything because of players from Cafe Casino. None of the sites tell you that you're competing against players from a different site which is completely unfair. So instead of paying out top 3 on each site they just pay out top 3 from whatever site you play on. So they pay out 3 now instead of 6. I've tried calling them, emailing, chat, etc but can never get a satisfactory response. They did email me back on Cafe Casino saying the tournaments are running correctly but they aren't. I understand these sites can do what they want but they are scamming people who play tournaments. I'm just trying to find someone to help.

So basically to recap Slots.LV/Cafe Casino run identical tournaments throughout the day. So does Bovada/Ignition. Before Monday June 10th each site ran their own tournament and paid out top 3 places. Since Monday June 10th, Slots.LV/Cafe Casino have combined the tournaments so players on each site compete against each other. Same on Bovada/Ignition. Issue is that they don't tell the players that. So if you finish 4th in a tournament while playing on Slots.LV the other 3 players ahead of you could be playing on Cafe Casino which would prevent you from getting a bonus prize. The sites don't tell you this so they are scamming the players who play tournaments. Doesn't seem fair that these sites don't tell you that you're competing against players from a different site.

I'm attaching screenshots from tournaments at midnight June 24 and noon eastern from Slots.LV and Cafe Casino. Same thing is happening on Bovada/Ignition. Also including screen shot of message Cafe Casino sent me last week saying the tournament are running correctly when they aren't.

If you have any question please ask and don't just reject my complaint.

Thank you

Posted on June 28, 2019


We definitely understand the frustration this has caused you.

We will have to further look into this. A member of our Accounts Team will review this information and get back to you in approximately 24-48 hours with an update via your account messages.

We appreciate your patience int his matter.

Regards, Service

Posted on June 28, 2019

This is my issue. Imagine you just signed up to your site but didn't know Slots.LV and Cafe Casino were the same. You decide to play tournaments and you keep finishing 3rd, 4th, 5th but then find out you were competing with players on a different site which prevented you from getting a bonus prize. Most people would be pissed and think that your site is shady. That would make me withdraw my money and find something else to spend it on. Just don't see how it's fair that you don't tell players about the shared pool for tournaments.

Posted on July 2, 2019

Dear Slots.Lv Casino,

Please let us know if there's some update regarding this case.

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