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Slotobank Casino - Did not pay real-money winnings, no response

posted on June 10, 2015.


on 30th May I played at slotobank with a 8€ commission (regular transfer from affiliate-account to player account). I had luck and finally could withdraw 2700€. Even I'm already a "verified" player and also did already made a withdrawal in the past I got a request to send documents for verification. I did. But no response or confirmation...

Whatever.. The next day I saw in my account that the withdrawal-request had a new status "success - in order to transfer funds". No Rollback possible anymore. Everything looks fine..

A few days later I had contact with support / affiliate manager and I clarified the things because I got only 8€ commission and finally made a withdraw of 2700€.

"I'm pretty sure there is nothing to worry about"... this was more or less the last sentence from "Alex" - the affiliate manager. He also told me that my bets are "under investigation" because of bonus-rules ..?! I never played with a bonus. But ok. Maybe standard-procedure or whatever.

Last monday I took the right to ask for a status. But no reply. Later that day I asked again via email - still no response (last week Alex replied to my mails within minutes)... So I tried to get an info from regular player support - but they told me, they have no access but they forwarded it to the "relevant department"... But still no answer.

I saw, that I had a "slotobank"-contact in skype who was online at the moment.. I said "hello" and some seconds later - they blocked me. No response. Again I tried to contact someon (support, affiliate-manager and [email protected]) but still no response.

Live-Chat has still "no access" but contacted Alex too via mail and I should do that too again - she told me. I did today early.. But still no answer...

I saw, that a "slotobank"-contact is active here (last on monday?). So I hope I'll get any kind of info what is with my 2700€ withdrawal!

freakspin (username at slotobank)

posted on June 14, 2015.

Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.

posted on June 14, 2015.

Half, half...

This guy(s) who actually has to take care of this are still not responding anymore (but he responded to another guy (who I know) within minutes via email)... so it lookes like that he ignores me).

After a comment on a recent slotob­ank­-fa­ceb­ook­-post I got an email from the "personal manager" from slotobank. I told her everything and she already told me that "my case is under investigation". She want to get back to me as soon she has more infos..

Bottom-Line: Official no news. Maybe Ill get some infos these days from the "personal manager...".
But of course it would be nice when "slotobank" here will responding..

posted on June 17, 2015.

Hello Florian,

Thank you for contacting us. I will check your account with our finance department and will get back to you once we investigate the problem.

posted on June 17, 2015.


that's the answer I got at last in your email from Thursday, 04th June..

But ok, I'm looking forward.

Meanwhile I hope you can tell me why this case is "under investigation"? I had real money and won real money.. No bonus active!

Don't get it, why this has to be investigated and furthermore why this takes so long and finally why I did not get any answer for around 14 days!?

posted on June 21, 2015.

Received a mail last friday from Anna that this "issue" should be solved within one week - no later. So long I would let open this complaint here. I'll let you know if I received the money until friday...

posted on June 27, 2015.

This complaint has been reopened upon player's request.

posted on June 28, 2015.

Thank you!

I got an "final answer" from the security department via mail on friday. They told the whole issue was a bug and they fix it now. Borderline: After the next "financial period" at the 1st July I'm ablte to make a new withdrawal and should get the money the same day.

I'll confirm here on Wednesday.

posted on July 1, 2015.

Today - as promised - I got the 2700€ back to my account and made a new withdrawal now. I hope that I finally get the money now fast to my skrill-account. I'll let you know in order to mark this complaint as solved...

posted on July 2, 2015.

I got the first 500€ via skrill today.
Looking forward to get the rest the next days..

posted on July 3, 2015.

Received a total of 2000€ yesterday. 700€ left...

posted on July 6, 2015.

I can confirm that I received the whole amount of 2700€ now.

Please mark this complaint as solved.

Thanks to askgamblers and Anna from Slotobank!

posted on July 7, 2015.

Based on player's last comment, we consider this case as resolved and it is now officially closed.