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Sin City Casino voids 7000 with no good reason

posted on July 15, 2015.


I am a player since the beginning that sincity started( about 2 years), I played there allot and over the years and won some and loose some always got payed in full eventually.. Last months I was making numerous deposits didn't had so much luck until last time. I made a deposit of 200 and got a bonus of 100 euro. I kept me on all the rules of the terms and conditions. I got very lucky and hit 1000 times my bet on league of fortune.

It felt great the excitement of winnings such a big amount with a small bet-size I thought nothing can go wrong I am a 2 years customer with the casino long time verified always got payed big amounts (my biggest cash was 13k).

And then it struck me I got this heart breaking email, that I won't get payed, with a rules which they can apply to everybody in there benefit. I quote the rule

" Bonuses offered by are intended for genuine recreational players only. reserves the right to cancel, suspend or lock any account if bonus abuse is suspected. At our discretion, all bonuses and subsequent gaming activity may be revoked and voided, and deposits returned.''

I didn't do anything wrong i just played and hit 1000 times my bet it's a pity that such a good reliable casino like sincity applied this rule to me. As I didn't broke any T&C. I played in the same way all last 2 years didn't cheated or do anything what is prohibited in the T&C.

Why is it before when I lost my money they didn't send me any email I couldn't play anymore just waited until I made win. A casino has the right to bonusban every player but not to void 7k of winnings on a nonsense rule like this I hope this askgambler can help me out.

as they don't repond to me anymore...

posted on July 20, 2015.

Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.

posted on July 22, 2015.

No nothing unresponsive mailed the support several times..

posted on February 2, 2016.

The case has been reopened upon the casino's request and we would like to give it one more chance for a successful resolution.

posted on February 2, 2016.

We have been provided with valid evidence on behalf management of SinCity Casino where it is clearly displayed that player had breached the casino Terms and conditions sections #1,1 and #1.2 https:­//w­ww.s­in­cit­yca­sin­o.n­et/­en/­ter­ms-­and­-co­ndi­tio­ns.html

1.1. Only one account can be linked to a person, email address, home ownership, or a place with public access to computers (internet cafes, libraries, dormitories, schools, offices. We strongly recommend that you contact customer support before a player creates an account from a public computer.

1.2. Players who register multiple accounts are not eligible to receive any winnings derived from these bonuses, and in case of such violations, their accounts will be blocked without prior notice.

Based on the stated facts we consider this case as resolved and officially closed.
We would like to take this opportunity to draw casino's attention to the fact that the mentioned sections of Terms and Conditions could be improved and made clearer in order to avoid similar situations in the future.

Player is also advised that in case of a disagreement with our decision, further assistance could be requested from SinCity Casino licensing authority.