Rushmore slow pay

posted on July 16, 2011.

If you win money at Rushmore Casino -- or even try to get back your deposit -- you are liable to find that the casino simply can not pay you; not, at least, without a delay of several months.

That is what Alma J of North Carolina discovered when she tried to withdraw her $2000 in winnings. That amount, which can be considerable to a player, should be a snap for a casino to pay off. Alma, however, only received a series of delays in payment.

Before writing to us, Alma made the following attempts to get her money:

6/7/2011: sent all documentation by fax and received an email from that the withdrawal had been approved and would be wired to her within 2-3 business days.

6/10/2011: received an email that the withdrawal has been approved and sent.

6/23/2011: received email from Megan Cross that there was a delay due to problems with a 3rd party but payment will be sent shortly.

Alma sent emails sent to Rushmore asking when withdrawal will be processed on July 5, 8, and 9. All these were ignored. On July 10 she, said, she called twice "to attempt to get information on withdrawal" but was "told both times that their system is down and they cannot access accounts at all".

Rushmore denies none of this. In fact, in reply to Gambling Grumbles' inquiry, Megan of its Withdrawal Department said, " We have had some delays this last few months that are effecting some our withdrawals that are being processed at this time. This only means that there is a time delay and all our players have and will receive their winnings as I assure you this player will as well. We are working on this issue and I am personally staying in contact with our players to update them so they will know when to expect their funds."

Given the history of how many online casinos ran into financial problems, started delaying payments, and then disappeared without paying at all, Gambling Grumbles suggests that you don't play at any casino which can not pay off immediately.


posted on July 17, 2011.

We do apologise that there has been an unexpected and unavoidable delay with your withdrawal. There has been some technical difficulties that have cause some delays in some player payments however rest assured that you will receive your money shortly.

We are working hard to overcome any withdrawal delays and are constantly making payments to catch up on these delays. You will be notified directly by the withdrawals department on any further progress.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Withdrawals Department

Rushmore Casino