Rushmore Casino steals my winnings of 1000$

zucker3 Germany
posted on September 28, 2011.

Some weeks ago I signed up at Rushmore casino. I deposited 250$ via neteller and I received a welcome bonus of 750$ that was offered by a certain affiliate site. I played for a while and soon my balance was 2000$. but suddenly I was disconnected from the casino and the bonus and the winnings were removed from my account. The live rep told me that's because one cannot claim bonuses on neteller deposits. I told him that is not true because neiter on the site for the welcome bonus nor on the homepage of Rushmore did it say anything like that and moreover when I had entered the bonus code in the cashier it said that all deposit methods are allowed. but the rep refused to restore my balance.

so I emailed them and their customer support manager replied neteller deposits do not attract bonuses and they cannot restore my balance. I asked him where it did say that and I asked him if they have got a licence by an independent licencing authority and who their manager is. He refused to answer these questions and said he would not reply to my emails anymore. how nice. lol. We could talk on the phone about this matter but of course I do not want to do that as there would be no point in it and my english is not good enough for that.

so obviously Rushmore casino stole my winnings of 1000$ and they should give them back to me because stealing is illegal and criminal.

I can prove that I am telling the truth because I have still got all of the emails and the live support chat and I have made screenshots.

posted on April 1, 2012.

Hi Zucker3,

I am sorry for the delayed response. Each bonus we offer has a link to an explicit list of terms and conditions that can be accessed at­shm­ore­onl­­m/p­rom­otions. We strongly recommend contacting a customer support representative before making your first deposit - especially if you are planning to take advantage of a bonus.


Rushmore Casino

posted on April 5, 2012.

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