Royal Vegas Casino scamming me for my withdraw request $350

posted on April 28, 2014.

Dear Askgamblers,last week I had created a account with Royal Vegas Casino from this site and played 1000 free spins promotion then made 200 credit bonus to be added after my deposits. Well, I made $20 deposit then I got $240 balances to play. That day I played whole day and night continuously and finally I had requested withdraw $350 after met their all play through requirements. Next day they had sent me three emails,one was withdraw informations all about,2nd one was stated that my casino account has been locked and the other 3rd email was sent to me requested to send them my verification documents. I play regularly with other casinos but honestly I never found these type of correspondences before. However, I had sent them my all verification documents instantly but no reply found from them. Next day I went to live chat to know about the progress which I like to share here what we had chat:

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

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Mohammad Uddin: Hello

Gabriela: hi Mohammad

Mohammad Uddin: I am wating for my withdraw request $350 from Royal Vegas Casino

Mohammad Uddin: It has been 4 days they didn't process my cashin request!

Gabriela: I will have a look for you

Gabriela: give me a moment

Gabriela: I see an email was sent out to you yesterday

Gabriela: requesting that you send us some documents

Gabriela: have you sent us the documents

Mohammad Uddin: Yes I got email from them and had forwarded with my verification documents already yesterday

Mohammad Uddin: Yes Gabriela, I had sent those yesterday

Gabriela: did you get a reply via email of how long it takes documents to be reviewed

Gabriela: as I don't see an update that we sent you an email

Gabriela: where did you send the documents to which email?

Mohammad Uddin: not yet got any reply

Mohammad Uddin: Thats's why am askng you now

Gabriela: Do you minding sending it again?

Mohammad Uddin: credit­@ca­sin­ode­

Mohammad Uddin: sure,i can send those now

Gabriela: can you send it again for me while I have you on chat

Mohammad Uddin: Please send me your email address

Gabriela: and I will reply to your email in the same moment

Gabriela: credit­@ca­sin­ode­

Gabriela: include your account number

Mohammad Uddin: Thank you

Gabriela: rvrm0068198784

Gabriela: in the subject

Mohammad Uddin: Please hold one moment

Gabriela: sure

Mohammad Uddin: Documents has been sent :)

Gabriela: awesome

Gabriela: gicve me a moment

Mohammad Uddin: :)

Gabriela: nothing yet

Gabriela: it will take a few minutes

Gabriela: I will tell you when I receive it

Mohammad Uddin: subject is my account number rvrm0068198784

Gabriela: yes just waiting for it ;)

Mohammad Uddin: By the way,where about your office located at?

Mohammad Uddin: I mean which country?

Gabriela: we are based in south africa :)

Mohammad Uddin: need more times than usual

Gabriela: the email not really

Gabriela: it goes through security

Mohammad Uddin: ohh I see :)

Mohammad Uddin: so that it taking longer

Gabriela: yeah

Gabriela: I will be with you in a moment

Mohammad Uddin: Great,Thank you

Gabriela: :)

Gabriela: Lucky Leprechauns Loot, Sweet Harvest, Lucky Koi, Avalon II, Wild Catch, Mermaids Millions

Mohammad Uddin: Yes i like some of them too

Gabriela: anything esle?

Gabriela: oh sorry

Gabriela: that was for another player

Mohammad Uddin: So,you received everytihng in order?

Gabriela: nothing yet

Gabriela: can you try something

Gabriela: send it to floorm­ana­ger­@ca­sin­ode­

Gabriela: make sure the attachments are in jpg

Mohammad Uddin: My both docs are n jpg 700kb

Gabriela: okay just send them to the other email for me

Gabriela: it's send directly to the manager

Mohammad Uddin: have sent those again

Gabriela: awesome

Gabriela: give me a moment

Gabriela: sorry it's taking a while

Gabriela: got them

Gabriela: just came through

Mohammad Uddin: Great :)

Gabriela: I will reply back to your email with details

Gabriela: you need to allow the player security department to review them

Gabriela: which takes about 24-48 hours

Mohammad Uddin: Same thing had been told me yesterday

Mohammad Uddin: so,I should receive my cashin request amount $350 by tomorrow

Gabriela: yeah and for some reason I don't see any update

Gabriela: neteller

Gabriela: takes about 2-4 working days max

Mohammad Uddin: Ok,Gabriela,but the problem is they locked my account for no reason at all

Mohammad Uddin: SO,should I deposit and play into other casinos with Royal Vegas Casino group?

Gabriela: well your account is locked due to pending review

Mohammad Uddin: is it mendatory for every new player?

Gabriela: but it's up to them if they will unlock it

Gabriela: it's a random check

Gabriela: that is why documents are requested

Mohammad Uddin: all right

Gabriela: so first they need to unlock the account

Mohammad Uddin: so,after review my documents they unlock my account?

Gabriela: depends on them

Gabriela: but they will inform you via email

Mohammad Uddin: ok

Mohammad Uddin: Thank you very much

Mohammad Uddin: I will wait for my withdraw $350

Gabriela: :)

Gabriela: thanks for sending those documents

** To be summarize, She meant my RVC casino account was locked due to not received verification docs from me though I had sent them several times. Lots of strange and peculiar experiences I had will share everything one by one.Ashley support agent told me that night is we reserve the right,so we won't pay Next day another support agent told me casino will must pay me after verify my account and he requested to wait until this week. So,this morning I checked my email and found no reply from them and went to live chat to know the progress but what support agent Jeremy told me,really made me under frustrations:

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

'Jeremy' will be helping you with your query. We’d appreciate your feedback on our service in the survey after the chat.

Mohammad Uddin: Hello

Jeremy: hi Mohammad

Mohammad Uddin: The pending periods 48 hrs had been passed last week

Mohammad Uddin: I did n't receive my withdraw request $350 from Royal Vegas Casino yet

Jeremy: the account has been locked by our player security team due to negative data found on the central database for all online casinos. the amount was confiscated and the account was locked

Mohammad Uddin: what?

Mohammad Uddin: what negative database found they are?

Mohammad Uddin: its bullshit

Jeremy: all online casinos share a common database and the casino reserves the right to close accounts as per our T& C's

Mohammad Uddin: but not unlawfully

Mohammad Uddin: my winnings were according to terms and conditions

Mohammad Uddin: they can't do this with me

Jeremy: im sorry Mohammad but the casino can

Mohammad Uddin: you can lawfully but not unlawfully

Mohammad Uddin: they troubles with everybody

Mohammad Uddin: I will file a complain

** So, now I understand very well why most of the complains had been filed against this casino. But this time they trying to scamming with me unlawfully which they should not. I have attached all evidences clearly to show here accordingly.I will show more evidences where necessary. Please dear AskGamblers help me as a international player from your best.Thank you very much.

posted on May 7, 2014.

No updates from Royal Vegas Casino about my winning $350. Because they forcefully robbed the winning money from me by locking my casino account. 7 sultans casino had locked my account after deposits and before start play. It has been 4 days I had filed this complaint but no reply given from casino representative. Dear AskGamblers, please advise what should I do now. I was not aware of them that they are big scam by running casinos. They owe me around $400.

posted on May 9, 2014.

Dear Uddin

We apologise for the delay in your withdrawal.

We found some concerning links to other players which had to be investigated further and as this involved other parties the investigation took a bit longer.

Your withdrawal was released today and you can check the progress thereof through PlayCheck on your account.

We again apologise for the inconvenience.


Fortune Lounge

posted on May 9, 2014.

Thank you Wim for your responsible reply. Now I am feeling great to hear that my withdrawal $350 has been finally released. Though I didn't receive money into my Neteller account,hopefully I will receive withdrawal by next monday. Thank you once again and special thanks to our forum AskGamblers.

posted on May 12, 2014.

OMG, Finally I have received my withdrawal $350 from RVC. This complaint has considered resolved now. Thank you Wim and AskGamblers.